Laura Enright
Laura Enright
23 hours ago

Something made me think of you
while on a late-night train
I suppressed a smile while by myself
I shouldn't think about you again

As we rattled into our first stop
I thought of our first kiss
the carriage was warm but lonely
like you, on the Dublin to Galway express

We trundled on to station two
you crowded my head once more
I reminisced on our second summer then
when you used come to my door

By the time we arrived at station three
my thoughts were bitter and shrill -
you'd taken my heart, I'd forgotten that part
and leaned in for the kill

Before my stop, the train broke down
and grinded to a halt,
giving me time to reflect on what I used call 'perfect'
things that are now, undoubtedly, faults

Once the train started up, my mind was clear
as a summer Sunday sky. I alighted the train,
as it moved on in the night,
I saw
that so had I.

#love   #heartbreak   #night   #young   #breakup   #journey   #travel   #train  
Alexander Leino
Alexander Leino
3 days ago

Tired and worn
Discolored mix of gray whites and blues
Distressed laces that once kept it together
Are Left in thin shambles laying so weakly through each disfigured loop

The stories they have carried me through
Stories of pure joy and happiness
Stories of pure depression and tears
Unfortunately their last story has been completed
For they have tired and can travel no further without falling apart

I have worn the same shoes off and on for four years and today I finally replaced them. Then I got thinking about all the things I have done in those shoes.
#life   #adventure   #happy   #fun   #new   #journey   #shoes   #excitement   #leino  
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
4 days ago

In the wee hours of this darkened time
where most are fast asleep
I sit here wondering what must have been my crime
and why now must I weep
and feel this fear and dread that envelops me--?
And then inside my head and heart
it occurs so suddenly--
all of life is a journey, a challenge, a gift
and though sometimes it feels like a burden
somehow we must find a way to lift
our souls, our hearts up from the ground below
and walk forward with hope and love
that we surely are here to grow

and reach out and spread the joy and delight
that is available to us at all times--
even during the darkest of nights
and unsheathe our secret weapon we carry inside
it is the weapon of knowing and believing
that we're going to be able to ride
this wave and make the best
of whatever it brings our way
And with you right by my side--
we'll journey into another amazing, life filled day!
©Pamela Rae 03.25.2017

Yes, a very frightening, yet exciting journey awaits. We're in another fight for my true love's life, but as long as we're together and strong and in belief of a good outcome, I know this journey will help us to grow and learn. We have our Secret Weapon, after all...
#love   #life   #secret   #night   #joy   #journey   #belief   #darkest   #uplifting   #weapon  
Delta Swingline
Delta Swingline
7 days ago

I don't need a poem written about me.

I mean, I could argue whether or not it's worth it to write about me. I am an original among billions of people but only so many people are going to get to know me. And fewer than that will want to talk about me or write about my life and how it affected theirs.

So really now, what is there to tell?

You can start with what event brought us together...
And end with how you think everything will work out.

I'm giving up my author status for a short time to let someone else tell this story.

Because right now, I need another opinion.

So I'll leave the paper here.
Write what you will.
And write with everything you've got.

I'll leave the blue pen with the paper so you can begin...
#you   #me   #journey   #paper   #notes   #opinions   #finish   #start   #bluepen   #writewhatyouwill  
h rivers
h rivers
5 days ago

Coming full circle

The sun’s coming up over
the snow clad ridgetops
its radiance ricochets
  a glaring blindness
over the pillow top fog
 blanketing the valley
below cascadia foothills

A sightless glimmer awakens
the dusty cobweb threads
        tangled within
probing nothing but the dreams
   I’ve forgotten to remember
the memories of where I’ve come
this longest year’s journey
           around the sun

The revelry in the sky scatters forth
    like sown seeds of light
a blissful frolic dances gracefully
   across the rolling cotton
        billow-top puff
beneath nascent blossoming
spring buttermilk blue skies

Aerial acrobatic shadows lilt
with the grace a  butterfly ballet
there’s an uncommon harmony,
a spellbinding rite of spring
Violet-green swallows’ adorn the skyline
hypnotizing wild feather'd migrants
in elegant gliding waves of symmetry
magical skyway on the wing
unbroken circle ― back home  

   Fragrant Daphne wafts
teasing every sense of beheld lore
remembering the lingering ache
           of the leaving
like poignant summer rain's
dried teardrop sullied stain;
   embodied in loneliness,
the darkness of winter entropy
a beloved distant horizon left behind

   Nature's inherent instinctual
lineage striving to return to begin
  in the unbeknown hollow void
      left to tarry in the wake
their nomadic departing flight

  ... it hurts so good to cry
the human tears of the returning,
the grateful teardrops of just being,
humbled by the true nature of will to be

Winsome love can find a way back ...

