Heidi Ludwiczak
Heidi Ludwiczak
52 minutes ago

Numb … defined not taken
Passion… Pursued not travelled
Family, friends, foes… no lover

Devour by false hope I crumpled like a blanket;
a vision of comfort I stay still
Crippled by more and tortured by hope
We alter reality with this dream world

We run through the footpath of same direction
And ordered to behave when every one is on default

Soul tortured and expended so many times ----
Enlightened moment it just passes me by

Deranged with anger, smile covers the bruises
Miracle of moment, I am in full exhalation
I hold on tight but it slips through the crack
Sanity of joy turns into a wrath

How many times can one take a beating?
When I was on the floor and continuously bleeding,
As you push your self up to delineate the undertaker

I am still numb, and all the words are unspoken.

#feelings   #life   #pain   #hurt   #suffering   #unspoken  
Ali Qureshi
Ali Qureshi
2 hours ago

It feels like I'm high,
Don't try to comprehend.

It's a vast sea, a deep ocean
It pulls you in; thoughts
They drown you!
You gasp for breath.
Wide awake,
I plead:

Oh sleep! please come
I'm waiting
for you
My sweet, sweet love,
Let me rest.

Let me catch my breath, and
Please, Oh! Please;
Let it be. Let it be.

Written by Ali Qureshi
Next in the series "Insomnia - The 3rd" (part 3/4)

The second poem, in the Insomnia series, from a total of 4 poems based on the topic of Insomnia, of course.
#poem   #feelings   #poetry   #life   #sleep   #night   #writing   #insomnia  
Xoaquín Oznian
Xoaquín Oznian
15 hours ago

["Bloodflows" by Sohn is playing in the background]

Every night I envision the two of us
Inside a beautiful room with dim lights
Just the two of us naked
You standing right in front of me
Those beautiful breasts softly swinging
Those wondrous nipples protruding
The damn near flawless symmetry of your legs
The way your hands swing from side to side as you walk towards me
You smile at me as you wrap your arms around me from behind
Both hands around my waist
You lean in to kiss my neck
You kiss me so soft and so deep with a little bit of aggression
My dick begins to grow hard as you take it into your grip
and begin gently squeezing it and stroking it
Your other hand squeezing my ass cheeks
I beg you not to stop
As the feeling is electric
I have never ever felt anything like it
You take your hand from my ass
and reach around to my chest and with your fingers
You start rubbing my nipples very lightly
You know that's another weak spot of mine
You start stroking my other nipple with your fingers
Just lightly stroking my nipples with both hands
As you continue to kiss my neck
I've never felt so loved
Keep doing that to me baby
You know the way I like it
Can I just be here with you in this moment a little longer?
'Cause I have such strong sexual feeling towards you
I honestly want to fuck you
Maybe we could be friends with benefits
And fuck each other to our heart's desires
Maybe you'll like the way my tongue feels
Once your legs are spread wide open
and your pussy is right in front of my mouth
There are a lot of things I think you'll love
If we were friends with benefits

#feelings   #sex   #emotions  
Michaela Ferris
Michaela Ferris
20 hours ago

Everyday it seems you're slipping further away,
We're losing touch, you do nothing but push me away
And you don't seem to care at all that I'm fighting for this...
No matter how many times I try,
I just can't break through to you.

If you don't want this anymore then please tell me
'Cause I'm tired of drowning in these tears almost every night.
I'm sick of feeling like I'm fighting a losing battle
Over and over again
And you think saying sorry every time is going to work!

Tell me why you never seem to have the time anymore,
Tell me if this is even worth the fight?
I'm sick of feeling like I'm the only one trying in this.
I feel lonelier each time even though
It's supposed to be me and you!

If you're going to make me feel lonely
Please tell me you don't want me anymore,
Because I would rather be lonely alone
Then feel like I'm in this all alone.
Won't you please just talk to me again...?

#feelings   #broken   #war   #depression   #lonely   #hurt  
M Harris
M Harris
1 day ago

Stranded in a Spectrum entirely green,
I dream; in colors clustered around blue;
We meet; in swirls of turquoise.

Subliminal codes in her lullabies,
Allow her to control my dreams;
And when she makes green tea to calm me,
She uses mouse skulls instead of leaves;
It tastes like half-remembered dreams.

Eyelid transplants
Allow me to experience her dreams,
And when my dream-self leaves messages
On the inside of my eyelids;
They are blue notes
That shimmer in the morning,
Rescued from her memory-hole.

And outside, right before that morning,
The injured moon leaves smears
Of blue-green blood across the sky;
And soon, the earth is ringed with gore striations,

Celestial entrails halos;
It will be a day to remember;
A day of turquoise.

#dream   #feelings   #eyes   #green   #blue   #blood   #color   #leaves   #celestial   #halos  
1 day ago

for him i write
but my hands are never able to catch up
with my thoughts
and my thoughts for him so messy,
they spread far out
so quickly and suddenly
when my heart is bursting—
such love is not meant to be kept to one's self
so my feelings run and run
i never know where they go
or where they're meant to be

but i hope they somehow find
their way to you.

#love   #poem   #feelings   #poetry   #teenager   #teens  
1 day ago

i am reading poems—
all of it reminds me of you.
so i thought,
why not write one about you?

let me write the sorrow i feel during your absence;
the pain i feel is an absolute madness.
let me write about the butterflies;
those eyes will always leave me hypnotised.
let me write about the comfort;
your way with words will always be a sunburst.

#love   #poem   #feelings   #poetry   #sadness   #her   #him   #you   #comfort  
Alison Latres
Alison Latres
1 day ago

Sick, sick
Coughing and wheezing
This gunk in my chest won't leave
This headache is pounding like a hammer on nails

Ill, Ill
This constant sneeze, minute after minute
And that irritant sting in my throat
With the disturbing ache in my bones

A few days on end, I've been driven by illness
I've been held back by sickness
Make it all go away with medicines

#feelings   #illness   #people   #ill   #sick   #snot  

Tears bubbling over
Buzzed bright
Dangling from a string
P a r t e d
Digging deep
Beneath the eyes
Screaming LOUD
U n touch e d
Flown away

#feelings   #life   #alone   #emotion  
1 day ago

in my deepest moments, i thought about you
even if i was a spec in the crowd to you, you became my everything
it's ridiculous to even consider a stranger a comforting thought
but you were just that to me
i only ever wanted you to be happy even if the cost of that was my own happiness
i never said that you agreed to this because you didn't
i never wanted my emotions to align with yours, but gradually it got to the point where it was just that
people always say that you can't love someone else until you learn to love yourself, but i don't believe that
how selfish it would be to have so much love to give and not give any at all
if i am not capable of loving someone until i learn to love myself, then explain these feelings that i have for you

to the boy who lights up my world from afar .
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