Evelyn Smith
Evelyn Smith
3 minutes ago

Log online and my heart will sink to the bottom of my chest.
Exasperated by the shock, leaving me out of breath.
Coffee date disaster,
She's all up and dressed.
The beginning of another teenage romance.
And I'm alone with nothing left.

I'll find a man to seduce, and I'll post pictures with them online.
In a desperate attempt that your heart will get the ache like mine.
" 2 sugars please."
You'll both sip and smile.
I think I'm going to have to turn off my phone for a while.

Feeding my rabbit strawberries is about as sweet as my life gets.
Pulling hair out of my head, because you no longer think of me I bet.
Constantly playing the guitar until my fingers bleed.
Just to prove myself to you that I'm worthy of my dreams.
.. I promise, you never believed in me.

I'll scream at the top of my lungs, that another man will never sleep in my double bed again.
I close my eyes and I get flashes in my mind of her tangled in your sheets and its tangled in my mind.
I should have kissed the boy that I went on a date with,
just to get the taste of your spit off of my lips.
And I should have taken another shot that night,
Maybe I'd have been brave enough to 'turn off the lights'.

I'm so glad you're happy,
I'm so glad you're happy,
Look at this radiant smile on my face!
I'm so glad you're happy,
I'm so glad you're happy,
I just need a little space!

Slow dancing alone in my room,
to the beach boys vinyl that I bought just for you.
Spiraling and spiraling until I fall to the floor.
I hope my head hits my bed side hard, so I can no longer move my legs or arms.
So I can no longer pick up my phone.
So you can't keep reminding me that I'm completely alone.

wowowoowo I hope you spilled it.
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Ashna Alee Khan
Ashna Alee Khan
55 minutes ago

worned out,
and you made me feel so unwanted,
and now as I sit here,
all alone,
I think of our times, our moments,
how we used to enjoy our time,
but now it's ending,
I'm watching it fading away,
I'm watching us going in the wrong direction.
I know,maybe I'm also to blame but,
If you wouldn't have gone for too long,
I wouldn't have lost my mind.

#poem   #depression   #lost   #missyou  
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
3 hours ago

Oftentimes I feel imminently lost and alone
wandering through the thick of this place (my heart)
that I used to think of as home--
but then so much of late has been happening around me--
illness and death and politics I don't understand at all, you see
and sometimes the enormity of all which encompasses
my heart, my mind, my soul
tries to engulf, to suffocate to not let me go
and I find that my fears, my aches, my pain within
may devour every inch of my heart --
I hear the unending din
of white noise screaming all around, inside of me
and I catch a glimpse of seeing myself flee
and hiding in some quiet, dark, uninhabited space
my body crumpled in a heap, my hands covering my face
and I wonder ... what would become of me then?
If I ran away to hide, who then would win?
Giving up, running away truly is not a choice, I know
but now and then I wonder why all this pain won't just go
and leave me to live a life of joy and smiles and love again?
But stay it must, I suppose, and haunt me til the end
so I'll buck up and remember why I'm truly here
to give and share and to banish fear
and to share this love I carry inside of me each and every day
so, no, I won't be going far, far away--
but perhaps someday when the pain and suffering are all through
I will grasp the meaning of my life and be able to share it with you...
©Pamela Rae 03.30.2017

I try so hard to be positive, to not let it all get me down...but in quiet times it seems my heart feels like it's lost in a storm and I'm fighting to find my way to understanding and to grasp the meaning of it all... thank you for all your kind thoughts  and prayers through this journey as I share it with you.
#love   #heart   #pain   #illness   #death   #lost   #escape   #wander   #storm   #fears  
Ishani Behera
7 hours ago

Blue blots  adorn the page
Trembling ink falling from
trembling fingers
Don't you remember how to write?

There's a pause

Images soar wildly through your mind.
Like a firefly zipping inside a glass jar
Bouncing from memory to memory
Ultimately the light shines bright
The firefly reaches the top of the jar
But before it can escape
It burns out
Falls gracefully
On it's back.