                                                           ­                        h. rivers
                                                          ­                  March 20th, 2017

a moment held closely since this past Sunday morning moment writ
(by happenstance the 1st day of spring 2017)...inspired by what i saw...continuum.  
Circles may pause unbroken, and yet remain within, unspoken ―  
however this is shared for all of us who struggle with winter,
yearning for love and light. 

Thank you for reading,
March 24th, 2017
Mar 21

The road not taken was where you were
It was I who made it the most
For you were all I dared to seek, to find


Obviously inspired by Robert Frost's The Road Not Taken. A must read.
Mar 21

To step aside or to abide
The endless journey or what it seemed
Towards everything I have ever dreamed


The longest day,
The deepest breath
You always knew me the best.
My second spring,
Without you here
I wonder who I'll be this year.
The greenest grass,
The bluest skies
I hide the ugliness of my insides.
The warmest sun,
The afterglow
Of a girl whom I'd like to know.
The longest day,
The deepest breath
I won't wait for you again.
The time is now,
No room to wait
Gaia dealt a brand new day.

#love   #self   #flowers   #nature   #spring   #journey   #reborn  

May life on this earth carry you on its wings through its storm,
May it let you drift on its gentle breeze,
May it nurture you like a mother her child,
May it caress you like a lover holds another,
May it open your eyes to the beauty that is all around,
May it fulfil you, spreading through your body like the warm glow of the sun,
May it be yours, your adventure, your journey of freedom and unforgettable beauty,
May it let you grow, give you roots and allow you to fly,
May it show you how to dance in the rain and swim in the deepest Ocean,
May it let your heart find unconditional love, within itself, within another,
May it give you pure bliss, peaceful moments and an endless song of laugher,
May it be the journey that leaves the most colourful tattoos on your soul.

#love   #life   #happiness   #soul   #journey   #peaceful   #colourful  
h rivers
h rivers
7 days ago

A warmth overcame the chill
     in the softly lit room
It was as if, in a subtle and yet
breathless moment's pause ,
thoughts of love triumphed
        over loneliness

The midnight oil flickered ;
shadows dancing teasingly
The playful flame drew life
near the drafty window sill ,
within the invisible current
its awakening ether sphere

The rocking chair breaks the silence
creaking to the unconformity
of the unsteady flash of light
bequeathed by the burning log's cinders

In the silence of the peaceful presence ,
one chunk of green heartwood sizzled
like a beckoning voice from another realm ,
sputtering out into the timbre's pace ;
into a wordless respite of hushed solace

Embers smoldering  …  
as if they were trapped
in an arresting instant
of purposeful awakening ;
  striving to morph into
some unrealized reason for being

Just the serendipity of fate
    in a human sense ...
    In the right place
    at the wrong time
seeking some benevolence of purpose ―

The glow of the fire’s luminosity,
tantalized the back-lit profile ,
painting it’s shadow a simple pendulum's
undulation on the opposite wall

A dark silhouette exhaled a deep sigh
with the throb of the dark night’s nuance
The chair’s bent oak runners groaned
while dove tailed oak joints squeaked
with an impatient restless tempo

An aura emanating a soothing ,
  peaceful depth of reflection ;
expressions seldom understood
by those unwilling to look beyond
the seemingly nebulous colour
            of dark light

Thoughts flash with the pulse a beating heart
Day dreams manifesting like cinema
on the four walls imprisoning loneliness

Life's reveries,  a magnificent puzzle
even well into the long journey's epitaph ,
a reason to believe a moment's relevance
                                                       ­                 is more than randomness
dreaming good things can always happen ―

When you've looked for what seems missing ,
             and never found it ,
              ardently avowing ...
it does not mean it does not or can not exist

      Still striving to foment faith
in the eternal dream of forever beginnings ...

       Instead of finding your bliss
        ... let your bliss find you …

                                                              ­                         Harlon Rivers…

"So you save all your heartaches and your misery
Time ain’t got no worries rolling out to sea
I could have kept my heart on hold forever
until there was nothing left of me"  from: Its only water ― Gary Ogan

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