Sierra Scanlan
Sierra Scanlan
15 hours ago

I am a fragment
of a broken home,
parents that were
never meant for
one another
but tried their best
to love as if
they were.
They tried to
hold it together
for us kids
but life could never
be what we wanted
it to be.

I am a fragment
of my demons,
the voice
in my head
that tells me
over and over again,
"you're not enough."
There are some days
where that voice
feels greater
than my own
and I almost want to
give in.

I am a fragment
of failed relationships.
You told me I was
"too much."
It felt like daggers
in my chest
and suddenly
I couldn't breathe.
Since then,
I have always felt
I've needed to hold
myself back
and not drown in love.

I am a fragment
of the hell I've
been through.
It wasn't easy
to get to where
I am today.
My journey was
a little ragged,
not a straight shot...
but I'm still
standing tall and
going through
this thing we call

I'm a fragment
of the songs
I've played
over and over again.
Some to block out
the pain,
the tears.
Others to reach
a state of nostalgia,
in an attempt
to go back to moments
I wished to relive.

I am a fragment
of those I surround
myself with.
The constant encouragement,
the kind words,
the shoulders to lean on,
the ability to understand
why I'm like this.
Where would I be
without it?

I am a fragment
of the books I've read.
The lines I underlined
to come back to again,
the characters I saw
a piece of myself in,
the events I read about
that hit home
a little too hard.

I am a fragment
of my flaws,
my mistakes,
my imperfections.
They've eaten me alive
for most of my life
but I am beginning
to come to terms
with them.
I am seeing
the beauty I once
refused to see
within them.

I am a fragment
of my emotions.
They were always
valid and real
despite those who
tried to convince me
The smiles and laughs
were just as significant
as the screams and tears.
I tell myself,
"you were never crazy...
you were just figuring
yourself out."

I am a fragment
of love.
Those that I loved,
those that never
loved me.
The times that
love evoked
the times that
love caused me
It's all the same
when you think
about it.
It was all for,

I am a fragment
of the woman
I was and
the woman I am.
I didn't always
love myself like this
but god, I'm glad I
now do...
because this is something
that can never be
taken away from me.

"I am a fragment composed of other fragments."-Rebecca Lindenberg
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Charlie Chirico
Charlie Chirico
16 hours ago

watching the world burn.
This calm is maintained by
expelling air in between each blink.
Glass is far in sight,
glasses cracked
and not foreseen,
because I'm not a seer.
Blanketed in ignorance,
wrapped: up tight.
Shelf this selfishness, I'm told.
So I consider this advice.
Rearranging the paperbacks.
Misplacing the first editions.
All the math in the world; variables
do not ease understanding
of long division.
So I'm left not right,
have never been alright,
and that is why being centered
is crucial for survival.
That is why becoming adaptable
isn't laughable
while watching the world burn.
It's having a cold disposition
to withstand the heat.

#love   #poem   #self   #hate   #new   #apathy   #loathing  
The Willow
The Willow
1 day ago

You were numb, in a drowning sort of way.
You were there solely to gain something from me.
You tried to look perfect: standing straight, head high.
You’d try.
And I found you and I thought you were perfect  
Because I wanted someone to love me like I cared for you.


I was numb, in a crying sort of way.
And I was only there to get something from you.
I tried to look perfect: standing straight, head high.
I’d try
I’d lie
I’d idolize the highs
From kissing you.
Missing you was part of the surprise.

#love   #heartbreak   #self   #hurt   #perfect   #missing   #sabotage  
JR Falk
JR Falk
1 day ago

You held my hand as I showed you my deepest of scars,
and I held yours as you did the same.
We each held the moment as though it were to die should we release it.
And because of your grasp, I knew it was a moment worth keeping.

I love you.
#love   #self   #moon   #falling   #hold   #moment   #fell   #scars   #baby   #holding  
1 day ago

We all want something;
To live
To love
To have wealth
To have nice things.

