Chauntelle Laflen
Chauntelle Laflen
12 hours ago

Oppressive silence
Brings me to my knees;
Embracing the hopeless despair
That accompanies the same quiet
That comes before calamity strikes-
Before the storm touches down over land;
Before all hell breaks loose.
This forbidden orchestra
Of bodiless volume,
Plucks invisible strings
of the Fates, intertwined
To tug at my faithless heart
As I survey the scorched earth below.
How hollow it all seems now;
These trumpets of victory
Sounding choked and strained
Cracking under the weight of their lies,
Bursting the brass
as they bugle out a call to rebel-
For who could call this bitter resolution a victory?
Who could name it clean,
When all but the truly frightened
succumb to this heinous masterpiece
Why think to make a new tune,
It asks us;
Why make a new composition,
When the old one will suffice?
Rolling over and over again,
Into new hands with the same minds,
The cycle begins again;
Exchanging one facade for another,
As the musicians warm up,
Ready to play the music that we've always danced to;
Mere puppets to the Maestros
That conduct and direct
Our shattered hopes and dreams.
Shall we not contradict
The balance of power,
Or else leave it to sit in the hands of fools and tyrants?
Once composed,
It can still be unwritten,
A performance piece we won't allow any longer,
A dying art that deserves the dust that we've crawled from.
We are not pawns in a chord that will not harmonize with us;
We are not weak, shallow things that crawl
beneath the feet of these giants;
We are music itself,
A ballad of shared ideals,
A melody of minds,
unsullied by the temptation of power,
Our discordant notes falling away as we remember our worth in this world.
Like a crescendo,
We can join,
We can rise to change the music,
Rippling and reverberating across this vast auditorium-
For the whole world is our stage,
Our audience;
And they are looking to us,
To be better than what we've known before.
I can hear the beginning notes,
Wavering at first,
Whistled on lips in back alleys
Whispered on the streets,
In our hearts-
Calling to us,
Pleading with us to change the outcome this time,
Asking us the only question that matters :
Will you stand to ovation?
Or will you fall to devotion?

As soon as you make something seem terrible,
it becomes
slightly terrible.

Someone could be using that very something in a good way,
but as soon as someone comes up with a bad way it could be used,
that thing becomes tainted by thought.

Those people ignore the good in that thing,
and imagine a bad future with it,
creating a taboo that is almost inescapable.

Our thoughts create our future.
Give things a chance.
Think positive.

The future is in our hands.
It is also in the hands of bad people.
We must coexist and cease blame on things.

I have been all of them...

how could they shock me?
how could I not understand them?

They are me
from the past -
this is for certain,

but am I them
from the future?
This is unknown,

and most likely, unlikely.

If you are a rainbow,
show the world all of your colors,
not just one of them
for your entire lifetime,
when you have so much more to offer.

i fell in love
with the girl you were
(who made my mornings
then you changed
and became my nightmare.

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Adelaide London
Adelaide London
2 days ago

If society was a person
it would be a girl with
perfect hair.
If society was a person
it would be a burden too heavy to bear.

I society was a person,
it would have rotten insides.
If society was a person,
it would be a Rottweiler
or a runaway bride.

If society was a person,
it would be a student
and ideas it would seek.
If society was a person,
it would be as sharp as a mountains peak.

If society was a person,
it would smell like sweatshirts and gigs.
If society was a person,
it would hide behind colourful wigs.

If society was a person,
consider it suicidal.
If society was a person,
its acts would all be genocidal.

Society is a thing,
heinous but misunderstood,
Society is ruined,
like the embers of burnt wood.

We broke it
Not bothered to fix it
Want to know it
Want to change it
Go and understand it
Change it
Break it
Make it
But I’m just a writer,
What should I know about it?

But I'm just a writer, What should I know about it?
Cup Noodles
Cup Noodles
2 days ago

Only at the brink of summer heat
can one change ever so quickly
and not know why autumn
did not fall this season

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Dead Lock
Dead Lock
3 days ago

I used to go to bed at eight, and wake up at six.

I used to play hopscotch and leapfrog, and believe in magic tricks.

I think I've changed.

It's 2am

The back of my phone is hot

My eyes are burning and tired

My mind is wired


#sad   #sleep   #teen   #growingup   #change   #insomnia   #tired   #phone   #kid  
3 days ago

There's something bigger, there's something more
There's something greater than there ever was before
A difference so subtle I almost paid it no mind
Hard to put my finger on and harder still to define
Life goes on and time inexorably passes
It seems the same, but now and then there are flashes;
Glimpses of what was, what is, and what could be
There, I observe, I am alive and well and free
What I would need to change to make this future a reality!
I could never get there on my own; the gap is just too wide
I need someone to build a bridge to cross the great divide.
There is one who has the tools to do the task
But I need to take initiative and ask.
I like what I see, but do I really want to do this?
All the comforts and control of the vices, I would miss.
How could I live without them around?
It would be uncomfortable not to have them weighing me down.
I think this now, but there I saw real joy and peace
And if this could happen, I'd love that sweet release.
I could sing with all my heart, I could dance with every part
I could cross the great sea with the wind filling my sails
And anchored steady and secure in the storms and the gales.
I could fill the sky with words of love, with thanks and praise unceasing
Writing poetry and prayers, across the world reaching
If this is what could be, what reason do I have to resist
Open my hand, put it in yours and walk with you instead of making a fist
Lead me to this future and help me follow you
Help me if I stumble and guide me straight and true!

M Harris
M Harris
3 days ago

Stagnation never takes its course within oneself.
Praying at the crossroads, hoping things would go well.

Ahead of us lies
A Different standard of meaning,
Adding concrete facets to the once so-called oddity.
Clinging on the urge to stay on track and keep moving.
I just take this strange continuum,
Leaving all my peers bemused and clueless.
Have I changed, have I gone insane?
Even past is haunting me,
I have no time to turn around . . .

#urge   #hope   #time   #past   #strange   #change   #clueless   #stagnation   #crossroads   #oddity  
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