11 hours ago

Reality lies,
In ways the eyes cannot see.


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1 day ago

if i show you the real me promise not to run away
if i show you my true colors promise not to laugh,
not to cry,
not to fix me,
if i show you my true intentions promise not to think we are meant to be,
if i show you my past promise not to change how you treat me
if i show you how to write promise not to leave me
if i show you my crown promise not steal it,
if i show you my thunder promise not to be afraid of the lightening,

if i show you my heart promise not to break it
if i show you my dreams promise not to get scared
if i show you my mind promise not to say its too dark..

I'll accept whats happened to you,
so pick up your past and bring them to me
don't leave your imperfections or insecurities at the door,walk into my life with them,
bring your problems to me and I'll hug you to make you feel better,

i walk in darkness with my eyes closed just so i can see clearly,
i walk with the darkness because in the silent noise of the cold heat i feel fearfully safe..

1 day ago

Come sit with me,
Tell me you've seen my struggle,
Show me you're proud of me,
Your empathy is what I seek,

I'm sorry you have to be here,
And that it has to be this way,
I know high expections,
Often ,from reality, leave us astray,

A few hours from your clock,
And you asking me to be more responsible,
This is all I need from you,
Even if the sun shines and the sky is blue,

I know you're looking out for me,
But I'm not looking for you,
I may be here wanting your attention,
Oh, but there is no compassion,

I've seen you making the effort,
And hopelessly trying,
Always righting my wrong,
But one day you'll too, be gone

Isn't that what always happens?
We care, we love, we break,
Isn't everything too sudden?
Scathing us for our own sake?

So why does it matter if I don't love?
Live by myself, indifferent to my pain,
For aching, our heart is never too young,
So why you say happy ones are the only saints?

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Enchanting azure
caress withered sighs broken-
Humanity's hearth

Aye, we know love for through us love is writ,
In our heads scrawled over the walls at least,
Up there where flashing shadows sharply flit,
Stabled within stirs the raw untamed beast,

That wants nor cares other than to be free,
Flying through thick forests, wide open fields,
Connecting with nature each stone and tree,
Racing our veins this force that never yields,

To hurdles in it's path or heavy ground,

We know love,

love's been through a fair few things,

Even now,

and then,

love still floats around,

Creating tempests with butterfly wings,

Aye we know love,

love ripples through our core,

Love is all we are,

all we are,

here for.

Cierra Hope
Cierra Hope
4 days ago

The Stars get tired of hanging.
The Moon doesn't want to rise each night just to fall again.
The Sun gets sad sometimes and doesn't want to shine.
I think there's a place that exists where most of us want to be.
A different universe.
Where imagination runs wild.
You can be you.
No lies.
No masks.
Everything could be perfect.
And that destroys your image of reality.

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4 days ago

Soul found in this world of old,
May not be what you have been told.
To find a soul,
As old as mine, would be a journey.
A mission finished in time,
While running on faded blurred out lines.
To find a soul,
as old as mine.
I would have to run the lines of time,
to see the soul, waiting there.
Waiting there for me.

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Apollo Hayden
Apollo Hayden
5 days ago

I'm not tired but it's dark outside so I guess I'll close my eyes,
but that don't ever mean I'm sleeping.
I've gone off beyond this reality,
forever awake while I'm  dreaming.

Sameer Denzi
Sameer Denzi
6 days ago

Unproven theories boss over Science
Science has become the new religion
Religion has become a hub for hypocrites
Hypocrites want to become our leaders
Our leaders want to pillage our land
Our land is stripped bare of its wealth
Wealth is now worth more that people
People are abandoning their intelligence
Intelligence is now becoming artificial
Artificial is sold as though from Nature
Nature for most is ‘as seen’ on television
Television encloses our new reality
Reality thus, has become devoid of Passion
Passion that we need to find the truth
The truth about ‘what is’, and ‘what is not’.

From fancy to reality can be an uphill battle
Our fantasies lose power in the light of day
Clarity of heart and vision may become subtle
Nothing can stray the actual straight light ray

The way she offered me her heart and her soul
I can't resist to take her to my heart with love
I am down there in a thirsty desert but as whole
She is like a drizzling rain on sky over and above

Love is what takes just in a moment to celebrate
Beauty is a charisma ,a magnet to attract in reality
My sweetheart you have to taken to reinvigorate
Come embrace me help me to make me really free

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#reality   #to   #fancy  
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