Ben Jr
Ben Jr
3 days ago

There will come time of silence,
Time of fear, pain and horror,
When all men shall regret their presence,
And in those days, comes sorrow,

But before the end greets us,
And extends its open dreaded arms,
Let us live and worry not of our daily fuss,
Rejoice the gift that is life with the most beautiful sounds,

Let us drink and eat,
And dance our troubles away,
And may the devil on our heels,
bite its tongue over the joy in our days,

Let us bask in love, feelings and emotions,
Let us breathe the air in passing each moment,
And let not, our hearts be troubled by any commotion,
Let the smile and laughter be our favourite adornment,

I write to you,
Because I know you have known the future to come,
So alas and cherish these days,
Before they are done,

#love   #fear   #death   #hope   #days   #away   #smile   #silence   #hearts   #fate  
Pauline Russell
Pauline Russell
6 days ago

But alas there was that fateful date
She spiralled down into the hands of fate
Memories emerged from rusty iron doors
Of long forgotten bloody wars
From the horrific deeds both seen and did
She desperately wanted safely hid

So determined to relinquish her soul
Balancing on the edge of a massive Black Hole

Oh, how she wanted to let it all go
Swim in the Styx steady flow
Voices silently scream and thump
"Just jump"
Quickly darting thoughts, makes emotions scurry
A savage combatant, now battle worn and worried

This painful life seemed insignificant
No use in wishing things where different

In that final, fateful hour
Under the weight of anguish cowered
A hand reached out and let her know He'd hold tight and not let go
He also lived in that darkened zone
But together they'd never be alone
They constantly leaned on each another
From the emotional whirl, they where each other's buffer

Friendship deeper than can be imagined
Epic enough to be a poetic legend
Their very essence, bonding soul to soul
Love so pure, like the first winter's snow

But alas there was that fateful date
He spiralled down into the hands of fate
Again alone with memories
Echos of what use to be

It's a spiritual knowing
That a love so glowing
Persist only within a true soul-friend
It's a love so strong, it can not end
For when their next lifetime begins
They will find each other, yet again

©Pauline Russell

Mar 19

Amidst aimless wander my head is full of nothing
But the birdsong of finches in their morning roosts,
Shrouded by berry-laden bushes; musical bushes,

With tiny red beaded bells ringing, softly shaken by dawn’s breath.
My dog runs on before me; the birds take flight,
Silencing the bells’ shrill.

Entering the field; ghost footsteps have left their mark
In the silver dew, bending the grass wearily.
Far across the field another man walks with his dog.

An echo alerts me; there is a connection.  In that instant
A recognition of a moment yet to pass.
Although separated by some hundreds of metres

It is as if I were stood by his side.
His face is indiscernible and I know nothing of him
But that we’ll meet.

He walks toward the middle of the same field,
Then bears left to where the trees break,
Throwing their arms open in wide embrace

To draw you into the heart of the wood.
Sensing the unavoidable encounter
And not wanting it to occur,

I change my route, drift under the oak,
Through the gap in the undergrowth,
Through to the adjacent field.

We skirt the edge, my dog gamboling freely,
Sniffing out invisible visitors from the past
And anything edible.  Our progress meanders,

Idles and pauses, as must, I suspect, our now unseen companions’.
Seemingly still connected, though, we move on
To the inevitable confluence of our paths,

So bound in time and space as the meeting of two rivers,
The calm of morning solitude disturbed by the white waters
Of the unwanted salutation we exchange:

“Good morning.”

Do you ever get the feeling that somethings are inevitable, no matter how hard you try to avoid them?
#fate   #destiny  

I thought for a moment, maybe more
That you could be the one
When we spoke, my heart
It responded in rhythmic murmurs
And I danced to the joy of the possibility
Of me and you
But now, it's goodbye
Before we even try
Have a good life.

I'm not so good at finding love, trust me, I've tried, but I found someone I thought I had a chance with. Had.
#love   #life   #goodbye   #fate   #farewell  

to live this moment over what would I do differently?
would it make a difference to the outcome
would you be less pissed
would I have kept my mind
would we be bounced along a slightly different path but would up here anyway?

can I do this moment over again?
say it differently and emphasised more ...or less
not reacted ...or perhaps exploded
would the outcome have been different?

if we lived this moment over.....
would you be less pissed
would I have kept my mind
would we be bounced along a slightly different path but would up here anyway?

can I do this moment over again?
if I had never said ....or said I something more
been numb. ...or felt something more
would the outcome have been different?

is the trap of fate real
we can't really escape
the alternate path would bring us to this point because....
that's the point
there is only one moment in time
it was always going to happen this way.


