1 day ago

Real genius is that of the unconventional

A path of more fear than conventional
though for a mind to be free
is worth more than anything
the latter could be

Take me away poetry, take me away
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Deep Thought
Deep Thought
2 days ago

Today is my Dad's 60th birthday.
Today I also lost my job due to discrimination.
I haven't been fired from a job since I was 18.
Now I'm 25 knowing this is merely a trial.
People are watching me wondering how I've taken the fall.
I'm not here for sympathy or applause.

I'm here to share with you, how you too can can rise against it all.
Like my Mother, I am a ferocious lion choosing to stand tall.
My identity isn't in my occupation, possessions or knowledge.
My identity is in Christ no matter the odds.
By serving a God who is greater than the world, there is no storm you can't weather.

To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory - Colossians 1:27
2 days ago

You know that it is true what they say, don't you?
That love is blind...
But do you know why?
Because her lover carved out her eyes when he learned that she saw him with another woman.
Even still, she loved him to her last breath in his arms.

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Why must all this suffering be?
Do You have reasons we cannot see?
Why is so much evil allowed to stand?
We really struggle how to understand
The tragedies continue to unfold
Life spins out of control
Worlds crumble like a figurine
shattering every hope and dream
ripping away carefully constructed façade
Innocent suffers again and again
Evil seems to always win
Carrying out their disgusting whims
You send sunshine over their days
Shadowed ours in torrential rain
is there a purpose, or just chaos and pain?
through this raging storm
I'm holding to promises You've sworn
Clinging to the sovereign goodness of God
While traversing this treacherous sod
trust You know what’s best
waiting for the Day of Rest
the coming promised Jubilee
when the captives will be set free
bringing true justice and all is made right
faith will finally made sight
Not my plans but Your glory.
It’s not about me, but Your story

inspired by Ps 73 especially
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How can one say,
"Fuck Atheism"?
It's the Atheists who are supposed to be irreverent,
Not the Believers.
Why would a person of Faith
Say such a nonsensical thing?
We all have Power in this World.
We might look at someone
Like President Donald Trump and say,
"He's so powerful."
"He's running the show."
"My only choice"
"Is to be content  and comply"
"With Whatever he says,"
But in reality,
I have power just typing away on this keyboard.
And those people can influence other people.
I'm not saying these things
To inflate my own ego.
I'm writing this to acknowledge
My own sense of RESPONSIBILITY.
If President Trump tells me,
"Daniel, you are a 'persona non-grata'."
"I don't care what you do!"
"You don't even belong in the United States!"
Does this mean
that I am going to relinquish my RESPONSIBILITIES
As a Citizen?
Of course not!
So, to me,
Atheism is a copout.
We ALL are responsible for the Mess the World is in
And we can all be part of the Solution.
So, even if it offends people,
I say,
"Fuck Atheism!"
Whatever Faith you practice,
Embody your Faith!

Place a battered hand on my innocence,

It's been 5 years but a scar never leaves,

A closed mouth pleads the best for help.

All my life I've been speechless only because when

I lift up my shirt and I can still see your handprint


I still face what is the false indication of love, never got a hug but a hard closed fist.

All because of my innocence.

Atoosa Kourosh
Atoosa Kourosh
4 days ago

But tame
Your flame
Within the lamp
Shedding its light
Invite, and arrange
The room, the hearth,
Lace the food with love
Cage your tears with calm
And center yourself on Him
Trust that the words will come
The hearts will open and fear
Will be displaced by truth
Careless of self offer
Effort and intent
Will come in time with patience
Transformation time is near

Inspired by this beautiful prayer :

O my Lord!  O my Lord!  This is a lamp lighted by the fire of Thy love and ablaze with the flame which is ignited in the tree of Thy mercy.  O my Lord!  Increase his enkindlement, heat and flame, with the fire which is kindled in the Sinai of Thy Manifestation.  Verily, Thou art the Confirmer, the Assister, the Powerful, the Generous, the Loving.

Baha'i Sacred Writings
Luiz Syphre
Luiz Syphre
6 days ago

God of sleep,

Three days and I've not received your touch.
Tortured and plagued by monsters in the night....
I pray to you:

Please God,
take me to your domain.
Embrace me and hold me in your bosom.
Take away these thoughts and perversions of life,
as life is hell - this we already live it.

God of sleep,
Carry me to your beautiful shores.
You are the only salvation from life without death,
So this temporary death I beg for.
For you Oh God, I will take pills and drugs,
For you Oh God, I will risk forever at your domain,
but please cometh!
Let not the darkness fall once more without your kiss.

Merciful and loving God,
I see your chariot in the distance,
Closer yet, I see your smile upon me,
My head falls into your abyss....spinning again...until the last time.

- Luiz Syphre

Inspired after not being able to sleep for three days.
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6 days ago

do you ever wonder how many stars there are
do you try to count the hair on your head
will we ever know why people stop falling in love
what happened to amelia earhart
what lies in the bottom of the ocean
was atlantis ever real
is there life on the moon

perhaps we'll never know,
but i believe that if anyone could find the answers
it would most definitely be you.

i believe in you, friend.
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Ocean Trimboli
Ocean Trimboli
6 days ago

she broke her own heart
falling for those
who couldn't

God picked up the pieces
as the only one
who could
put her back

a late-night musing: when I face heartache, I remind myself that the greatest and most unconditional love can be found in none other than God - there's a real peace in knowing this.
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