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She lives life in service to love.
Look deep into her eyes and you’ll see a reflection of yourself,
of all that’s good in humanity; her sweet angel eyes reflect the skies, the oceans.
Her eyes are as deep as the brown roots of the ancient trees that dig deep
and deep down underneath the Earth’s core.
What you see is a woman with a heart of gold, hair made of silk from a web and hair in the shape of tendrils form a leafy green stem, with a laugh like God.
She is pure yin -- one of the two forces that together with yang forms everything that exists and will. Yet, one eye is the moon and the other eye is the sun -- one of spirit and one of flesh.
Her physical body is in sin, in harsh imperfect reality.
Her soul is in purity, in deep-sea fantasies.
So selfless, so passionate, so pensive. All she wants is to serve everyone
for her inner joy and peace comes from the selfless love and acts she perform.
The ultimate lady, the ultra-feminine creation.
So ethereal, so otherworldly, so alien.
Every time she speaks, I believe in God a little bit more. She is a Goddess,
the ultimate creatrix. Tiamat.
I should’ve worshiped her sooner.

ok im done for today

Here a mother nature stands in the trees, she sees dear animals and feeds them. She gives them tender and joy love.

Her name is unknown but she is someone who is head of this magical place.

She watches anyone and gives them her love and light holy care to them.

The people picture her as an angel or a beautiful goddess.

She tells them her name, her name is Luxshana.. goddess of love and nature. <3

She wears the golden ray of sun on her dress
Her laugh so sweet any man can't resist
Flowers bloom on her every step
As she smile the world celebrates
Oh daughter of spring
You even melted Hades heart of solid ice
His monochrome kingdom burst into colorful hue
And because of that he won't let you go
Your disappearance payed a price
Now that you were gone
The world turned frozen and dry desert

Beloved daughter of Spring, Hailed queen of Underwold
Dedicated to one of my favorite greek goddess, Persephone. Worth a try


goddess rides the moon
glowing amorphous, with stars
sparking from her tail


(C) 3/13/2017


the moon is almost full tonight
but a light shadow of clouds swirl
bright star and little star
following beneath

#moon   #stars   #goddess   #diana  
Mar 13

I have moments of clarity
when I'm lost in serenity.
I see that my worth
is lying in front of me.
I'm a galaxy of stars
colliding with divinity.
I am a cosmic universe,
I know my identity.
I must clear my obscenities,
and claim my amenities.
I am a goddess of brevity,
I sing my own melody.
I have an undying empathy,
a well that run endlessly.
I'll show love to my enemies,
and leave a lasting legacy.
I'll claim my own destiny,
and rule my kingdom heavenly.

~ I will.
#love   #life   #strength   #serenity   #clarity   #goddess  

She beckons Earth underfoot
Time for Seasons to reset
Goddess of Egyptian Spring, Renpet
Palmshoot reaching, curving, sprouting
Desires let

To fertility of world She sings
Commanding what nature must
Warmth of fresh sun dewed lust
Birth and growth She informs
Of equal trust

Datenut balls are running slim
Provisions of winter running out
Time for Spring pea planting, no doubt
For Renpet knows and ends
A knowledge drought

Her reign is rain
And this wetness is welcome
Sprouting what just, shall come
Amending reason and truth
She'll come

I pledge devotion to all women's rights, on this International Women's Day.
#women   #goddess   #egyptian   #renpet  

A heavy hand, a heavier heart
full of every burden one can carry.
Made of earth, and stone, and stars
falling from the heavens, landing
with feet planted firmly in the ground.

The Disconnected Man
Tends to notice the Stunner.....
The Woman whose beauty
Exceeds that of all others
In a particular locale.
If I was engaged in Conversation with someone,
I would not feel so tempted
To perceive a woman as a goddess,
When I'm all by myself,
The Woman with exceptional looks
Helps me to stay focussed
And feel less alone.

The fields roll gold
against the emerald
and violet edges
of dusk creeping in
and I found you
an oak tree and
I took you in
while ravens watched
and there's nothing
like those
magic moments
of in between

I saw the fog
roll in
like a dream,
cold and cozy
against my parents
blue beach house,
a shabby thing
a shabby little sea town
and I watched
tea steam
against the glass
and heard boats calling
and I
know I'm safe
but the dinner dad made

The night owl
comes to take me home
and I'm longing
for some sense of
but she
wraps those broom-bloom
wings around me
and suddenly
am so afraid to fly
because when I open eyes
into bright lights
I know
I'll forget
what it means to die.

A patchwork in every sense of the word

There are some clumsy minds in this world
but she has a good soul.
The girl with the head of fire,
wild and true; she is
a goddess of flames and beauty
in her certainty of herself.
Something about how fervently alive she is
pulls me into a chaos
I hope I never escape.

~~ For Amber. ~~
#love   #girl   #fire   #happy   #friendship   #beauty   #soul   #chaos   #flame   #goddess  
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