I was a Christian
Then I lost hope.
It turns out he never left,
He sent my angel to keep me safe.

I thank you now,
For the angel kept me safe.
angel of the lord,
I will always remember
what you did for me.

it' true, i learned about it
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Recall the warmth of love untold.
Once found in manure and rags at night
Outcast of men-yet gifted gold-
Now celebrated in smiles and lights

Recall the sweetness with each sip
The sweetness of his face,
As immortality faded away
To become the greatest gift of grace

Let peppermint sticks bring to mind
The innocence and blood
From birth to death he carried
Now, forevermore, his legacy of love

And on this night remember
the childhood wonder once known
When chocolate, presents and stories
with Christmas came into your home

But the marshmallows are for family
Who cushion life’s many blows
May your Christmas be sweet and merry
As your love for Christ and family grows

I don't really like this one so much but I wrote it for my dad and mom to go with gifts to his parishioners, their neighbors and my mom's workmates. I tried to create something within their sphere of beliefs and leave my own convictions out of it. The accompanying gift was hot chocolate packets, gingerbread mangers to sit on the rim of the cup, mini-candy canes and marshmallows. I confess, the gift was also my idea. Conceived primarily because it seems I spend more time baking cookies for the many gift boxes they give out every year than doing anything else. This way, I spent about three hours in the kitchen and, with a little help boxing, was free of baking for the rest of my short Christmas. It was a much more merry Christmas for it.
Austin Bauer
Austin Bauer
6 days ago

Have you ever
rolled down your windows
to hear the train
as it rolls by?
Or do you keep
your music turned up,
heat on high,
and curse

I get so distracted
by all the competing
voices that I forget
to slow down
and really listen.

I find myself
looking for the approval
of people
rather than seeking
the embrace
of the One who
really matters.

His voice is soft
because He doesn't
feel the need to
showcase His
He whispers because
He wants
a leaned-in-ear
to listen.

Someone who sees
the signal lights blinking
and who knows enough
to shut everything off,
roll the windows down,
and listen.

#poem   #poetry   #god   #listen   #christian   #whisper   #still   #presence   #train   #signals  
Rustle McBride
Rustle McBride
6 days ago

Rise! Oh, Mighty Jupiter;
Our Father now forgotten.
Come claim your rightful reverence.
Your pagan pedigree misgotten.

You were once our Shining Father;
Great King of all the Sky.
But you allowed your world to set
so a new Son could arise.

Zeus once ruled before you, and
Jesus became your heir.
Today not many realize
how we got from here to there.

I have considered for some moments
how our thoughts of god do change.
Plural notions of so long ago,
today can seem so strange.

We like to think we've come so far,
since those pagan days of yore.
Have we abandoned superstition
or just embraced it even more?

It was millennia ago
that Zeus ruled Mount Olympus.
He, their leader, more than father,
often beaten by hubris.

The Greeks, they worshiped leaders,
seeking standing in this forum.
Such desires, democratic
became their gods that ruled before them.

As the centuries moved on,
your new Latin home was Roma.
Your title too, transformed
to reflect a new persona.

To Zeus we added "Father",
or in Latin, pater, we prefer.
So Zeus, becomes Zeus-pater,
Zupater, then Jupiter.

Our names for gods reveal
exactly how they fill our needs.
Over time our needs evolve
and so a new name supersedes.

As Rome aged, it developed  
a need to know god as a man.
To be one of his number.
To see themselves as of his clan.

This zeus, he can be talked to,
can be greeted and be known.
They "Hail Zeus" as HeyZeus.
And now its Jesus on the Throne.

Through such inquests we can see
the needs Gods fill evolving,
from cold, covetous Kings
to a begotten Son absolving.

We imagine in the Heavens
things to help us understand,
how a universe so endless
can be the realm alone of man.

on the evolving nature of God
#god   #christian   #jupiter   #jesus   #rome   #greek   #zeus  

The relationship between Christ
and Yahweh is an eternal dialogue;
a constant communication ensures
His intercession isn’t a backlog

of burdens, borne out of the pain
He suffered and endured at Calvary.
Having been clothed with the dust
of Humanity, He understood beauty

that’s found in our soul’s nature.
After all, we were made to worship
Him openly, freely and easily, with
an unfeigned heart of fellowship.

Made in His image, with the idea
to reflect the Godhead’s purpose
of living and loving everyone, we
delve beneath humanity’s surface

to discover… our identity in Him!

Inspired by:
Gen 1:26; Rom 8:27, 8:34

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2017, All rights reserved.

There Was A Baby in A Manger,
Whose divine life was in dire danger,
Of a prophetic destiny born
bound for crucifixion to mend the lives torn,
That biblical Baby in A Manger.

Your pain and disappointment
should never be a hindrance
from accomplishing the plan
and purpose God has for you.
Isn’t our Life… a sacrament,

meant to be divinely poured
out, to honor our Creator?
As His children, we receive
His instruction and veracity,
as we carry our holy sword

and Hope that keeps us humble.
Discern the contrast to pain
and disappointment; find God’s
Joy, Mercy and His acceptance
without the need… to grumble.

Inspired by:
1 Thes 5:18

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2017, All rights reserved.

When will people observe,
the inner, poetic elegance…
of Christ Jesus in my life?

Does everyday nonsense of
my human routine, disguise
Him, while promoting strife?

Striving for self-control,
under an atmosphere of peace,
my spirit is subtly stirred

to honor my Lord; woven into
my life is His fabric of Truth,
that’s sustained by The Word.

Though I’m utterly imperfect,
my brokenness allows His Spirit
to quietly glide around me-

and touch the lives of those,
who seek to arise above the…
constraints of their humanity.

Inspired by:
Gal 2:20

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2016, All rights reserved.

The divine mask of religion is an…
ugly misnomer of hatred and abuse,
used by the religiously empowered
to take ungodly advantage of weak,
spiritually challenged people,
whose Faith can be easily bruised.

It’s meant to hide the inability
of leaderships’ failure to walk in
an atmosphere of Love, as defined
by Christ Himself; with hostility
that’s masked, grace towards sin

is lacking, when The Word is used
as a club, since they’re unable to
provide general solace and succor
towards those struggling to grow
and mature properly. Christ’s view

of us, is tear-filled; He’s seen
and experienced the harsh cruelty
of Humanity’s efforts to mete out
justice blindly, without needed
consideration and understanding…
of Yahweh’s Providential authority.

Inspired by:
Luke 23; Mark 15

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2016, All rights reserved.
#poetry   #faith   #mask   #christian   #breunig   #divine  

Are the motivations of our heart,
in sync with The Word’s principles?
Do we recognize that we’re guilty
and forgiven… by our blessed Lord?
While some forces seem irresistible,

we know that the battle is not ours
and our responsibility is in the gap;
are we truly standing united in Faith,
meeting needs and praying, employing
The Word as our spiritual bootstrap?

We push forward, not permitting pasts
to hold us back and bind our hands;
the mission of His Kingdom continues,
we willingly celebrate our commitments
and help others to exit the wasteland  

of empty or destructive lifestyles.
When we’re humbled, we’re grateful
and thankful for His lasting goodness;
in His sacred wake, we’re left knowing…
that towards us, He’s always merciful.

Inspired by:
Luke 18:13; Eze 22:30

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2016, All rights reserved.
#poetry   #faith   #and   #christian   #guilty   #forgiven   #breunig  
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