If you want to make a killing;
invest in war.
Seems to work,
for Blair, Bush et al.
Those that follow
the hunger of their self aggrandised,
destiny's lore.
So, roll out the blood red carpet,
leading to the future's hungry jaw.

#war   #world   #power   #cruelty   #fate   #greed   #injustice   #vile   #domination   #pathology  
Jim Davis
Jim Davis
Mar 17

Spiral of fate foreseen
A Vegas winning sure thing
A journey to realms beyond
Where those already gone
Traveled before I
With letters sent home
still left unseen
Wait, I'm not ready!
Is there another?
This train came too soon!
Excuse me,
I'll wait for the slow train!
Can I exchange my ticket?
For a later departure?
Perhaps tomorrow?
Of course tomorrow,  
Can never be!  
Round trip ticket please!
I wish to not be gone long!
I must return, otherwise,
who will care for the wee ones!  
Wait, I still must pack!
All my silver and gold
Can I bring?  
Is First Class an option?
A sleeper car?
Bring any friends?
My loved ones
should meet me
after reaching the end!
Must I board,
This train?
An evil angel at the controls
in the locomotive's cab
steam billowing all around
conductor in a ghastly robe
bearing the cutting scythe
leaning out the door
shouting out
to the platform crowd
"All aboard!"
"All aboard!"
this train
always runs on time
and no one ever
gets left behind
except perhaps a few
entering heaven alive
first stop is Sh'eol
all disembarking to wait
then chugging on to the
station with pearly gates  
those remaining aboard
catching a glimpse
then fast downhill all the way
to the end of the line
the last stop of Abaddon

©  2017 Jim Davis

Had fun with this one!

From Wikipedia
"She'ol (/ˈʃiːoʊl/ shee-ohl or /ˈʃiːəl/ shee-əl; Hebrew שְׁאוֹל‎ Šʾôl), in the Hebrew Bible, is a place of darkness to which all the dead go, both the righteous and the unrighteous, regardless of the moral choices made in life, a place of stillness and darkness cut off from life and from the Hebrew God.[1]"

"The Hebrew term Abaddon (Hebrew: אֲבַדּוֹן‎‎, 'Ǎḇaddōn), and its Greek equivalent Apollyon (Greek: Ἀπολλύων, Apollyon), appears in the Bible as a place of destruction. "
#hell   #death   #heaven   #fate   #destiny   #train   #abaddon   #sheol  

He was the star crossed, passion filled, love of my life. It was an unfortunately cruel truth that i wasnt his. That's just the sickening way that fate shakes things out sometimes.

#love   #passion   #hope   #not   #hurt   #star   #cruel   #unfortunate   #fate   #crossed  
Mar 13

( reply to Sappho )

I took my guitar to the sea and said:
'Come now heaven, these fingers bled,
Wrangle and rain for thoughts you deign
And all the listeners dumb shall proclaim,
Strings are merely— vibrations of the soul
And soul is merely one mirror to the gods,
Take my dying art and throw it— to wind
Hear my song, strung, sept to your kin.'

I Took My Lyre

I took my lyre and said:
Come now, my heavenly
tortoise shell: become
a speaking instrument

                 — Sappho, ( circa 600 B.C. )

I remember sitting on the dock
in the summer.
The sky was too deep for stars.
Gentle lightning struck the mountains beyond
the lake, shadowing
out every stress of my existence
with pure energy.
I have no wisdom from those moments.
I remember only the peace of floating idly.

There was no need for thunder.
There was no need for rippling in the water.
There was no need for the distant calls of the loons.
There was only the simple silence
and my brain’s imagination of the chaotic show
that may or may not come.

The world outside me had fallen into
an infinite vastness
between each distant fractal of light.

I am not a religious person.
I don’t believe in God,
and I think divinity is subjective.

But I’ve always believed in the entropy of nature
as it delicately chooses leaves
to twirl in a pending storm
like a quantum fate.

#nature   #fate   #thunder   #chaos   #entropy   #quantum  
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