Mio Seanachaidh
Mio Seanachaidh
7 hours ago

French kisses in the deepest places, pressing deeply into flesh, moist and trembling, lost in heaven

Twisting and turning my body into every direction, hungry for more of my quivering slick heat

I am submissive to all this pleasure - wanting and needing all given
I am silk against your body, growing moist beneath your fingers, sinking hands into the wet fresh Earth

You leave nothing uncharted, crossing and retreating into the deeper parts of my being

Heat ignites in time with rhythm, our bodies making music only naturally following a secret beat

We become nature undulating water, your hands digging into my Venus, pulling me towards the voracious heat - thrusting deeper

In the most blinding white heat ever known, our bodies meshed together going towards the unknown abyss, then  f



                                       l, exhausted, in unbearable pleasure

We have surrendered to death only to resurrect and live again

Si c’est comment il est, je le veux pour toujours

French - Si c’est comment il est, je le veux pour toujours translates to English as If this is how it is, I want it forever
#beauty   #erotic   #bdsm   #revelation  
10 hours ago

This is not a pretty poem, because I am not a pretty girl;
you won’t bear witness to a gentle tale of ivory and pearl,
I’m afraid I’ll be too harsh and scare you away
but if you’re anything like me, or not at all like me, please stay.

I won’t keep you long, I just want to tell you a story,
a teenage angst almost-allegory,
of a version of me, when I was seventeen,
I was in college, and I didn’t get stressed in classes – I got stressed in the canteen.

Let me explain before you think that I’m strange,
it’s only a story of saltwater and pain,
the kind that you get when you drink a full cup to make yourself throw up,
only you don’t, and you can’t, and you just heave and believe
that one more minute in the bathroom will change everything you perceive.

I won’t bore you with the gore, but I didn’t throw up,
and I never did that again, because someone once said
that insanity was doing the same thing over and over until you’re dead.

So I couldn’t be sick, big deal, isn’t it?
It just meant that the only other method was to restrict and restrict,
only I couldn’t do that either, and here’s another story,
my willpower was my mental memento mori.

I don’t need a friend to tell me that this will only cause regrets,
I need someone to hit me; force-feed me diet coke and cigarettes,
I want to be so in love with hating myself that that I’m too tongue-tied to eat,
but what I use as my crutch is the thing that’s keeping me broken in defeat.

I want to be more comfortable staring down a camera lens than the barrel of a gun,
and if you’re still here – I promise I’m nearly done,
soon I’ll get out of your way, and let you forget,
of lonely old me and my little cigarette;
I know if I start again it won’t keep me alive,
but I’m strangely alright with that, not making it past twenty-five.

Sienna Luna
Sienna Luna
17 hours ago

Ah! how the memory of

those pretty green eyes

enlighten my senses

making them parallel to

round balls of safety.

Ah! how those eyes

regurgitate and bounce

pupils widening whenever

my eyes meet their gaze

wavering and moving from

person to person in an intimate crowded group setting.

Ah! how those eyes

which resemble soft moss

or the slick flesh of kiwis

stare at mine catching like how

flypaper catches mosquitoes

accidentally but intentionally

awkwardly but inventively

and ultimately intentionally.

Ah! how the memory of

those pretty green eyes

throw me off balance

when they lock into mine

and for a good ten seconds

merging a little too long

unnoticed by the crowd.

Ah! how those eyes

are like ghosts in my

memories so valid and

plausible they seem to

drift yet knowing they

will be seen tonight

creates a fidgety hope

splintered and shaking

within this hubris heart.

Ah! how those eyes

are framed by the

curliest of lashes

so cute they bloom

ripe smiles within this

here empty chest cavity

which seems to be defeated

at the moment but somehow

waiting to witness

orbs of stegosaurus skin

shelled and shellacked and unbuckled am i

at just a smack.

Ah! how those eyes

are like a slap

to my psyche.

Every part a swirling mass

of unabridged uncertainty.

And no matter how it seems

those irises of gold and green

will always be downright dainty.

Paranoid Jt
Paranoid Jt
1 day ago

all this mindless commotion

when all Desire requires a beautiful calm

on an endless ocean

the soft candles are luminous

as the ambient sounds stream through this blue room

heart flickers and flutters like the faery's dance with the white moon

one last round before it becomes too much emotion to hold

have yourself a toast to change whenever life is strange and wild

like now.

