11 hours ago

Drowning in her eyes, he willingly sunk to his death.

10 word story
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Walter W Hoelbling
Walter W Hoelbling
12 hours ago

in our daily haste to not miss
sales, appointments, buses, flights,
we tend to overlook the world
that gives us all these options

the awe-inspiring heights of our mountains
frightening majest y of our seas
powerful forests breathing life
the elegance of animals
a pleasant view of cultivated land
even the buzzing habitat of cities

we may be only a small part of seven human billions
yet it behooves us well to be aware
     and celebrate
the fragile beauty of our world

Annie Cynthia
Annie Cynthia
12 hours ago

Oh, how many times I cried
How many moments I wanted still...
Too much pain to bleed
But much more love to tell...

#tears   #happy   #beauty   #fantasy   #beast   #fiction   #film  
Madison Greene
Madison Greene
15 hours ago

you probably think you drained me that afternoon
stole the last bit of hope I had that love is more than bare bodies pressed against each other in the dark
but I still have the same fire in me I’ve had since I was six years old
hearing my father slur his words at 2 am while I pretended to sleep, trembling hands and sweaty palms until we make it home
and I swore I’d never choose a bottle and a hollow heart over someone I was meant to love
but if I didn’t need a man then to show me I was worth more than empty promises and inconsistent affection
what makes you think I’d need one now?

#love   #ashes   #heartbreak   #father   #beauty   #young   #learning  
Bianca Reyes
Bianca Reyes
18 hours ago

Lay me down heavy on the ground
Broken and bruised
Shine down on me daily
Warm and loving
Watch me blossom from shadows
Beautiful and yours

Copyright under Bianca Reyes 2017
All rights reserved
Blah blah blah
#love   #life   #daily   #beauty   #warmth   #growth   #self-esteem   #blossom   #progress  
Timothy hill
19 hours ago

Of heart breath, blood fills the pen.

Tore from mint the strain reels.

Letter of black huge style font.

To intense the effects of your mind.

Of art and grief wash out from plane.

Your our experience, held more than even change.

A limited mind has no options worth its place.

They seed our reality based on our coscience and apperal.

With grins and napkins on our laps.

Our politeness, is grace and suit and tie apprased.

For who, shall bring the golden loft of breed.

This is of reality, and our mind.
#love   #life   #passion   #beauty   #reality   #minds   #tie   #suit   #brillant  
1 day ago

Wild poppies swaying
Her long red hair unbridled
Tantric was the dance

#love   #desire   #haiku   #beauty   #erotic  

You are not enough, as you are.
You need to be perfect, beautiful, unique.
Define yourself, pick a label, conform.
Don't be too fat, but don't be too skinny.
Get that healthy glow, but stay out of the sun.
Everybody has a talent, why haven't you found your's yet?
You are special but not as special as me.
Believe in what we believe, but always be a rebel walk your own path.
Take the high ground, but don't rock the boat.
Less is more and more is better.
If you can't make it here you can make it any where.
If this place doesn't place will eat you alive.
Check your privilege and stop the disparity.
But matching those shoes to that blouse is absurdity.
If you're normal you're boring, if you're boring you're worthless.
Follow me and you can be beautiful, buy this and you will be worthy.
Only the beautiful deserve love.
Fix yourself or one will ever love you.
Live your best life, Buy more stuff.
Minimalism is being surrounded by a small few very expensive things.
Success is fame, fame is success.

©LadyofRavenhill 7/6/16

flowers bloom to the sound
of your voice
a heavenly melody that
keeps the songbirds in awe
as they try to comprehend your beautiful noise
i rest my soul in the softness
of every word
every syllable is sweet to my ears
like a stream gently sliding
on the soft and quiet earth

the sound of your voice brings
colour to these young petals
for as long as my love for you is not shown
the stems of my heart will never settle.


#love   #life   #god   #happiness   #beauty   #joy   #longing   #appreciation  

She wasn't fighting for attention,
She needed help.
She felt invisible thats why she had to lessen the amount of cloths she wore,
So that someone could tell her she was beautiful,
Because back home,no one told her so.
She found it hard to believe her smile was enough to brighten her face so she masked herself with make up,
Trying to make up for what she thought she never had..
Theres always that girl like her,
What she needs to realise is that shes more than enough,
Beautiful as she is without approval.

#life   #girl   #beauty  
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