Saint Titus
Saint Titus
2 minutes ago

High pitch community
From one single tone
Can go from home
To a killing floor

Made all the more harrowing
Toxic trauma of the mind

Freeze up they said

Yet we push on
And we pushed hard
We pushed it too far
Then let down our gard

And now the lights flicker from green to red
A premonition of bloodshed
Locked inside the voice of
A brother or a friend
Neither one is talking now

Survive it says
Static cuts through
And the line drops dead
Outside my head the night goes on
Cheery faces basking in the light
Permissive out of innocence

Enjoying spite out of spite
Who is right
It doesn't matter
My eyes burn bright
But no one can hear

Screams are echoed all around
But transaction leaves my words devoid
Bliss is heard amiss, above
We coveted and now we pay

The price of our sin

#parade   #death   #static   #human   #flash   #hubris   #lights   #element   #sedate   #intercom  

Rainforest plundered,
Crying trees, pleading for life,
Yet no one hears them.

JB x

#nature   #trees   #human   #beings   #destroying  

I laugh.
I sigh.
I will stumble
Through these days gone by.

© Derek Devereaux Smith 2015 - 2017

#depression   #life   #hope   #happy   #me   #human   #12w  
3 days ago

This cell becomes division
an idea a split a incision
a night and a day
Black and white
But in this division
We can see, we can envision
Identity pouring forth
The tiny flame
Of a name...

This tree becomes a seed
It moves it bleeds and breaks
a part of itself of itself to move forward
and yet it is not how it started out
however it doesn't lose it self to doubt
We branch out wards like this family tree

This fire becomes a spark
It lights another flame
Who could tell it from the fire
and yet it has its own desires

The human becomes a egg
Hatching catching its mothers eyes
One day it will be fully grown
Will it still feel the sting of being alone?

This ocean becomes a drop
A drop that drips from a leaf
A raindrop that settles on the ground
In the cycle of Gaia
Repeating on and on
We are not separate
We move on and on..

#love   #water   #separation   #universe   #human   #identity   #cycle   #drop   #seperate   #gaia  
3 days ago

I’ve spent my time dancing with the waves,
Back and forth, a fun little game.
A splendid step, a tentative twirl,
this feeling becomes no tidal wave.

I’ve spent my time yelling at the breeze,
Empty words unreturned, a relaxing exchange.
No biting reply, just the biting cold,
this courtship is no whirlwind.

I’ve spent my time trembling with the earth,
Captivating and swaying, powerful and strong.
Fearless it quakes, but not in anger
this occasion brings no after shock.

I’ve spent my time with you,
A step, a fight, a world-shaking moment.
Much less safe, much more real
naturally a disaster.

#love   #human   #disaster   #natural  
3 days ago

A whole entire human
A feeler of pain
A fighter of battles of the mind
A warrior
An owner of a heart, heartbeat, the kind you notice
A closeted non-binary
A mover, A dancer
A thinker of thoughts
A haver of things
A learner
An occupant of my home
A difference in someone's life
A feeler of emotions
A knower of truth
A heartbeat, a heart strain
that catches your attention
A chooser of paths

#heart   #pain   #thoughts   #human   #conflict   #identity   #crisis  
Sparks Fly
5 days ago

You stripped my soul,
Ripped me from my shoes
Where I stood
in innocence.
You extracted my childlike traits,
Treated my body
As your goddamned paycheck.

My whole future
Was laid out in front me.
Now you fabricated a dent in it,
One that has shattered me
I used to smile,
Be full of life,
Slept at night,
My body never reeked the incessant scent
of the lifeless souls you sold me to.

My heart ached everyday,
I longed for home, where safety was waiting for me.
Everyday I was a raindrop,
Trying to cling onto the window of hope,
But always slipped away.

You don’t understand the pain,
You’re only in it for the hunnits
Please understand,
That my dehumanization is not worthy
For what you gain.

My body became an abstract canvas,
For your ugly pleasures.
Bruised, bloodied, beaten, and battered.
Cuts and aches line my delicate skin,
But to you all my pain is fake.

You slapped my delicate face,
every time I asked for my precious prize of my childhood,
every time clear oceans surged out of my eyes.
“Shut the hell up!” You yelled
As I let out wails of agony.
You stepped all over me
Like I was a used cigarette.
You ignored my shrieking screams,
You loved it.

You forced me
To comply with their beastly gratifications,
Only in return for your abundant riches.
You stepped on me,
like I was a dirty, grimy, muddy puddle,
over and over
Even so,
I was still considered desirable.

I am NOT your canvas.
I am NOT your paycheck.
I am NOT your plaything.
I am worthy of honor,
worthy of respectful awe and delicacy.

I did not feel the worth of a human being anymore.
I felt ill treated, broken, bent, demeaned.
You stripped my soul, and,
Deprived me of my self respect.
And I will never
Be the same.

The only thought
That seeps into my mind
At sunrise and the brink of midnight,
Is that
Was someone’s whore.

Listen to the pleas of
their ribbons shriveling up.
their vows rupturing.
their hearts torn apart.
Bawling for their sanities,
Waiting to rejoice
With their miraculous bundles of joy—

This poem is one that I wrote for social consciousness. Human trafficking is an issue that destroys the lives of many and degrades human beings. This poem is from the perspective of one who has been used and trafficked, hence the term "pulverization," which means to grind up something until it turns to loose fragments-- close to nothingness.
Annie Cynthia
Annie Cynthia
6 days ago

The sky so clear
The trees stay still
The wind so dear
Makes men want to kill

It's not jealousy or hatred
Nor it's for power or stature
It's love that we all catered
Without it, insanity lure...

#love   #broken   #war   #hatred   #heart   #want   #solitude   #human   #sanity   #needs  
Pete King
Pete King
7 days ago

I've always marvelled at the human brain,
And the beauty of its complex intricacies.
It can process at speed beyond comprehension,
Its more efficient than any man-made invention,
Until I'm talking to a female... then it just really fucks me over.

#poem   #short   #brain   #human   #comedic   #comedy  

While stone and flint my habitat
And paintings drawn our laminate
At waters edge by dawn I see
An atavistic human he

In robe and cloth I worship him
Despite my deadly human sin
At waters edge by morn I see
Repentant, somber human he

Through chain and mud my journey bound
A service to the king and crown
At waters edge by noon I see
The strength and will, of human he

Famine, fault and sorrow grows
A blackened drape of illness sows
At waters edge this time I see
A learned, almost human he

Brothers fall on Flanders Field,
That wound, still hurt, will never heal,
At waters edge by late I see
A catastrophic human he

By night we know our time is done,
Our lesson learned, our kingdom come
At waters edge this eve I see
The path of Human History

#war   #life   #human   #history   #violence   #repent   #ww1   #bard   #ww2  
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