Sean Scribbles
Sean Scribbles
3 hours ago

Glory to the one true king
The only one worthy of my praise
And the original verse which was written down
For the final song I will sing someday

Glory to him

The God of perfection
Who far above and beyond
All of these most imperfect thing

Including myself
For I am not him
But I will do my best in everything

I appreciate his kindness. Graciousness. And understanding. There is no equal. And he's not afraid to remind me. (:
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Angie S
Angie S
16 hours ago

the walls and floor were blue
in the long standing home of jazz.
i sat in that room on a wednesday afternoon
and felt that color
travelling in my veins.
i imagined the room was filled not with
sunlight and the chatter of teenagers but with
moonlight and music in that melodic silence.
i tried to absorb the aura of
that room to have for myself and breathed deeply
so i would remember the taste of blue. i imagined
myself boldly uncovering the piano on that stage and
imagined the names and legends embedded in its keys.
i heard the music of times gone now,
resounding against the walls and coloring the
wild yellow audience to subtle periwinkle and
deep sapphire and even wilder blue and
suddenly i realized why the sky is that hue;
God Himself must have taken a seat there, in that
modest blue room on
18th and vine
and it made perfect sense.
this beautiful revelation i found on
a sunny wednesday afternoon
is dyed in blue.

i visited the jazz museum in KCMO. if you want an address, it's in the poem.
i wonder if, sitting in that room and just thinking, i found a miracle or if i found a little bit of God. or music
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Gracie Knoll
Gracie Knoll
17 hours ago

I bring all that I have
I bring all that I am
I bring all that I hoped that I'd ever be

And I place it
On the alter
At your feet

I give all that I can
I give all that I own
I give all that I hoped that I'd ever have

And I give you
All my worries
My hopes and despairs

Because all that I am is yours!
All that I have is yours!
All that I am is yours
Forever I will be yours!

Brendan Owens
Brendan Owens
2 days ago

The old woman's life had been made undying.

Her husband looked down,
Awaiting her with a frown.
And all the while the woman mirrored this frown,
And stared upon her velvet gown,
Looking for the words to fit her despair,
And causing stress upon her old hair.

The witch had found this to be her accomplishment,
Despite God's look of judgement,
Sealing the witch's fate,
Hanging her body like bait.

But still the woman sat,
With a velvet gown and a hat,
Hunched over on her rocking chair,
Playing with her gray hair,
Knitting more than just a shirt,
And feeling very hurt.

Her husband's voice still sounding fresh inside her head,
She killed herself and was laid upon her bed.

And God looked down with another sea of disapproval,
For a sin is a sin,
For a law is a law,
Her ghost drifted along,
Knowing this was all wrong.

Her husband still looked down,
With a smile, not a frown:
For her wife had died for the chance to see him,
Even though she never got another chance to see him.

Keda Kanye
Keda Kanye
23 hours ago

Don't touch my lips
So softly
Just try
not to let the blood flow

I know when you touch me
you wan to believe
you do it to enhance your manliness
that it is your essence

But I know
That you touch me
Because you love me
                I know
That you adore me
                That you dream of me
That you want us to be

    Don't brush my lips
                 Kiss them hard
                               Bite them
              Passion like yours
              Should never be quenched
                               No matter
If I break your heart
               If I don't feel the same
If we don't last
                          All of this is nothing
Compared to the momentous force
             Of your love
Your love
        Is not about me
   It's not about value
Or children           Or time spent together
                Or Biology
Or even God
                It's about you

#love   #passion   #god   #fun   #you   #sex   #selflove   #touch   #virtue  
1 day ago

Running around lies and pleasure,
Stirs within her and each day she finds she loses a part of her
with every passing fib she is lying to love and not loving to lie.
Each night she lay her head down with tears streaming warmly down
her rosy cheeks with much despair in feeling like such fraudulent character on daily schedule.See's many sights of fun things to do and places to go also so many people she has come to know but in falseness the popularity holds no pride and no place for someone of her kind to stay or hide.

Running around with much that she does take pleasure so the addiction to continue wins over and over; She is drowning with liquor each discouraging drink screams at her and shouts to her one at a time soon there she is repeatedly time after time her tears are that of plenty she is in too deep with much to lose that lost little girl might as well be you!! or boy?! Because nearly each of us takes a moment in time to lie and deceive so this is the consequential punishment from God holiest thine she had received.

He gave his blood so we can live while he was to sacrifice! Why does it have to be us mortals here were designed to sin on a journey of continuous battle of good verses evil and tainted pride to dis own our exact same human race?!? Lets step forward and time erased so we can go back to those leave it to beaver days.

So we are built to lie cheat and everything in between
Made with Emotions we lose it here and there;
What you need to remember is he is always just there!
Awaiting to hear from your heart if you mean it with Truth he is Legit
he is there just waiting to hear you speak in a raw way.
Being forgiven for what you have done does not come easy! So just like those streams of tears the rivers do still flow and you are worthy of being loved so as of now it is time to Let it Go!

Be the one you know you can be what ever that can mean for you,
Leave feeling refreshed and undefined by life traumas and events be the Truest one you have always been meant to be follow pure happiness in honest form be the prevention of your own personal storm. Some really are reborn. So take the time to dig and see find it out what is within thee. Be you & Be True think about the things you choose.

This is just myself feeling inspired to write about Love while in a Rut and my thoughts of how change is to be if you truly reach deeply and think about your issues or if you think I have no issues ask those watching you in life to maybe shed you some light. we often forget were all human and the same so try to not judge and just simply Love in Return, this is not about if you believe this is about you finding your zen in a honest way to release and refresh to broaden perception.
#love   #lies   #hate   #god   #hurt   #sorrow   #truthful   #discourage  
2 days ago

I have always known how to breathe, but around you I am breathless.
I have always known how to feel, but with you I can’t place it.
At times I feel safe with you, I want to hold you close and never let go.
Then other times I want to hurt you or myself or anything else to keep from screaming.
The sun and the moon were always set to collide, but I have never felt more at home in your shadow.
You call me magic but you are wrong.
I am no god or angel or otherworldly being, I am human, it is all I have ever known.
Gods and angels would know how to feel or they wouldn’t feel at all.
I may have power running through my veins but against you I am powerless.
Blood may flood my chest, but if you are the cause then I will call it nothing less than ecstasy.
I was always the boy with enough air in my lungs, but with you I am utterly breathless.

#love   #god   #angel   #eclipse   #breathless  
2 days ago

I can hydrate your soul,
I can water your plants.
Open up your eyes and recognize
that there’s more than just man.
Stay reverent and open to
these teachings, and there’s a reason.

aquatic meditation. he believes in the good of man
#man   #god   #religion   #good   #determinism  
Kaitlin Evers
2 days ago

I walked through doors I thought were closed to me
I looked to God and said: how can this be?
Down He gazed and replied
I waited by the door did not you see?
All you had to do was knock
No need for any key
I would throw open these doors and set their latches free

#god   #free   #door   #key  
Jim Davis
Jim Davis
3 days ago

Lean in
To work
To love
To life
But once
Every while
Lean back
Even God
Took rest
Although never
From love

©  2017 Jim Davis.

#love   #life   #heart   #god   #soul   #rest  
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