Sovereign and free-bodied

this sweet fire is slowly being hushed out

these dreams only complicate the feelings to deny

what is left for remorse

the angels are whispering on silver clouds

the night is dying for the day to begin

it's time for reinvention of the old soul

This is my final literary contribution. I was hoping a certain someone would be able to collaborate with me. Alas, she declined. I decided to create a new poem. I think it is one of those transcendent writings. it's true without being artificial. it's sweet without the aftertaste. Anyhow, Thanks. My journey will leave this community but one day this virtual pilgrim will return. You might not recognise me or identify with this new status. Take care now.

C is for Creation.
1 day ago

Insignificant emotional instability  
    Shines through me like crystallised obscenity.

           Hosting the pearl resembling shells that glow in the winter daylight,
                    Clasping on to the carcass of a bird once in flight.

             Haunting flames of fire burn through the showering mist,
       On one of the untimely days of winters coldest kiss.

Dance in the moonlight of an eclipse long but alive,
                   Exhaling each frosty breath to ensure that I survive.

            A wolf of ranger and stamina of all its kind ignited,
            A deeply morning sunset to one who might be freighted.

         A traveller of land and time,
                                                                ­                   Of silver and gold and sweat and grime,

Of ash and coal and dirt and dust,

Of pain, of love of hope and thrust.

Heat deserted,
                  The forest at night,
The winter day at last is light.

The trees will revive from their death of endless time,
The rivers will become that of a diamond mine.

the earth in all it ever should have been,
Ever lasting beauty without any pain,
Animals and nature together as one,
Humanity destroyed this world,
Industrialisation has began.

A world too pure for our kind,

Beauty and hope for all animal minds,
I wish to live among  this world in peace,
Without humanity and it's pain and grief.

#love   #pain   #sadness   #death   #world   #happiness   #beauty   #garden   #joy   #animals  
Erin Suurkoivu
Erin Suurkoivu
2 days ago

dense as marble, your body
is something to hold onto

after years of chasing shadows,
thin reedy men whose leavetakings

were their legacies, fashioning
(maybe by accident) crude sharp tools

with which to stab my heart.
look at it today,

made thick by crisscrossing
scar tissue. have you ever seen

anything so beautiful
that was broken but

unbroken? here, feel
the heft of it in your palm.

#love   #heart   #beauty   #survival   #shadows   #scar   #legacy   #unbroken   #marble   #leavetaking  
Holly Bower
Holly Bower
2 days ago

isn't it crazy how
in the blink of an eye
one split second decision
can set off a
spiral of beauty
and pain
and sacrifice
and affection,
all wrapped in to one time bomb
of a relationship
with a fast approaching expiration date?

#love   #pain   #time   #beauty   #bomb  
Lady Bird
Lady Bird
2 days ago

the traquilled waters flowed
awaking her inner child
light engulfs the darkness
enclosing her past behind

enchanting beauty shines
hidden under nature's blanket
something very special
calling her soul of pure bliss

deep and beyond the underworld
she has finally arrived safely
just where she was meant to be
home within the seams of the sea

#beauty   #darkness   #water   #sea   #bliss   #safety   #child   #shine   #enclosing  
2 days ago

We live a life,
of a path unknown.
We take a hand,
a trusting lead - the way they'll show.

But sometimes the hand,
we trustingly take,
teaches a lesson
that one, one to shake.

Some are kind,
and beautiful souls.
Some are blind,
taking untenable tolls.

If you find one,
of angelic form,
Give it devotion,
and always keep warm.

#love   #beauty  

dark and smokey and filled to the brim with a burning desire for improv and fire-
                     -from the fingers pulsating against the metallic strings of the bass and the sunset is a window to our fate,
so TiP-TaP-against the floor, the bench and then the door.
blow your horn inappropriately in the quiet, empty street,
allow the beat to wriggle through you like the friendliest parasite you've ever seen and.
                      no waste
of a lovely night
                      no time
for perfection (to get it right)
let                                              go of what you think you see

passion is what drives us, people don't want to see jazz or ballet or avant-garde indie projects by a man of an unpronounceable name: they want to see peoplebeingpassionate."so give it to them! for yourself."

d.d. #30
beautiful film and my ode to it.
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