6 hours ago

I hope you find who you are
                            what you are looking for
                            your happiness
                    and true love.

Alexander Leino
Alexander Leino
6 hours ago

I want a relationship built on trust
I want to celebrate our accomplishments
I want to listen to you rant about how good or bad your day was
I want to take care of you when your sick
I want to surprise you with breakfast in bed
I want to try weird foods with you
I want to go on spontaneous adventures
I want to have days where we just stay in bed
I want to laugh until I can't breathe with you
I want to fall asleep with you in my arms
I want cheesy dates to the movies
I want to go on long walks on the beach
I want to go shopping and spoil you
I want to share straws in a cup
Because I've never had that.

Just more random thoughts.
Saint Titus
Saint Titus
22 hours ago

Take my hand
step in time
I am sure it'll turn out fine
just let the current untwine your mind

Every single step takes you closer and closer
With every single breath, you find yourself shoulder to shoulder
with Enimes and friends
With out the evil intent
I guess the stars aligned
And all we say are
we are all the same, in the end

Someone spots you
A jesture or smile
Its been a while, why not smile back?
Some peice of mind might finally come through
I think we both need a bit of good

Trust me, i know the game we're playing
A razor quite thin, the head of a pin
But balancing comes as second nature
Tomorrow we'll still have our chance to win

The lights light faces and faces light
Everyone is one tonight
Crack a smile its been a while
we've got the might
Not to mention will
to take something and dispite
hatred bleeding though
manage ourselves a lovely night

The colors of the glass
Surrounding little suns
Stain our hearts bright shades
We need to let the pain
Wash away

The irony is lost on me
But thats just the way i like it
ignorance is dangerous
but i think you should try it
Hatred fuels this night
But thats alright by me
I dont think ive ever felt so completely free

Venom drips from every cobble
on every corner
of every street
But i think you can do us both a favor
And turn your head as our hearts beat
Intermingled with the rythm
Love and trust the ones you meet

Just for the night
Its all alright

The first part of a story i wrote a while back. Thought it could use a poetic rewrite.
#first   #parade   #dying   #dance   #happiness   #dancing   #help   #part   #lights   #rythm  

For so long I have lived in fear.
Fear of loneliness, rejection and betrayal.
I'd run to the wrong people for their protection.
Only to find myself stung by the scorpion.
For once, I stand on my own.
A beautiful wild golden rose.
I may sway and dance in the summer storms.
Though my roots are deeply placed.
Knowing that the sun will shine again.
I do not have regrets.
For every path and mistake that I have made,
Has brought me to where I am.
Stronger than I was yesterday.
To only grow stronger tomorrow.
For this I am thankful for.
Now watch me as I stand tall.

There's my homework for you Alex. :)
1 day ago

After long time
Here we go

Happy to hear
Listen to me
Very important
I know

The world
This is what life
Is about

Happy to see
Happy to be
Me proud

Martin Bailes
Martin Bailes
2 days ago

Eating Cadbury's chocolate handed
to you by sultry Amazons as you
float gently down the river Seine
in Paris while accompanying Frenchmen
in berets gently play their harmonium
thingy as the younger Brigitte Bardot
lets her blond hair tumble gently over
your face as she softly hums in your
ear songs by Smokey Robinson,

& meanwhile Hendrix's long sweet jam
Voodoo Chile blasts from enormous
banks of speakers being towed alongside
by Viking longboats crewed by Republican
politicians & overseen by the ladies of
Pussy riot now free from the prison cells
of Siberia,

as Tommy Cooper performs magic tricks
& near extinct animals, birds & insects
mate freely among floating clouds of
vapoury spring dew,

while deliciously gorgeous Thai ladyboys
slowly peel grapes for me before setting
off in a fluttering cloud to use their wiles
& charms on Republican conventioneers,
as you relax & smoke opium & share a
hot-tub with God.


Lynn Al-Abiad
Lynn Al-Abiad
2 days ago

If your aim is to play games
If your aim is to hurt souls
Stay away.
Don't try to step on a soil you  don't know how to walk on.
My wild plants will eat you alive.
I am no woman to be fooled.
I will draw your limits with a brush of my arm, like the ballerina I am.
Drop the masks.
I don't like clowns and you're a really bad one.

- LynnAA

#poem   #happy   #happiness   #nature   #away   #woman   #strong   #play   #games   #masks  
Lynn Al-Abiad
Lynn Al-Abiad
2 days ago

Loss Tastes Like Your Mouth

- LynnAA

Loss Tastes Like Your Mouth

#love   #poem   #poetry   #loss   #happy   #happiness   #smile   #you   #sweet  
Lynn Al-Abiad
Lynn Al-Abiad
2 days ago

Kiss my mouth
I am youth I am beauty
I am a bass song in the midst of a cruise
I am lost between being here, being in my mind, being on the sun, being on a cloud, being with you
Kiss my mouth
I am a Goddess
Zeus or Jupiter
Riding a storm
Raining on your garden.
Kiss my mouth

- LynnAA

Nothing ever makes sense. Smile.

#love   #kiss   #poem   #poetry   #god   #happy   #happiness   #nature   #lovers   #cruise  
3 days ago

"How did you sprain your ankle?"
"I fell in love, hard."

#love   #broken   #heart   #happiness   #bones   #rainbow   #joke  
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