N H Nabass
N H Nabass
13 hours ago

endless contortion creeping closer
wrists snapping, dead hands reaching
for ankles, thighs, they

slide up to her neck
force down on her lips. a reminder
she is confined to this penitentiary

eyes roll back, swallow their sins
cannot unsee the terror so palpable she
awoke trembling prayers to her god

to rather remain awake for all eternity
than face the grip of guilt that
torments her so, is but feeding

the zombies and letting them grow

The fact that something as temporary as dreaming can illicit such sheer fight-or-flight fear scares the shit out of me.
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I am tired of being told what I should and what I shan't.
And I know this platform isn't for ranting and yet here I'll rant.
I am sick of being empty, aimless, vague and out of place.
I am sick of wasting all your air, of taking all your space.
And my claws, I use to tear my skin, so that I could be set free,
And my screams I let out muffled and hushed to spare you my agony.
And my body feels imprisoning, my breath is getting faint
And my eyes are melting, face is welting, dying from the paint
And the bathroom doors complaining from the numb and from the tear
And my psyche getting tired of all the sorrow and the fear.
And the voice inside my head, always saying I'm not enough
And the lies I tell myself like "you can make it, you are tough."
And the people I looked up, lived with, shared with my days
And the lies they taugh me, unconditional love, they said, stays.
And the God whom I once worshiped and for whom I often cried
And the deaf, the blind, the disabled, to whom he's closely tied.
And the fact that I am beyond your repair, beyond all that can be done
And the way I feel at the start of each day and with every falling sun.
And the creature biting on my heart at every given chance
And the demons sitting in my head, not letting me advance.
And the love I always had, different faces every while
And the feelings that I gave away and never even got a smile.
This is not a ranting place, and yet here I wrote.
Is this a good place though to write one's suicide note?

#love   #suicide   #hate   #god   #religion   #society   #lying   #rant   #lgbt   #parents  

when life doesn't suck
I plan on traveling to
to find God
Or at least to have a dark beer

© Michael Lechner

#life   #god   #beer   #someday   #scotland  
Michael Lechner
Michael Lechner
2 days ago

In the dark
and empty
the Heart of God
sings to our

© Michael Lechner

#heart   #god   #darkness   #emptiness  
Ocean Trimboli
Ocean Trimboli
2 days ago

she broke her own heart
falling for those
who couldn't

God picked up the pieces
as the only one
who could
put her back

a late-night musing: when I face heartache, I remind myself that the greatest and most unconditional love can be found in none other than God - there's a real peace in knowing this.
#love   #heartbreak   #feelings   #god   #faith   #heartache  
Keyana Brown
Keyana Brown
2 days ago

When I was little girl,
I cried so many times
that every teardrop of rain
would fall of my eyes.

When I was an adolescent
I couldn't stop crying at all.
Bodies of water came running
down like the Niagara Falls.

By the time I was an adult
a drought appeared in my eyes
I felt no guilt or shame
but I still feel sad inside.

The cracks beneath my skin
forms a desert upon my face
My emotions are fighting me
there is a part of me that I can't erase.

The waterfall has formed
as the water absorb the soil
That's it I'm done
I'm no longer living in turmoil!

And as I hear the Spirit of the Lord say:
"They that sown tears shall reap in joy."
Even after all these years
why didn't I think this way?
My tears won't  bring me down
as of today.

For there is joy in the morning
after every tear sown
because God does great works
Therefore in this situation
I am never alone.

#self   #god   #tears   #faith   #happiness   #advice   #reapofjoy  
Kiara Williams
2 days ago

As it breaks through the clouds I lift my head to feel the warmth the sun provides.
With a steady breath I breathe in natures perfect scent.
I walk and my mind is calm.
I feel nothing except this overwhelming sense of peace.
And as I watch the trees dance along to a melody only they can hear, I think of You.
Your presence takes over me and my heart becomes free.
I find myself wrapped in an embrace that my mere human words cannot express.
Time keeps moving on but my heart seems to wait.
I close my eyes as You lead me to the truth that will cleanse my broken mind.

Randy Johnson
Randy Johnson
3 days ago

If I ever get married, I'll put God first instead of my wife.
God is our creator and he's the most important in my life.
If I ever get married, I'll stand by my wife for better or worse.
But she will always come second because I will put God first.

3 days ago

Someone once told me that life is just a series of moments,
that the past is merely a story we tell ourselves before we fall asleep.
And so I look at him and I am reminded that I am not who I was a moment ago,
and that I shouldn't try to be.
I fear a reality of fiction and distortion,
where my life is a blurry foreign film and he is the fourth wall,
always broken.
I have written of lovers and their seemingly intangible hands for so long that my concept of time is impressionable,
one might even call it sacrilegious.
I have bled dry every metaphor capable of embodiment that I wonder if it ever meant anything,
I wonder if anything ever will.

I want to write him into a scripture of meaning, of something other than illustrated angish.
I want to write about something that isn't love,
that isn't a thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to.
I want to write about the way he leads me into rock pools,
like a child being baptized.

I look at him and I am reminded of the ocean,
as if his blood can only move in waves without devotion,
more like instinct.
I want to write about something that isn't love,
because this is more like inspiration.
This is not knowing what could possibly come after his tide falls back.

I am aware that literature always ruins the ending,
that finishing a book mid sentence is the only way to avoid the loss of its final words.
I am aware that beautiful things can never stay,
but maybe that's what makes them beautiful.
He is a picture of my perfect faith,
but he doesn't make me want to believe in religion,
because I know god hates the competition.

For so long I had thought that I was never going to feel anything new,
that I had exceeded the depth of emotions,
like anything that follows can only be a lesser version of something previously felt,
but here I gawk with a mouthful of blasphemous teeth.

I couldn't tell you about the snowstorm he evokes within my chest,
nor the locust plague that raid in his name.
Because this is not a love story,
at least not just yet.
This is a man that has grown roots where I have only planted seeds,
a man that scripts his stories on the soles of his feet.
And so I look at him,
and I am reminded that I am not who I was a moment ago,
and that I shouldn't try to be.

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3 days ago

Falling in love with you is like watching a genocide from the comfrot of my grave
Like our sex is some kind of biblical analogy for everything that should have lived,
but couldn't
There are prophets holding art exhibitions beneath your skin,
and I can't help but feel like it's my god-given right to undress you,
like you're my seventh seal
We've romanticize death like a Shakespearean concept,
all passion and prejudice and perceptive pain,
but baby you look so beautiful when you're fighting to live

#love   #god   #religion   #death   #grave   #skin   #live  
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