Alexander Leino
Alexander Leino
5 hours ago

There is always two sides to any story
One story can be happy and the same story can be sad
Its all about how one reads into it

Its easy pretending to be happy in public
To the point where everyone sees you as the brightest light
Your energy attracts people that need something to believe in
Your energy becomes their ecstasy
The feeling of them befriending you makes you feel valuable


You get home and have no energy left for yourself
You feel like you are trapped in a room with no walls
Completely alone with your mind consuming itself
With thoughts of loneliness and hopelessness
Because you realize you gave away everything you had
While the overshadowing feeling of worthless
Consumes You.

claire elizabeth
claire elizabeth
11 hours ago

to hold hands with the future undaunted
to grow taller and reach, reach
farther and faster than i thought possible
to make a truce with my griping fears
and leave them behind
to instead embrace the unfathomable
to turn the corner
instead of turning to stone

exercise: expressing a feeling without using the word
Jay Ojha
Jay Ojha
15 hours ago

Once, a thought went past my mind
Which was to leave the past behind.
I thought if it would be of any gain
But all of it was in vain.

Somehow I got over it
Just to find myself in an empty pit
To witness the darkness all around
Until in her, a light I found.

A glimpse of her
Would make my heart pound
As if I was a free bird flying high in the air
Invisible to someone here on the ground.

Seeing her secretly all day
Gave me happiness profound.
They said I was deeply in love,
Love, way out of bounds.

Her eyes had a pious look
A look so serene
Splendid as they were
No less than the Irish meadows green.

I dived deep into those beautiful eyes
Wondering if the secret they did hide had even been seen.
They were like an unread book
Seeking to be looked within.
To find a picture of mine in her eyes that gleam
Was the blissful moment of which I would dream.

At times, I saw her make a sad face
When she felt all troubled
And in my mind prayers for her happiness
Was all that I mumbled.

Her beautiful smile had a touch divine
So lovable that even words can’t define.
I wish I could tell her what I felt for her
Afraid if she would be friends ever after.

I wished to run away
Wanted those feelings to disappear
But by then, I already knew the way
A part of my soul would be with her
Always here.

I wonder if I could tell her some day
That I thought of her night and day.
I was so attached to her
Like the cold icy winter and shades of grey.

So this happens to be my life-story,
Nevertheless, there is nothing to worry.
I just hope she will someday be mine
Only then I would believe
That up there beyond the clouds there is some power divine.

Crystal June
Crystal June
22 hours ago

Don't fantasize,
Close your eyes.
Your prying lies
Will surely lead to my demise,
For I was born
To be more
Than just a simple wife.

I'm not a trophy by any means,
But I see marriage in your eyes --
Two rings staring right at who you think I am,
The one you want, but I never can
Be the girl that you desire.
You've been confusing my cold shoulder
For an igniting fire.
I'm not trying to call you a liar,
If anything, I'm the one concealing the truth.

I will never be just a wife,
I will lead my own fantastic life.
I'll never wear an apron, curls, or pearls.
I will never be your one and only girl.
I will live for myself and my daughters,
For all those women to come
Who think
All they can ever be is a housewife
Clad in pink.
Honey, there's so much more to this
Than a life in which you depend on a man
For your happiness.

Be your own other half,
Fall in love with your own smile.

I wrote this about a month ago, but it seems relevant now more than ever.
#desire   #happy   #happiness   #mom   #mother   #woman   #feminism   #women   #trophy   #housewife  

Run away, my love. Just run away
with me. We are animals, lost
in bite marks and desperate visions
of bleak futures where you are no
longer here to light up my skies
with your starlight. My limbs are lost
to your touch, my mouth empty
as you breathe me in. I am
human only when you observe me.
There are no skull shaped prisons
or cries of terror, only
the sound of laughter ringing
like the songs of lost
birds in the night,
longing and true.

~~ I can sing with the birds if it will make you smile. ~~
#love   #passion   #pain   #happiness   #smile   #animal   #free   #song   #laugh   #bird  
Jack Mandala
Jack Mandala
1 day ago

A drop of kindness can be enough to fill a lake with joy
The chain reaction is enough to link our whole world together

If we embrace the beauty and disregard the blisters
The pain will fade away with a shower of cheerfulness

Removing the bondage of societal implications
Gives us the wings necessary to soar to great heights

#love   #peace   #happiness   #joy   #positivity  
Pagan Paul
Pagan Paul
1 day ago

do not
in love.

in love.

to laugh,

to cry.

Emotional wings
knowing pleasure.

© Pagan Paul (21/01/17)

#love   #happiness   #joy   #flying  
1 day ago

At that night, you told me that every stars has it's own meaning and your favorite was draco—the the dragon. I asked you why and you told me it resembles your old self—a destructive one.

"i'm not capable of making you happy" he said.

i'm not the missing star of your constellation,
i'm not the sunshine to your morning
i'm not your cravings of satisfaction
i'm not the one who's gonna wait for you while you're walking to that aisle that you and i have dreamt,
i'm not the one who's capable of wiping your tears when you are sad.

but i know one thing for sure—he gasped for air, trying to bring back himself from crying.
i know that i can love you till the end, i may or cannot do all of this, but as long as you're here it's alright.

#love   #happiness  
lil j
lil j
2 days ago

this body has always felt more like a prison than a sanctuary but a life sentence beneath my skin seems less daunting since you've come around

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