Figure it out for yourself,
It won't be interpreted the same way

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Sharae C
8 hours ago

It is possible
that  nothing matters
and nothing ever will.
It is possible
that all this pain
is for nothing
because oblivion
is inevitable.
It is possible
that we have no souls
and our deaths
will mean next to nothing
to the universe.
We are all doomed.
Left to a fate of an irrelevant life
and insignificant death.
All we do is exist
and then we don't.
And the universe continues on
forgetting, and not caring.

A meaningless existence
Jeffrey Pua
Jeffrey Pua
9 hours ago

I would draw a curve like those
Of a fishing boat, its bottom,
Or the body of the moon sometimes
     In its perfect time
          And begin to dream.

And google things like,
"a small depression in the flesh,
Either one that exists permanently
Or one that forms in the cheeks
When one smiles",
     And then write poetry,
          Subpar to the actual thing.

You don't know the magic that you are.

Through your smile,
I learned to cheat all death, all life,
All me, all being, all being,
     All what-ifs and trying-to-be-s.
Through your smile, I knew,
     That God is good, has been
          And always will be.

Through you, I knew,
     I have always been happy.

© 2017 J.S.P.

12 hours ago

I'm stuck in an in-between
and it seems to me
that to be in the middle
of an emotion
of a fear
is more tantalizing
than the engulfment of a solid knowing

I'm stuck in an in-between
and it's paralyzing me
Do I harden the door that sits in the pupil of my eye?
Do I fall to my knees?

I'm stuck in an in-between
and there's all this tension seeping out of me
in smothering screams
Do I lessen my grip on your gravity?
or Do I give more of my naivety?

I'm stuck in an in-between
and it's gonna make a black hole out of me.

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10 hours ago

My heart is pockmarked
Like the face of the moon
Oh, from loving you
And you and you

The craters on my heart
Left, from the massive destruction
Of giving so much
In return, receiving nothing

From a distance
My love appears whole
But those pieces have been lost
Oh, to you
And you and you

Are hearts really pink?
Mine feels black and blue
Oh, from you
And you and you

My heart's fire
Burns passionately around the blackened craters
Oh, not for you
And you and you.

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10 hours ago

" Sometimes, we write to forget. "

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Jul 16, 2013

As the night starts closing in I still sit up to ponder and think about the day, the coming weeks, the next step that I must take. I have dreamed of many things lately, all things that are just dancing in my head and bouncing from side to side....The thoughts bubble up from my soul and turn into things that truly make me tick. I have questions....Why do people act as they do? Is this a coming of a new dark age? What will the history books tell about us? This time around, the world seems to be overflowing with hate, debt, theft and all other forms of evil that come out to show its ugly head. I know that all of these things have been around forever. Far worse in many ways. Where is the love? Where is the compassion for others....animals, people, property etc? The world in general seems to sour more and more with each channel that is added..."KILL YOUR TELEVISION" The news keeps us all in mass hysteria, shifting the herd in a different direction of thought and need. Should we be scared? Should we fight back? Where do we start? Change has come in many ways. I am not saying everything is bad in this world we travel on each day as it loops around in the vast  space of life and time. Life is chaos and beauty at the same time all wrapped up in one. You cannot share the good until you have tasted the bad...It is very hard to taste the good when your mouth is filled with hate, or rage, or anger towards others or just life in general. WHO CAN WE TRUST? Open your minds eye, the eye that we all share. Give back to those who take from you. Pray for those who have wronged you. Keep yourself in check and stay above the sink hole that we all call many names. Whatever is bothering you...just let it go. Let it go and enjoy the world for what you can get out of it and see. We are surrounded by so many perfect and beautiful things. Don't take it for granted. Love those who need love. Give hope where you can. Take care of those who seem to struggle with taking care of themselves no matter how hard it may be...I promise this will help you. Give yourself to those who are in need of Love. Fill their cup as much as you can and you will be blessed. You may not feel it at first but you will be rewarded in the end by the master, by mother nature, by others, by karma, by God. Learn to pass the time with thoughts of good things. No worries can get to you when you live in PEACE.

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Dhaara T
Dhaara T
13 hours ago

She danced in the downpour
Her feet enthused, but eyes were sore
Her head spinning with thoughts galore
Blood rushing away from her core
Trying to erase thoughts that tore
Only to fill up the mind with more

In an attempt of distraction, aloud she sang
And swayed, tapped, increased tempo, whoosh whoosh, bang bang
A swing of hand...crackle...clink, clang clang
A gasp, pause, and an "oh dang!"

Picking pieces, knowing they won't amend
She realized, it was wasting time trying to mend
So instead, she chose to fix what she can tend
In the face of fate, determined, not to bend

The glass nothings she'd picked, threw back the little lot
"For some things can't be fixed", she thought
"And some things can", she fought
And just like that, she found courage, previously unsought
Scattered pieces, gathered thoughts

Liliana Leon
Liliana Leon
14 hours ago

Salty tear creeps down my cheek.

Hands balled in fists ready to fight the battle.

Reasons to say goodbye to those I used to love.

Walls, that I used to call home, are now the death of me.

Fingers ready to grasp the blade and make a deep cut.

Prayers to God begging Him for help and asking Him for mercy.

Voices in my head telling me to be stronger than my depression and anxiety.

More voices telling me to give up because all I am is a worthless piece of trash.

One. One. Call the ambulance because I am about to die.

Commandments taught me that thou shall not kill but killing I shall do.

You'll survive. I know I did.
Cup Noodles
Cup Noodles
16 hours ago

It feels like suicide
i'm with you

and that's


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