Maria Imran
Maria Imran
5 hours ago

Use this deep discomfort, this anxiety sprouting from your ruins within

(Never fall for a fool again?)
Dead Lock
Dead Lock
14 hours ago

My head is a tangled mass of string and wire

They don't connect

They don't lead into something greater

I am full of yarn and old embroidery thread

#sad   #depression   #anxiety   #brain   #mental   #angst   #head   #thread   #yarn   #tangle  
Robbie Gunn
Robbie Gunn
16 hours ago

Walking across the road
Didn't read the signs
Coast is clear
Unlike my mind
Turn back to see
Cars whizzing past
Time has progressed
I am stressed
Anxiety hits
wish a car did

Exploring darker aspects of myself

How can you help someone
That doesn't  have that capacity
To help themselves.
Do you watch them sink  farther
into depression ..
And gets to the point of you being
Mentally exhausted
with a nervous breakdown..

#illness   #anxiety   #stress   #help   #mess   #neglected   #fithly  
Alex Hill
Alex Hill
23 hours ago

Say your prayers,
Lay your head,
Cut your wrists and go to bed
Remember it's all in your head
Don't eat, enough said
Look in the mirror every minute
Your weight on the scale doesn't fit it
cuts on your wrists, ankles, thighs
Wear that smile, its your disguise,
Breaking down in all the lies
This is what happens when you really try

#sad   #depression   #heart   #anxiety   #cry   #crying   #cut   #breaking   #cutter   #emo  
Shannon Perry
Shannon Perry
1 day ago

and now I'm suffocating - not from lack of oxygen but from lack of hope,
a lack of feeling alive and ability to cope;
instead I'm drowning in pain with my chest exploding and my heart aching,
waiting for my demise because I'm so tired and inside I'm breaking.

#suicide   #sad   #depression   #sadness   #death   #depressed   #anxiety   #suicidal   #ptsd   #bpd  

I wonder what will kill me first...
The thick smoke from your cigarettes
your sweet but devious smile

Both leave me breathless

1 day ago


I swear to God, don't fucking have children
if you are not prepared for them to be less than perfect


you were offended that my father's sister
passed you a book about acceptance
obviously meant for your children to read
but she has MS, her
adopted children have Down Syndrome
I can certainly see her motivation
but you never could, you closed your mind


I knew something was wrong with me
when I couldn't stop writing until it was perfect
when I couldn't stop adjusting until I was perfect
you praised me for being so meticulous
perfectionists succeed, you know


my diagnosis shocked you,
I could see it in your eyes
but you smiled and kept your cool
since shock is not honorable
since you must keep up appearances
you nodded and got me a shrink


you tried for at least five months, I believe
to heal me without interference
the psychologist, he helped
you told me to calm down and just relax
the psychologist, he listened
you shoved your words and multivitamins
down my throat as I begged for you to hear me


finally, I'm on medication
it's a small, white, circular pill
it helps me more than "calming down"
I don't think you understand how tics work
you try not being able to control your body
you shrug it off and yell at me for my messy room


I hear you joke that I can't have my illnesses
as I swallow the white pill
and a blue, more rectangular one after it
since I'm so disorganized
you chuckle as I clench my jaw


my father understands me the most
he is not like you; he knows
what it's like to be disordered
but you don't like me talking to him
according to you, he's lazy and wrong
you say as he is the only one with an income
this house creaks as the toilet plugs, again


under my Hello Kitty weighted blanket
I tic and tic and obsess
at least you don't deny my first three issues
but you scoff at the possibility that I could
just maybe, jump off a tall building


it's taken two psychologists (one from school),
the guidance counselor,
a goddamn neurologist (he prescribes the pills),
and only now do you believe that I am drowning
you pass me an oxygen mask
but only when you're getting told what I am
whenever we get back to the place you call my home
you're holding my head underwater,
ignoring my input
drowning me

thanks, mom. seriously. got kids? prepare for anything. please.

I want a life I don't feel the need to escape from

Six Flowers
Six Flowers
1 day ago

Let the snow fall. It settles where it will,
over broken rocks and the ancient hill
(the burial mound of all we once held dear).
Snow obscures the path. Everything's new from here.

#future   #anxiety   #hope   #nature   #change   #snow   #fate  
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