Rochelle R
Rochelle R
1 day ago

I look up to the moon
Smile a hello
Ask how you're doing
Just to let you know
Here we aren't together
But I never let you go

#love   #life   #sadness   #death   #moon   #eternal   #stars   #heaven   #earth   #fate  
C F Tinney
C F Tinney
1 day ago

I knew this man of strength and girth
a giant of a man
Not one could surpass his strength
not one his size of hand
Still he died

I knew a lady of beauty pure
who from perfection dripped
That every man desired
and each woman to be wished
And still she passed

I knew a man of riches
who built a house of gold
With money so preposterous
he thought he’d not grow old
Who was buried all alone

Count your money
Count your blessings
Count the love within your life
It matters not what count you keep
but know that all who strive
will End

Speaks for itself
#death   #faith   #reality   #humanity   #fate  
2 days ago

the circle
that fences unevenly around
this vicinity seems synthetically
who are we all kidding?
everyone's passing looks with such
disguised apologies
I can't lie to myself, not with my heart
it speaks of pure honesty
even if it scares those hearts away,
I'm casting down my chains first
there's nothing
to teach us how to avoid such fate


Amor Loco
2 days ago

Lost in a dream
Don't want to wake up
Stuck on a carousel
That will not stop
Full of emotion
Raw with passion
Standing still
Craving action
Rejecting what I have
Wanting what isn't mine
Needing what is out of reach
Longing for stolen time
I thought i knew what love was
That I had my other half
Turns out that I was wrong,
Fate placed another in my path
Past the point of no return
There is no looking back
A colorful road ahead
There is no white nor black
Surrender the heart
Submit to any fears
Escape to a secret place
No broken dreams or tears
Souls that are connected
It is obvious, no doubt
Teased with just a little taste
I can not live without
Now we bide our time
Waiting to see
Waiting, waiting, waiting...
Anticipating destiny

I do not know what to call this poem.. There is so much emotion and confusion. My writing has been stagnant for years and i have been overcome by compulsions to put words together. I am still a bit rusty, this is first piece produced by my compulsions..
2 days ago

I got carried away
By the last, orange, Autumn leaf
Away, with November
In a snow laden breeze
We both clung desperately
Me, to my roots, the leaf to its tree
But fate, had its plans
What will be, will be

4 days ago

It is a strange thing, Fate
Humans cannot comprehend it.

#fate   #humans  
4 days ago

In between seconds and minutes,
     Lies an infinity of words we wished to say
     Are we going to leave it to the winds,
     To deliver our hearts messages?

     An instant connection, we feel it resonates
     Our eyes gave us away, screaming for attention, affection
     All the gravity in the universe
     Is pulling us towards each other

     You feel it too, are you listening?
     Will you walk through the storm of fate,
     That will lead us into each others embrace?
     I am listening, I will..

Will you walk towards me??

That one stare and you know that there is an instant connection..

Raw. First draft. I don't know where it should go.. i just feel the urge to write this.
5 days ago

i am a gambler
in life betting
all my coins,
fingers crossed

and fate,
like a child,
loves to play

#life   #people   #chances   #fate   #luck  
Maria Imran
Maria Imran
5 days ago

You can't not miss them, it's not written in your fate
Your fate's an unlucky champ, got pain scribbled on its skin
So yearn - yearn for the moment that is never coming again
For a sense of togetherness which is now uncountable fragments
And hurt yourself, feel the flow... from your heart to your scalp, your nails, your intestines
Wait until it disarms you, disembowels you, and finally drinks you whole.

don't forget to write poetry though
#heartbreak   #pain   #dreams   #hurt   #together   #missing   #distance   #fate  

She hated me because I loved her
& I loved her because she hated me.

#love   #hate   #fate   #destiny   #irony   #paradoxical  
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