Xyleena Therin
13 hours ago

Knock, knock!
Yes, come in.
Let me show you
what's inside

Close the gates
Lock the door
And I'll tell you
What's in store.

An ancient clock
A jet black orb
What you see
will change your soul.

Make your choice:
leave or stay
For this spell
just works one-way.

One small glimpse
of the future you
can haunt your dreams
and destroy you, too.

This is a time
you cannot reset
This one decision
you should not regret.

So don't be foolish
or it'll be too late
Use this chance
to change your fate.

"If you had the chance to change your fate, would you?" -Merida, from Brave
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Sienna Luna
Sienna Luna
1 day ago

Bubbles gone brighter,
didn't know you could
delight me so.
I won't be pulling the plug
because all I've got
is this indescribable tug
that seems to go and grow.
Your energy is iridescent
sparking off your gangly frame
like cable cars rubbing
against the corbel train.
Mightier than all
I could ever contemplate.
Your rhythm to my rhyming
is a taste I can't complain
and all I want
is to see you writhing
hot and bothered
blushing pink
stark naked
fully pining
on my silver platter plate.
So awakens your arousal
eyes drenched black
by hungry pupils
I want your desires
to match my own in strength
until it seems you've flipped
the switch
and grasped the flight of fate.

Nadine Aire
1 day ago

We meet halfway every morning.
I walk with the cadence of a Western certainty beating steady.
You walk from the East in a straight, routinely rigid line;
the ritual of heavy smoke being painted on a soft canvas.

In that silent crossing of what awaits,
while you carry your day and I carry mine,
we fill the air with a scent of habit
that bounds us to Time.

And though really, absent we are to one another, we walk the same line.

No. Strangers we are to each other.

And we sit again in our different kind of comfort;
individual, separated, misunderstood. A cohort
of emotions suppressed, deliberately feigned.

And then we lie again to our faith;
deliberate, imaginary, finite.

This pen leaves a scathe
that splits what is real
and what dies with the seal
of Never.

That is when silence swallows us both.

Strangers to this land we are,
as we travel to our fates.
To each other lovers we are -
who said "Never".

-the humming pen

#poetry   #time   #never   #strangers   #fate  
Elijah Rose
2 days ago

My mother: she is a storm.
Fate & Destiny chase her,
but the wolf is Defiant.
Fate & Destiny are a net,
which ensnare the wolf,
but when has a net,
ensnared the canine?.

The storm is Defiant,
Fate & Destiny are chased.
The Storm is Coming!
-Elijah Rose ©

#mother   #wolf   #storm   #fate   #chased   #desiny  
Tiara Moss
Tiara Moss
3 days ago

Fused together by fate but pulled apart by destiny
I hate that I love you so much
No matter how much you hurt me
I keep coming back to you

5 days ago

I am cordially writing this to you in hopes that my wishes may be given the chance to come true. I only have one request, and I'm sure it wouldn't take much of your time.

Please give me the chance to see him
again. I don't have plans to hurt him, nor do I have plans to take him from the hands of his family and friends.

I simply want to be able to tell him, even if he doesn't hear, about the stories I've wrote in his name.

I need him to know about the way I see him to be, so that I am aware if I'm loving the dream or the real him.

I want to be able to love him in his terms of what is right, the way he wants to be loved.

Though I know the chances of redamancy is slim, at least he knows that I love at least a fragment of him.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, and I hope that, if you choose to accept my request, I am able to show my gratitude to you in a more concrete way. Thank you, and I hope to get my answer soon.

#love   #letter   #fate   #prose  
Maria Imran
Maria Imran
6 days ago

If both the people
Are continually waiting to meet each other
At the end of their respective, tiring circles
Why can't they be cojoined?

Why can't we just be us?

Maybe because we are waiting for "Right" to make it right?
#distance   #fate   #circle  
Chase Gallagher
Chase Gallagher
6 days ago

The only thing that makes me feel better about missing you is the supernatural intuition telling me that we're soul mates and will cross paths when its cosmically appropriate.

#love   #fate  
Hadiy Syakir
Hadiy Syakir
7 days ago

It takes me years
to go to nowhere
I've been waiting
for the moonlight
to wrap me up
for the sunshine
to burn me up
but I can't let go
the pain of not wanting
a revenge on the
sight of deity goddess.

What we ought to know is something that we will never know.

Always, always pleased
To be unexpectedly smitten
Like finding the wind comes from trees
Waving their branches in rhythm
Like finding a Poem has meaning
Beyond the words that are written
That the path we follow is true
As we dance through a series of prisms

This poem was written to a moment of insight upon reading a poem 'Mutiny' by Mysidian Bard (qv)
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