Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
5 days ago

He is the sky beyond the clouds
The heaven and the highest host
The gentle breath in the wandering fields
And the coolest drink of water in the wellspring of my soul
He breathes life into me
Acknowledges me
And makes my scattered pieces whole
My God with steady outstretched arms
Who offers me a hand to hold

Steadfast and true
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Ocean Trimboli
Ocean Trimboli
7 days ago

Let them all serve their opinions on a silver platter,
finger food to my feasting thoughts—
each flavour, every spice settling on  
my tongue, coaxing me to agree with
their cuisine of beliefs

I’ll have a burrito loaded with guac
and double pinto beans—
over their taste, over their favourites,
over the sushi they force into
a mouth full of no’s

I ain’t got time for their
made-fresh meals:
mind-games and

Stop spooning me seconds to settle my senses,
let’s enjoy a dish of acceptance—
forget our opposing

“Will you join me for dinner?"
the believer asks the skeptic.

I believe in God, but I never intend to impose my beliefs on others if they are not interested. However, I've experienced a lot of backlash for openly sharing about my Christian faith; people often jump at the chance to convert me to atheism, to their way of thinking. This piece portrays the coexistence of different faiths and beliefs; resembling people who don't like the same foods - we wouldn't tell someone to stop eating something just because we don't like it, so why is my faith any different?

When her hips first bore life, how did she expect
the weight carried in her womb would fall again onto her lap,
heavier, weighed down by the vices of humanity?

The sword that pierced her heart,
would not only tear through but resonate
anchored with a hook of disbelief.
She had every right, to cast off the rest of humanity.

Her son, mutilated, humiliated was handed back to his mother,
dead, blood and water poured out among the shaken Earth .
And yet, she persisted.

sorrowful lady, widowed and now alone, grieved and pondered, and persisted in the smallest entity left in Pandora's box.
as she gazed upon those who slayed her son.

She gazes on you now, for he was killed for you and because of you. Notice her arms entangled, clinging, and protective. Like a lioness guarding her litter.

And yet, she forgave, and deliberately chose to love us in our messy, disturbing, callous, and fickle ways. Unwavering and loyal.

Pieta, sorrowful, mother, dearest lady, ora pro nobis.

based of the "Pieta" painted by Bougureau
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The weight of darkness
is something only the sun
can ever make light.

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Even though we have the gift of choice,
is it good to employ elective ignorance,
when it comes to our measure of Faith?
Can we be contented and simply rejoice

by choosing Life over Death, as Christ
wisely instructed us to do? Doesn’t it
behoove us to diligently learn about Him,
accept His decision to be sacrificed

and enjoy everyday life… victoriously?
If we’re applying principles of Truth
within our sphere of influence, then
shouldn’t we progress and successfully

meet new and ongoing challenges head on?
Isn’t it true, that we are not consumed,
since His compassion doesn’t fail and we
are blessed with new mercies each dawn?

Inspired by:
Rom 12:3; Deu 30:19; Lam 3:22-23

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2017, All rights reserved.

My role as a poetic scribe is…
more than I imagined, or had
hoped to do; He qualified me,
as one of His spiritual nomads,

who digs within the Scriptures,
in search of those prized gems-
eternal lessons of Godly wisdom.
I’m not desiring some stratagem,

to con people in turning to Him,
but to share my heart’s delight
of a solid Faith in Christ; He
strengthens me and by His Light

guides me forward in Truth; by
this gift, I can softly voice
my limited understanding of His
Love for me; I opt to rejoice,

having accepted His sufficiency
for my Life; I’m an extension
of Today’s New Testament Church,
rising up with poetic ascension…

while embracing my true identity
in Him; by His Grace and Spirit,
I’ll write new songs, stories,
poems and hymns that will lift…

all eyes unto the eternal Godhead.

Inspired by:
2 Cor 3:5-6

He takes us as we are- and makes us
more than we ever imagined. -Unknown

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2017, All rights reserved.
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May our prayers be as incense rising up
Our joys and sufferings, our longings, be a sweet perfume unto you
We bow our heads, we bend our knees
We lift our hearts and we begin to find peace.
We lift our voices and our hands
Sing together across seas and land.
Lifted up as we fall down
We, the nail in your hands, a thorn on the crown.

You are loved more dearly than you'll ever know.
Hold my hand, follow me into the light, we'll take it slow.
You're walking on the water while the waves and wind rage on
But fear not, I'll never let you go.
I have heard your cries, I have heard your prayers.
Though you forsake me, I will never forsake you.
I hold you in my hand, I hold the sun in place,
I know you, I love you, I give you my life:
Will you do the same for me?
Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, welcome the sinner and the saint.
Welcome the poor into your home and into your heart.

You do the same for me;
You make me all I am.
You raise me up to more than I can be on my own.
You fill my soul with your song,
You sing your love over my life and I'm amazed.
I'm aware of your presence, but sometimes I can't see
The greatness of your master plan and why it has to be.
But I trust you, Lord help me to believe.

Some day I'll understand the wisdom of your plan
When all will be revealed and all will be made new
When I'm finally home where I can be with you.

But until that time Lord, be with me today.
Free me from these chains that bind, be here with me always.


Written during Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Huntley.

Can't fix like You do.

to think I can heal,
is proud.


help me let go
and go
grip Your hand

not these old
shards of mine.

My faith has been like waves on the ocean surface
Rising and falling in the storms of this caustic life

I've let my trust in the Almighty falter
I've let all my hope fall into despair
The cares of this life gnash at me
Searing my soul with burns
But my Abba holds me
He doesn't let go

Been a long time since I've added to this series...
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My lonely worship
A beautiful new dawn
Freed from pretty lies

Protection divine
His kiss laid upon my brow
A sanctuary

The song from above
This poor pilgrim's heart is light
Submerged in the spirit

Fortified in you
The sons and the daughters rest
Singing out your name

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