Camden Cobain
Camden Cobain
4 days ago

Life is so much betternow
I've accepted it neverwill be good,
Goodnow I don't expect to everfeel
Good Enough
to understand the stuff of Good Enough
enough to bluff Good Enough
good enough
for Good Enough
to be good enough
to make itself known
like Lady Godiva packin' heat.
Life & I are evenstephens,
now I'm resigned even in dreams' reruns
to my gaze stumbling@Godiva'stootsies
puddlepruned, even tho' she's goodenough
to point her piece between my eyes.

Take the blame for the rain, go to your room
& sit & listen to its percussion
of fresh accusations, 30billion fingers drumming
60% water & 40% condemnation.
In my room , I reflect on all  I've done
that now Everything grieves everything via a proxy sky,
Everything weeps for Everything forever
& then over everything else over a day.
My fault the Sun's eyeliner of fire did run.
My fault the Earth threw the Moon out of its pram.
My fault Noah's bath did overrun
& an innocent Almightygod was let go by Pimlico.

Life & I are not oddstods anymore,
our loggerheads are logged under the heading
'@timbernecks', now I begrudge the Good News
Jesus died for me slightly less. Indeed, he has my permission  
to perish for me a lot more
than a month of Good Fridays, make his fraudulent ultimate sacrifice
999x like Deadpool's cat.
It was my vague sin
that was the straw as cumbersome as a camel's corpse,
giving his shoulder the gyp that would do for Christ@Calvary.
Despondent in a sanguine fashion
about being the real Christkiller, but that's the way I roll
with the punches of scapegoated Jews.

Austen girl
Austen girl
7 days ago

The surface of me is overwhelming
The light within couldn't make it
Cracks ran too deep and all too thin..

Did you hear of the war woo?
I heard it once,
it rang as though a foreign tongue..
God, the sound of it
Felt like heaven...

I am reluctance
Walking a thin line
Between cowardice and foresight..

See I fell off that cliff once
My body couldn't take another no
I still feel anchored to the ground
On which I stood the first time
I wasn't enough..

Tell me, have you heard of the war woo?
I fear words aren't enough for you..

Eyes inch to closing
I watch the grey road race by
Through lashes that imprison light
I put another brick atop this wall
And wonder if it's worth the fight
I couldn't take it If once more
all the good intentions just meant no

#love   #rejection   #no  

Though not at fault, I sing apologies
Seeking clemency through melodious songs and broken symphonies
These hands cannot concoct the needed remedies
And are notorious for exacerbating tragedies

We traversed a single road and at the divarication
A duet of goodbyes signaled the shifting of attention
The surroundings committed an aberration
Yielding you years of consistent tribulations

Enigmatic is how the unpredictable universe shall eternally operate
To its oscillating desires, the hands of time convulate
I deem us victims of it and its partner, mischievous fate
When the world slowed down for you, they made mine accelerate

#feelings   #pain   #time   #hurt   #thoughts   #rejection   #you   #emotions   #apology  

Lately I don't remember feelings.
See her touch is all I know.
I'd rather erase it all from being.

I'm trying to be normal.
  I guess
              the pressure is
                          getting to me.

Maxing out memories,
     I was denied a visa.
Remember the time I wrote
you that card.

Brace yourself for this part
              For A small view in my heart:
Letting go is getting easy.
         But facing the truth is hard.

Sorta venting.
#life   #up   #break   #dark   #friendship   #rejection   #goals  
Feb 4

Click, hum. The phone line dies,
The ghost of rejection tickling one
Ear as it floats across the other. Her
Breath goes with it, a short exhale
Of frustration and grief.