You look down
And the blank canvas
Screams of silence

the world forgave me,
but just one person,

no house of God,
man of faith,
or divine scroll
preached my salvation

and with a moving rope
bruising my neck
I found no soul,
to aid my sinking self

but a million sad faces,
trapped in shadows
of what they called light

with the left as a right,
and the right as a left
that the center,
was but a dream

and with the scars of a past,
itching, and bleeding
peeling our own flesh,
beneath our broken nails,

an awareness estranged
trying to erase,
the slates of our distorted minds

to mark the graves,
of our lost souls
the cries, of our wounded hearts

We mostly fight the ghosts of our own making
Even when friends and family say it's OK, we don't feel so
More like everyone is lost in battle with oneself inside their hearts
Jenna Erwin
Jenna Erwin
16 hours ago

I never thought
That when you said goodbye
It was for the last time

I never thought
That you're hugs
Would ever end

I never thought
That I would be going to a funeral
At the age of 14 for someone who was my best friend

But the things we never thought would happen do
And the things we thought would never end do

So here I am
Standing in the rain at the only place
I can visit you

While the rain runs down my face
It hides the tears that will never end

Dedicated to my very best friend who committed suicide
Joel Becerra
Joel Becerra
21 hours ago

I Put away the fantasy
It brought me some latency
To the dreams that were meant for me
Made me blind I couldn't see
The problems that I buried inside of me  
Of the sauce
Resided there at all cost for no cause
I couldn't stop myself
I was gone, full speed on that NOS

#helpless   #lost   #low  
Bas Aeon
Bas Aeon
1 day ago

I'm not walking away. I know there are lots of things we needed to fix, to consider our priorities. I am what i am and i thank you for choosing and loving me the best of you can. Thank you for not giving up on me yet.

I can still hold on to your promises. Years from now, you will always be the person i want to spend my life with. Just hold on. Hold on tight.
The storm will come our way, the temptation will break us apart but i will not falter. I will stay and love you. I will be there when you need me.

Babe, give me reasons not to look away towards your direction.
Understand my flaws and insecurities.
Scatter your rays of sun to my lonely heart that soon will consume with shadows of doubts and jealousy.
Reach for my shivering hand.
The warmth of your soft touch will lead me back to you again.

I can forgive you if you let me show you my trust again.
I can accept all your worries and hatred.
I can accept your overflowing love you once had to me.
I can love you endlessly babe.

Why did we end up strangers?
Why did you give up on us?
Why did you turn your pages so fast and erase me on every chapter of your story.

Babe, when you feel like trying again.
Reach for my hand
I will take you back with me wholeheartedly.
Full of love and sincerity.

Just don't leave me hanging.
Don't leave me with a big question mark on my heart.
Don't let me hate myself for not being good enough to you.
Please do not send me to the darkness.
Let your light shine on me.

when someone you dearly love gives up on you and you left hanging with so many questions why???
#love   #promises   #lost   #longing   #missing   #misery   #betrayed  

A slip of tongue.......on deaf ears
Moments passing.......as would years
A lighthouse..........standing unmanned
Skyscrapers...........of straw and sand
A battle of words......with idiots
Fields of blood.........by patriots
A fight on graft........per foolish twits
Unarmed men.......sans all wits
A demon's wants.....destroying dreams
Politic bodies.........advancing schemes
A war on drugs........by cartels
On a slow train........bound for hell

I have no idea, and what's worse, I don't think our leaders do either...
#hell   #lost   #trip   #destination   #twits  
1 day ago

A broken face, 
yet the hate 
Countless reflections, 
self inflections,
of pain.
Razor sharp 
jagged shards, 
a soul...
Shattered apart, 
reckless heart,
no control.
But burning tears
can't hide
what I see... 
in that broken face, 
the disgrace 
in me....

Not my best work, but they can't all be!!
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