Caitlyn Ann Yost
Caitlyn Ann Yost
5 hours ago

I know what both heaven and hell feel like.
Heaven is the thought of you possibly loving me, while hell is the bitter reality that you don't.

#love   #hell   #reality   #heaven   #fantasy  
11 hours ago

I want to yell across the entire universe, about
how close my heart is at exploding from the
constant pressure, caused by indestructible demons.
Demons that dance to the symphony of my broken dreams.

But if I really got the chance to speak up
my mind, I'd rather sew up my lips
so no pitiful words of hope can interfere with
the reality that kicked me down in the first place.

Having someone to care seems more scary than the
endless hole I'm falling through; My last cry for help
is now dying in my throat, mingled with the other
unspoken opportunities of a better life.

17 hours ago

Off-hook payphones, Droning electronic, almost alien sounds.
Hanging in dark phone booths.
During nights in city streets.
Payphones slowly decaying out of use.
Cell phone calls ending in a woman's electronic voice.
Raspilly repeating, "Sorry, Your call can not be completed as dialed."
Full voicemail boxes.
Desperate text messages from lost and Ex-lovers.
Filling every cellular device almost to bursting.
The calls droning on and almost ringing throughout time.

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1 day ago

there’s not much to say;
i wish i could hold you close and dear
but at arm’s length, you are far beyond reach
i cannot feel your breath against my neck
i cannot feel your hands around my waist
yet we crave every inch of touch
we crave for each other’s taste

it’s such a tragedy to fall into
a love so fragile and secure
but is it love, lust or loneliness?
or are we merely avoiding the question?
are we drowning,
just for the sake of making one another feel whole?
do these hands and smiles revolve around misguided truths?
are your words cloaked in lies or are mine disputed moves?

i guess we will never know


Nishat AK
Nishat AK
1 day ago

I'll stop running from myself
When I'll stop ending up running into myself
When dream was the only escape now that it's become a trap,
What do I rely on?

I don't want to find myself everywhere I go
Please tell it to follow me not
with its mind filled with vicious thoughts

Thoughts that crumbles me
Purple flashes of anger
It's just the sky rumbling

Will you ever come,
pick up the scattered pieces?
And squeeze it all back into the places,

With the embrace I yearn for?

You, the mystery I loved.

You, the treasure I lost.

C F Tinney
C F Tinney
1 day ago

What do you want from me?
I’ve given all my flesh.
What more can you desire?
I’ve nothing left…

I quit.
Surrender to your power.
Celebrate upon my broken sole,
for I’ve nothing left this hour.

I can’t bear the indecency,
to look upon your face.
You thieving bastard who,
takes life and leaves no trace.

at my complete defeat.
as I as I repeat.

My failures,
you’ve taught me so well,
and completely surrender,
to forever fail.
At being real.

#life   #reality   #failure   #fault   #frailty  
1 day ago

The smoke fills the air,
Smoke of crude,
of tobacco and drugs,
gasoline and factory steam,
The veins of the city filled with gasses,
Its flesh metal and concrete,
And its muscles the humans.
One day the city,
Will demolish itself.

#love   #broken   #happy   #reality   #wrong   #magic   #veins   #city   #ever   #urban  

poetic justice
is not reality
we keep on writing

3 days ago

Gods of time,
And gods of men,
All will fall,
When the universe.
Ceases its seemingly eternal hum.
Falters, slows, and freezes
To a stagnancy.
That may be the end.

#love   #hate   #happy   #time   #reality   #real   #universe   #magic   #flow   #gods  
3 days ago

On tv it looks so copper clean
Ringing in naked dreams
Living out those picket fence schemes
To get the American bling

Morality is black and white
There are no heroic black knights
The good guys are just
And they just wear white hats

But life is painful
Like a cancer vampire
Sucking your life force
Pale skin quivering

Dark bags under your eyes
No hair there because of the chemo
Despair and denial on ivy drips
And reality tv made us ill equipped
To handle it

Sometime I wish the tears would stop
That the empathy would vanish from me
That I couldn’t see what I see
See what this reality has made of me

History is white sheets
Red arm bands, fat assholes
Uninformed Loud mouths
A canvass that drips wet with my outrage

I sip the last drops of my stimulants
Drop the anti-depressants in the toilet
Forget my docility
Embrace more than half of my hostility

I don’t think much will change
Despite how hard I clamor
Despite the sparkles and the glamour
How I use the language to entertain and inform

This is therapy
In the form of Poetry

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