Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
13 hours ago

I stared into the face of the man in the mirror
looking older than the Penny Black stamp today
lines and creases of years of wearisome worry
anti ageing creams won't help or soothe them away

Sailed the passage of time laden with luggage
never left in the hold or put on hold
a burdensome voyage of unnecessary anxiety
the mirrored reflection a pitiful sight to behold

#man   #reflection   #mirror   #lines   #ageing   #creases   #stamp  

I stay up at night
Soul searching for something alive
Looking for meaning in reflections
I see a man in disguise
I ask
Is that really You?
Is that who you're expected to be?
I seek a remedy
To mute the noise and set me free

2 days ago

Love, she learns at a young, is her first disappointment. Her heart is bigger than her body and her logic smaller than her brain. She falls in love fast and easily with the world around her and doesn't understand how fast she can fall apart.
She grows to give and never take but forgets to set away some things for her. People, she realizes as she stand empty handed, are as greedy as they are needy.
And now that she's empty, that she has nothing left to offer, she tucks her heart away and is left forgotten.

Inspired from something as always.
Stories left incomplete of things you'll never finish.

Stay with me, somehow,
and see the world as I see it,
pretty and dreary,
though more dead than alive,
and squint your eyes into the sizzling desert,
riddled with hollow bones,
and look further to the flowering cacti;
then maybe you would see me reflecting back
in its fruit and know that it is my life;
I tempt death's grip,
but he cannot reach one so destined to survive
regardless of such extremes of hot and cold
or of such arid landscapes,
but I musn't sip at the clouds searching for water,
and maybe I'd admit I've tried,
so stay with me, somehow,
and discover me for yourself.

okay so maybe I am in a bad state but at least I haven't died yet
#self   #desire   #stay   #me   #free   #begging   #reflection   #myself   #with   #plea  
Arcassin B
Arcassin B
4 days ago

By Arcassin Burnham

On days when you wouldn't speak then
Reply later in the afternoon would be the
Absolute greatest just reviving your presence as
later company than usual,
Telling me all your hardships and me explaining
How to conquer them all in order to keep it
Making things easier for you to allow yourself to
Cope with,
Learning about you all the time
With all the time we put in,
Just two troubled teens in shitty situations thats
Almost impossible to get out of but it takes time,
I'd give up so much of my life here and all my
Family just to be with you in this time to be civilized,
Living life like the people who escaped society to be
Actually free in maintaining themselves and their
In a time where there would always be time for us
Putting our relationship to the test to face this
Weird world while stricken,
I enjoy that were in the same boat.


Me , me , me will always be loving you , you , you,
No matter the cost of anything that we do,
Because what we do...
Resolutes in peace,
Not in pieces,
Your flattered by the overly obsessive compliments,
That's what I do,
To make a queen out of you,
Nothing is long overdue,
For us,
We may fuss,
But most times we act silly,
I'm glad your loving me,

#love   #dream   #words   #life   #romance   #fantasy   #difference   #reflection   #queen   #boat  
Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly
5 days ago

The grip on my disposable razor
Is tighter than the grip of my own reality.
Reflection distorted by the humid condensation,
I still see my hands trembling as I shave.
I still see the designer bags under my eyes.

The familiar aroma of shaving cream,
Paired with the sobering twinge
Of the nicks from my razor.
The haphazardly spilled pills,
Horizontal bottles in the medicine cabinet.

White-knuckling the porcelain sink,
Decorated with dried toothpaste and the blood of my gums.
I reflect to my reflection
Distorted by drip drops of tap water,

“Am I still myself?
Or simply a prospect of my own delusion?”

A poem on what it is like to go through a depressive episode at the beginning of your day. Don't give up though, it does pass!
Alec Boardman
Alec Boardman
6 days ago

(November 2016)

It’s okay to cry
Don’t let your mother's poisonous words sting like bug bites
She’s only upset with herself.

It’s okay to scream
Don’t let anyone tell you your excitement annoying
They’re only jealous they don’t have the freedom to express themselves like you.

It’s okay to dream
Don’t let your teacher’s laughter bruise your heart
She only wishes she had your imagination.

It’s okay to be the odd one out
Don’t let the exclusion isolate your soul
It isn’t your fault that you aren’t like them

It’s okay to ask why
Don’t let the exasperated sighs stop you from seeking answers
You can’t be Sherlock until you get to the bottom, after all

It’s okay to forget
Don’t let his vile voice find its way into your rib cage
He was the one who chose to leave

It’s okay to live
Don’t let your learned helplessness persist
You are so young and you have so much to strive for.

So go after it.

Darrel Weeks
Darrel Weeks
7 days ago

As a child
Down by the railway sidings
Hidden behind
We watch an ashen man  with a painted whore
The silver could feed us for a week
And she laughs as I cry
In the face of youths first love
The vibrating rail
Is an ode to the loveless love

I thought of an influential writing that outlines the misfortunes of virtue and recalled a time in childhood
We would play amongst freight train lines on a steel mill
Every week an elderly guy would meet a prostitute under a bridge and I wondered that at that time the cost of sex outweighed our poverty
Poetic T
Poetic T
7 days ago

Intertwined prisms of my reflections
                                        staining white,

                             I'm a kaleidoscope of images to be seen....

#paper   #pen   #reflection  
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