I bought a cow
Purchased her with but words
She works for me now
Grab her by the teats I need
Her drink to live
I swallow milk, keeps me strong
Despite this relationship
all wrong, that she provides
green needs
It's all I want
I used to have a cat, cute
andro-trans boy alien
He sucked my dick
Swallowed cum and fucked me raw
Walls fall apart
Every new best thing sinks and stinks
Under the barn,
I bought a barn
Under which the missing bodies compost

Brain stem. Bzz bzzt.
Cereal and milk.
#self   #sex   #weed   #mama   #cow   #loathing   #sugar   #milk   #dick   #cum  
Dawn Treader
Dawn Treader
22 hours ago

Anybody who knows her
Understands she's not like the others
Head in the sky, feet on the ground
Detached when she speaks, cold she sounds,
But her heart is a warm place,
For those she lets in,
The select few see her distant but gleeful grin,
Aware she's different and that's alright,
Because this Nefelibata is always in flight
Head in the sky, feet on the ground
A nefelibata's mind knows no bounds.

Nefelibata: A cloud walker; One who lives in the cloud of their own imagination or dreams, or one who does not abide by the precepts of society, literature, or art; An unconventional, unorthodox person.
1 day ago

Learn to love being alone.
Learn to love who you are.
Learn to love your body.
Learn to love your mind.
Learn to love.
Just learn.

~ Just learn ~
#love   #self   #hope   #happy   #mantra   #acceptance   #learn  

I'm a sinner
my pleasure derived
from torturing those
that are barely alive

I mean me
#self   #sin   #torture   #mindgames  
Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly
1 day ago

Change starts
With the formation of habit.
The simplest action
Will flip that switch in your frontal lobe.

The reason we call
What we do on a regular basis
A habit,
Is because we live in the decisions we make everyday.

I finally tapped into my inner being.
For the first time in a while,
I found myself at the mercy of silence...
not just from the outside world,
but within the confines of my mind.

Even with my awareness of the nothingness transpiring before me,
I momentarily lost all contact with my constant thoughts.

It was as if,
though momentarily,
the world as I know it
ceased to be.
I found consciousness in an unconscious state,
where my mind drifted to nowhere,
and in that,
I let myself drift away.

I finally let go of myself,
to let go of the very things that tend
to plunge me into mental conflicts.

where is the
self appointed king
courtiers have noticed
the absence
all subjects
of the realm
await his not so
fond return

a royal
didn't reach
the town crier
which hasn't caused
any concern
to they who live
in the kingdom's shire

the regent
grace them
with his presence
they wont be
feasting on
the finest ducks
and pheasants

two days
spent away
from the crown's
summer lodge
could the
trumped up one
be doing
a sidestepping dodge

#self   #king   #satire   #royal   #appointed  
Chloe Chapman
Chloe Chapman
2 days ago

How can I understand others so easily, yet form no connection to them?
There are parts of me which are so foreign to others that they cannot comprehend me.
There are parts of me that are so similar to others that they form a connection with me.
I cannot [will not] reciprocate this.
I am entirely wrapped up in my own self, yet still I am Lost in the sea of everyone else.

APATHY: no connection to others
NARCISSISM: self obliterates others
CO-DEPENDENCE: others obliterate self
EMPATHY: connection and understanding
Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly
2 days ago

It was the hardest month of my life,
Deprived of what made me whole.
All I had were
The shakes and copious cold sweats.

I had to look at myself
In the mirror everyday.
With the gripping reality
That there was no escape.

No phone, no way out.
Just fellow victims
Of our own self sabotage.
Whom became my family.

With cigarettes and sodas in hand,
We gathered around the plastic picnic table.
I lost myself in their stories,
They lost themselves in mine.

Slowly the insanity left me,
The depression,
It lessened.
It truly does get better.

A poem about my experience in rehab
2 days ago

How could you have let someone speak to you like that?
How did you put up with it for so long?
You gave so much of yourself away
it wasn't fair
you did everything for him and he drained you
he never even noticed if the floors were swept and mopped
but I bet now he does
he spoke to you like you were trash
now I bet he sees how fast it builds up when you don't take it out
You raised his son all on your own
but he took all the credit
I bet now he knows why you felt so alone
Now it's too late and he took you for granted
You shine for the old you
You be the girl you were always meant to be without him
You be the girl you always wanted to be back on those morning he would talk down to you and say nasty things and make you feel like you were nothing

#self   #truth   #girl   #future   #be   #the   #me   #separation   #for   #note  
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