We all want someone;
Someone to tell us
Everything will be alright.
Someone to tell us
You're not the monster you see in yourself.

But sometimes
We must realize that
We don't always get what we want.

Sometimes we have to see
That some of us,
Are too broken to be deserving of those things.

We have to move on. Always move on

Lack of sleep is really not helping my ability to face today
#love   #self   #hate   #want   #need   #lost   #on   #loved   #moving  
Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
1 day ago

Not a happy write is this one,
She has just killed the lover in me.
Droņa I will be never again,
Loved as Atul I will be once again.
Surely not loved by Kripi,
But a deserving girl will love me.

Yesterday I did talk to Kripi,
She was busy winning a debate.
Well she won it very well,
Because she did debate alone.
She did a favour to me,
As now I know what she is.

I definitely do not love her any longer.

My HP Poem #1449
©Atul Kaushal
#self   #no   #atul   #kaushal   #only   #realization   #longer   #kripi   #drona  

Don’t cry my love
I know that it hurts
Just a little bit longer, I promise it’ll be okay

Remember the times, just months ago when you had never thought so much happiness was possible?

It will come back
The happiness always comes back

And when it returns you’ll say “hey there, old friend. It’s so nice of you to show up here again.”
Then you’ll smile and you’ll laugh and you might even cry
Because absence makes the heart grow fonder
And fonder it shall grow

For next time it leaves, remember these words
Read them over and over until your love returns

i wrote this to myself for when my depression gets to me. It is almost like a letter from happy, whole Natalie, to torn up and confused Natalie
#love   #self   #depression   #pain   #sadness   #happiness   #to   #healing   #letter  

The friendships will be the sunshine
Whether they are the ones just for fun
Or the ones that stick around when you need them most
All of these are forms of love, and they will nurture you

The hurt is the rain
It pours and pours and it seems like it’ll never end
And oh how it’s cold
But I promise it’s good for you
It won’t be until you’ve blossomed that you realize you needed it

Your family is your soil
Your mother who loves you with every breath she takes
Those connected to you through blood and soul
Loving you unconditionally, the only way they know how

And you my love, you were the seed
Through pain and love you have grown and will grow
You are the most stunning of flowers
And everything with eyes will stop to admire you
For if they don’t, they are simply fools

#love   #self   #pain   #hope   #garden   #healing   #grieving   #natamoo   #natamoomoo  
Alexandra J
Alexandra J
2 days ago

I wash the sand off my skin,
Attempting a transformation-
From lover to myself,
From past to myth.
Catching your own mind in betrayal
Is to be forgiven-
You are only your own now,
You have only your own duality,
Your own unsolvable self.

Try to see-- the end is not what you imagined;
Try to understand-- immortality is never a blessing,
and the love you seek is not yet born.

#love   #self   #lonely   #past  
Chase Gallagher
Chase Gallagher
2 days ago

My external self is merely my emotional vulnerabilities conditioned to be stoic and ridiculous until its formed itself into a tough callous, only bleeding in the most hostile of circumstances.
Outside extreme,
inside serene,
not sure what was lost in between.
If i say to fix something,its because there is something i broke and never fixed and don't wish the same on you.
If i laugh at your shortcomings,
its not because i think it's funny but because vulnerability makes me FUCKING UNCOMFORTABLE.

I want you to know that when I push you away,
I'm hoping you'll care enough to pull me closer.
If you see me cry,
though I'll never ask you to,
please sit next to me because whatever was able to break me down must have been profound.

There's a calmness inside of me,
a kind of bliss that turns to chaos when i try to express it.
So if I tell you that you're beautiful,
savor it because it means that I felt so strongly about it,
my serenity was able to overpower my insecurity and inhibitions and reach the surface of my lips.
I may seem spastic on the outside but my peace of mind is real, its there, and it's fighting to make itself known.

#self   #portrait   #bliss   #chaos  
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