5 hours ago

Storm clouds kiss tenderly
The mountains that pierce the sky.
A source of life to which green grows
Falls, hurtling to their life's end.

But what is time to a drop of rain?
Born of the cumulonimbus,
Soaks to the ground where bodies lay.
Where bodies decay...

To answer this, wade to a pool.
Fingertips brushing, causing waves
On the flat, calm surface.
It's time is never ending.

Where death brings it's savagery.
Where it takes hold and rots,
Newness is born from roots of evergreens.
Fallen as the spirits that came before.

How can you be so naive,
             To believe there is an end?
Rain drops mixed with stardust.

That is all that walks, breathes and conceives.

It only takes a look around you to find the answers to the questions you scream at the sky.
#life   #rain   #beauty   #heaven   #birth  
8 hours ago

Most people complain that they are hideous.
Terrifyingly ugly.

They groan at the sight of their face and frown with displeasure.

"I want a straighter nose." "My eyes are ugly!" "I wish my lips were more smaller."

And they change it. Not a natural change, though. A change that occurs knifes and scissors and all sorts of tools.

I'm not saying I disagree with their choices. I don't want to be mean. Even I don't consider myself "pretty."

Look. At the mirror. Stop complaining to the beautiful face your parents gave you.

You might not see the beauty right at this moment

Because it's hidden

But there always a beautiful face in everyone.

Don't say you are ugly.

Because you just might not be at that moment.

You may be hiding it yourself. Embarrassed to show the beauty.

You might just not have realized

That wonderful beauty your body was hiding from you that whole entire time!

So don't say "ugly" "hideous" "terrible."

In my eyes... everyone looks the same..... the same kindness... the same beauty... in my eyes everyone looks beautiful...

And you are too.

its kinda funny im writting this because i consider myself ugly and groan at my face LOL have hope(dont just depend on plastic surgery!!)
Tashea Young
Tashea Young
12 hours ago

When I see into your eyes I see our futures that lies
As if I was looking into the mystery of a crystal ball
answering attentively to loves call.
And it was there That i find
You are one of kind,
A materpiece crafted into a divine design
I can tell by the way Your eyes locked into mine
Although we didnt touch we had become like a braid as both our souls interwined
you send chills quickening up my spine
Its like my body, soul, and mind can sense you are the essences of Greatness defined.
As I examine your mind
It was like was like watching the sunrise
As your lips sing me lullibies
And I become mesmerized
As you give me butterflies
Then My palms fit perfectly in your palms
As My soul sings to your soul a scriptured praise from psalms.
My heart unfolds
And my truth gets told
My femininity surrender to your masculinity.
As I dive into deepest depths of your ocean's bottomless sea
Swimming in it endlessly

I become Intoxicated by your Testoserone
While you get high off of my sweet smelling Pheromones.
Your vibes make me Fantasize
About the sensual exercise you could do while sipping from the rivers that flow from in between my thighs
And from the womb of My belly I let out a beautiful cry
As I am being Submerge in your love as if im being Baptized
Then he Lifts me high like A diamond in the skies.
I take a deep breath in and SIGH
Because no man is better than my Handsome guy as I get high of his Chocolate supply.
Oh me oh my!

Its the beauty of black love between the Black Man And Woman
Its the shimmering shades of Melanin to Melanin
The contact of Skin to skin
Caressing each others souls from within.

A Queen needs her Royal King
Just like the violin needs its strings for without it its just a wooden box that doesnt mean a thing.
A God for the Goddess
Thats Honest and modest
And a Venus for Mars
And A consolation for the Most Majestic Shooting stars.
Thier powerful engery turns into a love song traveling distances so far.

Alex's Pipe Dreams
Alex's Pipe Dreams
13 hours ago

seeing you there
smooth skin, long neck
reminds me I still care
about all the pretty things
i'd forgotten were there

and so, tiny flower,
with the biggest heart,
if looks could kiss
our lips would never part

#love   #kiss   #life   #passion   #lust   #beauty   #lips   #kissing   #pretty  
tumelo mogomotsi
tumelo mogomotsi
14 hours ago

her red lips, have a filthy price
her black crown, holds the weight of life
her soft soul, feels even the slightest touch
to fall in love with her
is like tearing a canvas with a wet paintbrush.


14 hours ago

interpretive dancing is so frowned upon
mostly because we cannot understand why
one would just twist around in a simple stretch
and call it "autumn", and call it "art"
they're not worthy of the meager tips we throw
into the ratty old hat by their feet
why'd they choose to do that?

death metal is so frowned upon
mostly because we cannot understand why
one would just scream loudly into a microphone
and call it "there's a reason you're single", and call it "music"
they're not worthy of the meager shows they put on
in the ratty old bars and backyards in their neighborhoods
why'd they choose to do that?

poetry is so frowned upon
mostly because we cannot understand why
one would bother with frilly words and weird phrases
and call it "social commentary", and call it "good"
they're not worthy of the meager attention they get
in the ratty old clothes they wear, or their ratty old minds
why'd they choose to do that?

the little nub you use to scroll on desktop computers on this computer is broken or something. remember y'all, there's more to success than monetary gain.
#poetry   #art   #beauty   #music   #success   #wealth   #humanities  
Elan Bonde Gregory
Elan Bonde Gregory
16 hours ago

I’ve exhausted to excess
the language
of the social construction
of whiteness
which is simulataneously
the goodness of blackness
with the evil of pure white
the missionary of evil
rum death triangle reruns
on West Indies news
origin of criminality
putrid impunity
dissociative disorder
and the villain
to a great great hero
called the blackness
of humanity
which is inexhaustible
and kindness
and sustainability

#love   #poetry   #beauty  
Elan Bonde Gregory
Elan Bonde Gregory
16 hours ago

I want to exhaust your language
until we are the flesh of stillness

#love   #poetry   #beauty  
Elan Bonde Gregory
Elan Bonde Gregory
16 hours ago

I forget everything
when she is tightly wrapped around me
I around her
the simplification of social excess
that usually protrudes
long into the night
just before blazing orange dawn
I realize
like the last possible realization
that life is desperation
happiness is surrender

#love   #beauty  

I dropped by the Ku Klux Klan Headquarters
To turn in my Membership Card
To the White Race.
The Grand Dragon was surprised.
"You don't want to be part of the White Race no more, Jewboy?"
"There are a lot of privileges that come with that Card."
"We can set you up with a Russian Bride"
"Now that Donald Trump is improving relations with Russia."
I blew up into a tantrum
As I ripped up my White Race Membership Card to bits.
"I don't want the privileges that come with this stupid card any more!"
"I just want to be an ordinary Homeboy,"
"And, no, I don't want a 'Russian Bride'."
"I just like to look at the Mexican Gals in Cherry Creek Mall."
"I like their warm skin tones."
I had outraged the Grand Dragon.
He didn't like being disrespected like That.
"If you want to fuck a spic,"
"You're gonna' have to do it in a Detention Center, Jewboy."
"We're gettin' those people out of here"
"'Cause' their taking our jobs away."
"However, if you're willing to convert to Christianity"
"And accept Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior,"
"We'll stop trying to burn down your Synagogues "
"And terrorize your Jewish Community Centers."
At this point,
I was completely enraged.
I have had a problem with my temper for a long time.
I guess it runs in my genes.
"I don't want your motherfucking Christianity"
"Or your stupid 'White Privilege Card'!"
"Now, leave me alone!"
"I'm goin' to Cherry Creek Mall"
"To ogle at those beautiful Mexican gals."

#love   #hate   #beauty   #appreciation   #malls  
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