Bongani Moyo
Bongani Moyo
14 hours ago

The point of it all was to not feel a damn thing.
But here you are
Here I am,
Here we are.
Stuck in a moment we both don't want to leave.

2 days ago

People say you are no good for me
That you'll only drag me down
It's hard for people to see why I do the things I do
But let me try
to explain why I wouldn't leave to you...
I can't get a grip on reality without you
That's the honest truth.
Without you I wouldn't have made it past fourteen
My anger, my anxiety, and my alter egos would have pinned me down.
You are my biggest mystery and contradiction in life
To solve it all I only have to look deeper
You drive me up a wall; but that's the only way you break down those walls
You push me when I tell you to stop; but that's the only way you fight my doubts
You kiss me when it seems like we're breaking; but that's the fastest way to my heart
I don't know who I'd be without those icy blues
Those rough hands that caress me so gently
Let's just agree I'm lucky
and say I explained it thoroughly.
(c) 2017

I just want to say how blessed I am to have my fiancee and how much I love him...I can't think of what life was like without him.  This poem was written a couple of minutes after he left my house and I was amazed at how fast I wrote this.
Bella Jade
Bella Jade
3 days ago

outside the window, there is a sky
it is not blue
it is not bright
it is gray
just like the inside of the room
the table is solemn
the chair is uncomfortable
I wish I was outside
I stare at myself in the mirror
I know they see me
I cannot see them
why am I here
is the window real
it feels like night
how could it possibly be day
I've counted the hours
since I got swept away
the room is gray
my eyes have lost their pretty blue
to this alone
where will the rest of me

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Tommy Randell
Tommy Randell
4 days ago

I love all the fractions of you
The impossible recurrences
Your limited coherence

Your infinite indices and surds
I want all the fractions of you assembled
Into something that can be inferred

A calculus of changes
Your moods and geometries
The simple graphs and intricacies

Ripped apart and redrawn
Such integrations are demanded
If you are to be conformed

The bipolar states
Of your boundary conditions
All the fractions and translations

Do they make any kind of sense?
Is how we define you to be
At all what was meant?

I take you apart, I put you together
The pages of theories
Just an unending treatise

Failing to reach any conclusion
No Quod Erat Demonstrandum
Just Reducto Absurdum

You are a fact of the world
Irrational but constant
The ultimate unity, impossibly distant

Computationally illusive but beguiling
A puzzle and a pathway, inspiring
A clue the Universe has some kind of wiring.

Tommy Randell 16th February 2017

I just thought for a change I would use words from one of my other Languages - Mathematics, of course - to say something about Love being a Universal constant and that Loving means there might be meaning in the Universe too ...
Kerli Tulva
Kerli Tulva
7 days ago

The heart is always a mystery
Holding all treasures within
Grasping the world' s symphony
Comprehending the soul and sin.

#heart   #mystery   #soul  
7 days ago

Some say you can know someone
From the contents of their purse
From their favorite music
Or what they want to take with them in a hearse

I say it's a far simpler method
To just look at one's search history
Which is why I messed around with the settings
And made my Google tracks a mystery

Can you believe I've never
but here?
I haven't even been
west of Texas
People are often surprised
or apologetic,
like it
wasn't my choice.
But I haven't the need
nor the opportunity.

They always ask
if I would.
I'd love to see
The Sphinx,
ancient wonder of a
riddle in shining ingenuity.
An old god
or more strange fruit
from our
mothers and fathers.
I'd sit and ponder
the mystery with it
so I could say that I was
at least there for
a time

However, I won't visit it
even if I do travel.
For nothing in
can ever match
a dream.

© Derek Devereaux Smith 2015 - 2017

#dream   #world   #mystery   #thoughts   #me   #fantasy   #magic   #travel   #riddle  
Feb 6


You've asked me how can I see a future when love, in all
Its numinous beauty, is waning?
I reply, the immortal stars still shine above the veil of clouds.
You say, why are the salmon swimming to their pools of origin
Only to die as they spawn?  Only to die?
I tell you their love is unconditional, like mine.
You ask me did the giant sequoia know it was shelter for the burning grasses
When they walked from the seas?  I reply yes they knew.
You question me about the lofty snow cranes that fly over the Himalayas
And I reply by describing
How the priestly flocks, chanting on their mission, honk—
Announcing the mantle steps to the heavens.
You inquire about the elephantine manatees gracing the shallow banks
And wonder if the sea mermaids remember their lives beyond the latitudes
Of capricorn and cancer?
Or you’ve discovered in the wind a new reasoning as to why
The talons of the paired eagles lock in midair as they court?
You want to understand the nimbus garden, ocean slate, of lake Titicaca
Where resides the Andean sea horse gliding above the clouds?
The whales that circle dance in unison collecting krill?
The noetic display of the birds of paradise, the songs of nameless creatures
Playing in the wilderness like a forgotten melody only lovers lips remember?

I want to tell you that true love knows this, that life in its
Prismatic shimmer is all the myriad colours of infinite existence wrapped
In time to the sublime structure of white and bones.  I must tell you
That the flower is mighty in its opening, the humming bird is a sorcerer
Who needles ambrosia with vortex wings weaving his way to the Gods.

But I am nothing beside your disbelief which has arrived, before
I can even imagine the sweet awakening, like doom, my shell is the iridescent
Hollow of the one eyed Abalone, discarded in the deep fathoms
Of the ocean pressures.

I swim the tides as you do, investigating
The endless tendril seas,
And in my chest, during the night, I woke up empty,
The only thing treasured, a golden face
Trapped inside my dreams.

                                                             ­­                       — after Neruda

#love   #passion   #mystery   #nature  

Let me
want you
like this
for a little longer.

She was intrigued
by a nameless feeling
time and again.
She had a vague guess
of becoming a pawn
in a mysterious game.
Who could say why she,
or what it all boils down to-

she would wonder
in silence often.

#life   #mystery   #pawn   #game   #guess  
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