The room is now silent, save for the
Shallow breaths of the aging dame
Grey mascara rivers running down
Thin crevices, inexorable lines of
An inevitable future. No makeup
So fine and polished can mask: she’s fallen
Victim to the times, pushing and straining
As far as the limits of her youth will allow

Cold remnants of an untouched meal
Watch from the corner, stale, unwanted
collecting dust and fleas,
Waiting to be disposed of, bound to be forgotten.
She pauses, blinks. The pit of her stomach
Grumbles in understanding -- two hands
Jump to grasp a cinched waist.
Open bourbon, brought in anticipation of good news
Teases:  no cheers for the old hag!

A fist and a table, an empty glass soon
Filled as she pours herself a bitter dose
Of panacea, just a little something to take
The edge of her face, to knock off a few years and
Quiet the pain.

Fifty and forgotten, candle in the wind
A name that once drew the largest of crowds,
Full theatres and a demand in the public eye,
Now brings nonchalance, indifference, or
Worse -- ignorance! Who?

The young starlings, bright, eager doe-eyed
Little things: they are the new pull, the desired
Flavor and choice eye candy. She trembles, but
Blames the alcohol: after all, it whispers,
Who wants to look at you?

I never accepted
The White Man's Jesus.
To me,
Is primarily about Sexual Guilt and Shame.
My testosterone levels are low according to my Naturopath.
So, I can't be that much of a Casanova even if I wanted to be.
Why you wanna' destroy my imagination?
So, I can become a Christian Dope fiend
And be your slave?

Mia James
Mia James
Jan 23

How does one explain what
love feels like?
Drowning in overdosed emotions
of infatuation and heartbreak.
Deafening embarrassment
reminds eyes to cry
when hearts on sleeves are rejected.
Despair is felt for feeling the loss
that was never mine to begin with.
My world turns upside down
but all seems well between each
shaky, weeping breath.
I could die happily
if he’d just let me taste his lips.

Lust has a name
The same name I whisper in my dreams
Lust has hands as soft as silk and eyes that shine like the stars
Touch like lightening and a laugh like thunder
A smile that could blind.

And Heartbreak shares this name
Heartbreak has a voice that could tear down walls
A grip that could crush the pyramids and words that could turn tides
It has the power to make you wish for the impossible and ache at the sight of a face
I should know.

Lust and Heartbreak have a name.

You know it like it's your own.

#love   #heartbreak   #sad   #depression   #lust   #crush   #rejection  
Jan 19

the problem
with heroes
is that everyone thinks
they're perfect
until they're not.

its almost as if
people can't stand to deal
with the dark sides of people that exist

nobody likes discovering
the skeletons that we keep
they'll tell you they care
that they'll always be there
that there's nothing
that could ever
change their mind
until something does

then suddenly
curtains are closed
all good that has once been done
disappears into smoke

people love to say
tell me the truth over a lie any day
but when truth comes knocking
suddenly they're the ones running away

by Arcassin Burnham

I don't understand why a guy like me is rejected by you for a guy that thinks
hes like some sort of big shot while having friends and drive a car while I
have nothing at all...
I don't understand why girls don't like me , I'm the type of guy that'll marry
you from fields to scenery,
But you just want a cool edgy dude with an attitude and makes you miserable,
and doesn't really care for your feelings,

i'll give you the joy and the rain at the same time sending signals of everything
that your ex wasn't and you thought he was going to be your husband,
so blinded by the truth of someone that would be sensitive to your
every need,
i was always there , since high school and when we had little feet,
why lord?
why won't any girl love me,
i am just a pawn in the love game while having fantasies
of intimacy?
lord please tell me..
will i grow old and alone in a house and just wait for my death
to hurry up and find me?
and the long distance stuff is just boring...
would i look back on the times that i did that
and it could be reassuring?
and my exes ignore me...
i didn't really see a future with them anyways so it really
shouldn't bother me..
and that's why,
I don't understand why a guy like me is rejected by you for a guy that thinks
hes like some sort of big shot while having friends and drive a car while I
have nothing at all...
I don't understand why girls don't like me , I'm the type of guy that'll marry
you from fields to scenery,
But you just want a cool edgy dude with an attitude and makes you miserable,
and doesn't really care for your feelings.

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