Love me as much as a supermodel
At least as much as the Super Bowl
As much as a tax-free bonus
A royal flush with an ace in the hole.
Love me as much as keg beer,
On a vacation in the tropics;
As much as a Lamborghini.
Or any other guy topics.

Love me as much as pinups
Of mammalian girls on cars.
Love me as much as running backs
And other famous sports stars.
Love me as much as sleeping late
And breakfast in your bed.
Forget about big busted babes
And love just me instead.

Love me more than blue jeans
And excessive highway speed.
Love me more than days off
Home-made beers and weed.
Love me more than basketball

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Nicole Normile
Nicole Normile
Dec 18, 2016

dark hair

light eyes

tone fit body

he’s a perfect guy

smart with wit

this is it

I can say

please take me away

to this man

with a freckling tan

he’s beautiful

and says what’s right

he’s wonderful

take me away for the night

…sometimes I’m taken over in butterflies

for a perfect guy with light green eyes

#love   #cute   #crush   #guys   #fantastical   #freckles  
Kristen Elizabeth
Kristen Elizabeth
Oct 28, 2016

Girls cry while in the
Shower as much as guys jerk
Off in the shower.

One more than the other though I suppose.
#haiku   #tears   #crying   #girls   #guys   #shower  
Bailey Cohen
Bailey Cohen
Oct 7, 2016

i picture you in the morning
you are my favorite sunrise
the light that floods my bedroom
with the shades still drawn

you remind me of freshly
cut grass and newly lit candles
and other things that i imagine
a home would feel like

the soft spot on the back
of my head has never been so welcoming
to anything but your hands and this is what
makes me want to be more gentle

i am nothing but a hummingbird
and the way your lips part
right before you say my name
and when you say my name

it sounds like a lullaby
it feels like the cracking of your
bones as you stretch and rise and
picture me in the morning

and we are together
and you are the most beautiful thing i have seen in my whole life
and i am the most beautiful thing i have seen in my whole life
and we are together

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Kashish Bhasin
Kashish Bhasin
Sep 22, 2016

Guys are like fries,
You know they ain't healthy
But you just can't get enough!
~ K.B.

#guys   #fries  
Stormy Bailey
Stormy Bailey
Jul 1, 2016

I gave you my heart,
and you gave it back.
But with it you gave hope,
placed in a small crack.
Then that crack became a fissure, and it splintered and grew,
And when I came back with the pieces,
You said "I never loved you."

#love   #heartbreak   #sad   #hope   #relationships   #girls   #dating   #hearts   #breaking   #guys  
Light House
Light House
Jun 28, 2016

In order to "get the girl,"
a guy felt forced to make some change.

As he changed, he slowly created what he needed.

By the time he was done, he had cast something grand -
something now more important,
than "the girl."

#love   #life   #relationships   #girls   #men   #women   #guys  
Emma Watson
Emma Watson
Jun 8, 2016

Snapchat me at 11 pm
Are you drunk for courage or for remission?

"I like you"
"You're beautiful"
"I want to fuck you"
You say, "call me" and we talk until 3am because I think I like you too and mostly because I know, we know, we're both so lonely.

It seems like you only talk to me when you're drunk but my mind tells me it's better than being ignored, like after Halloween when you moved to a new table. I thought it was the kiss and I still don't know if you remember or if you just pretended to forget. I remember, because you don't forget cinnamon liquor - like your skin, warm and bright.

I left town last week and you snapchatted me saying you missed me, at 3am again, in my new bed. You're leaving in August and I'm scared. Because I'll miss you too.

#time   #whiskey   #guys   #freeverse   #3am   #cinnamon   #snapchat   #fireball  
Julia Traina
Julia Traina
May 30, 2016

If you wanna talk about sluts, don’t forget dicks
This ones named rick;
he’s great at playing tricks.

His favorite game is really quite great;
I text him and I wait, for him to wait.
Because oh no, cant text back too quick,
So I sit and watch the clock go tick.

The waiting game is its name.
I think I might be going insane.
Are u dead? Alive? It’s been 3 days.
Wait, he’s back, now I’m okay.

Those last 3 days I was declined,
but I pretend that I don’t mind,
and still I find my hearts inclined
to ask why we’re undefined?

Stop! Don’t you dare!
Don’t you let him know that you care.
It’s in the rules, don’t be a fool.
You’ve got to know he’s just a tool.

It’s all about who cares less,
I guess it’s just too much stress.
oh yes, text me wanna hang?
By this you mean wanna bang?

So take away from this memo,
that dicks are not just there to blow
they’re also just as bad as hoes
and that is all you need to know.

May 30th, 2016
6:58 pm

in response to Bo Burnham's poem I F--k S--ts
#guys   #dicks   #boburnham  
May 28, 2016

& maybe i was the lost
little girl
with high expectations
way too many goals
that could not even be completed
& maybe i was the lost
little girl
who fell for the wrong guys
for the guys who clearly were
under my standard
only because of my insecurity
& maybe i was the lost
little girl
that kept herself busy
as long as everyone was happy
& every night
she would find herself
crying herself to sleep
cutting her wrist
at the same spot
over & over again
because at the end of the day
she knew
no one was really down for her
as she thought

#love   #cutting   #self   #hate   #girl   #lost   #guys   #little   #harming   #lostlittlegirl  
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