Alexis Walkes
Alexis Walkes
5 hours ago

Wanting to press my cheek up against the creator of life.
For those days when even breathing adds to the
frustration of being.
Exploding with cries, dried out by the desire
to please mankind.
To please society.
Wanting to embrace stillness,
and lock myself away from all words and actions.
My head burns with pains caused by daily demands.
Dividing myself mentally to keep up physically.
Now both worlds are crashing.
I wanna press my cheek against the creator's,
and have him wipe my heavy tears away.
I wanna have deep conversations with him,
staring with hope in my eyes,
that some secrets would spill from his lips one day.
Secrets that ease my mind from being so sore.
I want to press my cheek up against the creator's .....
and soar

Delta Swingline
Delta Swingline
14 hours ago

Day or night?
Video or audio?
Wake up or keep dreaming?
Move on or turn back?
Tomorrow or yesterday?
Now or never?
Too much or not enough?
Lifted up or put down?
Shut in or shut out?
Step forward or step back?
Forgive or forget?
Ahead or behind?
Real or fake?
Control or chaos?
In your head or in your heart?
Off beat of in sync?
Accept or deny?
Save or sacrifice?
Together or alone?
Yours or theirs?
Blood or water?
Everything or nothing?
Beginning or end?
Taken or given?
Live or die?
Your fault or mine?
Your choice or no choice?
Surrender or fight?
Different of the same?
Run back or run away?
Anxious days or sleepless nights?
Shining in the spotlight of hidden in the shadows?
Say something or stay silent?
Inner strength or outer strength?
Keep or abandon?
Bitter or sweet?
Cut off or connect?
Cooperate or compete?
Relief or risk?
Jump or fall?
Stay or go?
Preserve or burn?
Cold as ice or hot as flames?
Relaxed or on edge?
Listen or disregard?
Pride or concern?
Public or private?
Adventure or reward?
Save my life or leave me here?

Found this in my music binder. Wrote it 2 years ago... man some of this stuff is really nostalgic.
Amethyst Fyre
Amethyst Fyre
15 hours ago

How can I possibly be so deep inside my own head and still breathe?
How is there anything left in there for me to think?
The electricity pulses behind my eyes and
it hurts
Like live wires going supernova before they die
It hurts to think
It hurts to breathe
It hurts to be

18 hours ago



It feels like I knew you and everything you are
Before I even met you.

I feel so comfortable when I'm with you.
Like every moment I spend with you
Is more than just a moment.
It's all I ever wanted
And flawless and mine

You are really so much to me and
I don’t think that anyone could get how
You make me feel as if I am
Better than I am.

But nothing lasts forever and
I know this better than anyone.
With my tattered heart's edges
And my abandonment issues.
I know that despite your promises
You will leave.
And I can't stand the thought of being without you.

Not being able to hold your hand,
To hear you tell me you love me,
To get those texts from you
That make me lose my mind.
And make me feel sane all at once,
It's my nightmare.

I know that despite what you feel
Right now, one day you'll see
The beasts in me,
And you will leave.

I love you.
I love you so much,
More than anything in the world.
But nothing lasts forever
And you will leave

But for now,
I'll just put you inside of my chest
And hold you in my arms,
Because at least one of those places,
You can't leave.

i love him. and for now, he loves all of my beautifully crafted flaws.
Delta Swingline
Delta Swingline
19 hours ago

This state of limbo is the calmest and scariest place to be.
Where all of these decisions seem to matter long before they've been made.
And here I am just staring down the possibilities...

I can stop you know.
I have self control and that is something I can be sure of.
But even now, what are we supposed to do?

I'll start with saying this:

I'm not going anywhere.
I am not a guarantee for what you might want, but I won't leave.
I can't.

So here's what I propose:

Stop. Think. Act.

And sure, that's brutal honesty, and it's not easy.
But you've got an iron will do you not?

For now...
Just watch some TV with me.


Whatever happens, I'll be sure to be here. You know that.
21 hours ago

you are a star in a street-lamp sky burning fiercely amidst the dull monotony
in every universe we find each other
in every life i look up & see your light
& i smile
for i have been here before

#love   #sad   #life   #heart   #hope   #happy   #friend   #stars   #thoughts   #you  
1 day ago

It's when you wait
To do the things
You truly hate.

Your conscious yells.
Instead you ponder
'bout cow bells.
Cuz if we need
Bells for our cows,
Why not small kids
Who wander 'round?
Kids that're smelly,
have round bellies
and seem to always
be cryin' and yelling?

At this point
You look to the fan
And see a fat fly
You wonder when it's gunna die
But your lazy cat,
Who has lazily sat
On the laziest looking mat,
Jumps like a boss
and with a paw toss
Swipes that fly
Into your left eye.
Right after the hit,
You scream...

Now as you're half blind
A series of thoughts
Pop into your mind.
What if you die...?
All because of the fly?
What if it landed
In some poop?
What if that poop...
Is now in you?
You could get malaria...
Get lost in hysteria...
Nothing seems clear
Will you now never know
If Justin Bieber's queer?

Is when you wait
To do the things
You truly hate
But if you take
Too long to start
Karma bites you
In the arse.


Who else procrastinates more than actual work? Just me? okay then...
#poem   #death   #funny   #thoughts   #crazy   #cat   #work   #lazy   #truestory   #procrastinate  
1 day ago

what is more deadly:
a gun or a thought?
a gun gives you the opportunity,
but the thought gives you the ability to pull the trigger.

#sad   #depression   #dark   #thoughts   #guns  
Sumit Ganguly
1 day ago

The atmosphere we live in
carry unseen charged impulses.
When needed,
we switch on the smart phone,
enjoy TV or Radio,
a constant ingredient called power
helps us please our taste.
The perplexed atmosphere of jumbled up thoughts
need internal power to segregate and select
right highway to drive in.

23rd. March, 2017

Damian Murphy
Damian Murphy
1 day ago

There once was a presumptuous poet
Who thought his poems were the best ever wrote,
He was quite prolific,
Thought he was terrific,
But he never wrote anything of note!

#poetry   #life   #fun   #thoughts   #poems   #poets   #humour   #humility   #prolific   #limericks  
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