Don't cry tender soul it's not your time
Ask me anything and you shall see
Nothing is as hard as it used to be
I've brought you strawberry milk, let me nom your feet
Everything is perfect, your kisses all over me
Love me like I do you, you are the start of everything

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It's just like you told me,
The horrors of your dreams come true
Flooding my timeline
My days are now efforts to avoid drowning
So tonight, i'll nose dive into the hurricane.
There's no place to hide out here.
Both our hands are filthy and no one will touch us.
But tonight, i'll hold you close
And we'll fall asleep to escape our plight.
We'll live in our dreams, if only for the night.
If we could fly,
Then we'd fly south.
Away from everything,
Everything That threatens our happy future.
Pictures of dead decaying dreams.
Framed photos of this moment
Floating atop the mass dump of the times
We wasted.
The times we failed to spend in each other's arms.

So we failed to gather again at the end of the Purge.
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Zenab Rehman
Zenab Rehman
5 hours ago

Every time is the same girl.
Every time is a different way.
Every time is it for one night.
Every time is another life after it.

Once they are done.
They both are breathless.
Then he abandons her.
Because he cannot hold her.
And stay for the rest.

Since he can't give her more.
Now he is on tour.
He acts like,
Never saw her face.
Never knew her name.

Every night it's a new show.
Every night it's new people.
Every night it's him and
Every night it's her.

Walking around in a tight dress.
Her eyes search only for him.
Laying naked in bed.
She only thinks about him.
She never let anybody touch her body.
Accept him.
Because she believes it belongs to him.

Waiting for him filled her with more passion.
Because once he will be here.
They will be again as one.

They dance in the heat.
They sweat in breaths.
They play the same old games at her place.
They love each other again and again.

He never shows her love because his heart was filled with dark, which only she could light it.

She never asks for love because she was broken enough which he could only heal it.

When they are done.
They move on and forget what happen last night.
No matter how hard they try.
The world will never accept them as one.

So every night they meet behind the world.
Fill each other with desire.
The World changes its time.
They forget all and proceed.

Every story is different from others.
Some have met yet never met to be together.
Some meet however the world never wants them to be together.

Everyone needs someone to comfort.
Everyone needs someone to pleased.
Everyone needs someone to satisfy.
Everyone needs someone to love.

So they used each other every night.

This is the story of a successful young man and gorgeous lady.

Stage of life,
Which everyone has to suffer.

Once in a lifetime.

"La douleur exquise - the heart wrenching pain of wanting the affection of someone unattainable"
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emme m
emme m
1 day ago

midnight thoughts and wasted eyes
waiting for the sun to rise
owls are howling, so depressed
the morning light will be our guest

dosen’t matter if we’re drunk or sober
wasted nights in late october
leaves are floating down to earth
feeling like we’re nothing worth

Alison Latres
Alison Latres
1 day ago

Do you know?
What's more beautiful than
Those insults that they use
To demonize, to mock?

The things you have, a great many
When there's nobody to talk to
Nobody to ask "are you okay"

What's prettier than the thoughts
That pump through your skull,
And drag you further to the grave
Than their words ever could?

Sweet crimsons, like ribbons,
When they're wrapped around your wrists
And all that flows from them is
What your flesh keeps inside

But more attractive still,
Is something much less divine..
But not to a broken child, yes?
You understand nonsense at this point.

A hanging rope,
Or a gunshot,
Maybe the weapon that pours red from your veins
Perhaps something else, you're more creative than I am

How did you want to go out?

Holly Swift
1 day ago

I hope
This works

I hope
We're something

I hope
This wasn't

All for

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Zenab Rehman
Zenab Rehman
1 day ago

When the whole world sleeps.

I stay awake in my bed.

Every night comes with dark.

Every morning shines its way.

Counting the days,
When will you return to me?

I know we are meant to be together.

Be that as it may, what to do with my heart.

Who is single and needs a company.

"True love has a habit of coming back."
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Ysa Pa
Ysa Pa
1 day ago

Scribbling the thoughts away again
Finding the perfect combination
Of symbolisms and phrases
To create the perfect  illustration
Something to represent
With conciseness and ambiguity
The earth shattering well of emotions
Which you made me go through daily
From too good to be true
Till unlivable complications
I've compared you to pixie dust
Dragon's breath and volcanic eruptions
I've likened what we had to
Child like wonder, make believe, bright eyes
Bed time stories, the attic ghost
Rainbows, unicorns and stormy skies
I kept writing
To preserve what once was perfect
And to release what I can no longer carry
Something which we failed to protect
I've told exactly what happened
In a way that only you would know
I've written so many similar lines
Titled differently just for show
I've promised to stop
To stop writing for you
Yet here I am again
Without anything else to do
With stanzas you'll never read
And proses you'll never hear from me
No more stories, just plain words
Plain final words I hope, no more fantasies
I loved you, I might still do
But what used to be in is almost out
I'm tired, exhausted really, and I've had enough
I loved you, finally my ink is running out
The page filled up with scribbles
Full but empty at the same time
When ink no longer poured out
And words no longer rhymed
I exhaled, finally breathing again
I ran out of words but I'll keep writing
Writing till I don't know when
It may be unbelievable
But it's long overdue
To say that those future metaphors
Will no longer be for you

Unsent letter
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A bittersweet sip of the black, bitter coffee.
A sour, foreign taste permeates my tongue – stings my throat.
No matter, I continue sipping
Each swallow more familiar
The bitterness slowly diminishing…
How adaptive we humans are.
Strangers become lovers
And friends can turn into enemies –
Yet I keep sipping.  
I sip as I watch the sun rise
Giving change to yet another day
As if the changes and adaptations in my life
Are completely meaningless.
Yet my shoulders are heavy.
My heart is sunk.
My mind never rests.
And my memories eat me alive.
But all of these things
Are just more black coffee beans
Brewing into normalcy

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dixie krause
dixie krause
1 day ago

it’s when your mind wanders off elsewhere.
your eyes roll to the back of your head, every sight blurry.
the only color you can see is white —
or black.
you have lost all control of your thoughts
and you can think of anything.
you want to escape
but you can’t.
and soon, you are crying for help.

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