3 hours ago

you have given me
so much love
that my two arms
cannot carry it

so i have grown
to be able to
bear it all

4 hours ago

i have come to accept
that i am always
of love
of hate
of anger
of pain

i am never
half way

i can never
meet you
in the middle

if you pick me up
and make me spill
i am not sorry

4 hours ago

Why do I feel that
I'll regret what I'm saying
When I text people

Why do I feel like
Every decision is the
Most important one

Why do I still feel
Backed into a corner when
Someone shouts at me

Why do I feel that
Absolute compulsion to
Run away from here

Why is it that I
Just can't seem to make my mind
Function like others'

Ben Buckley
9 hours ago

she has a nose piercing
and those green eyes.
i'll never forget how they shake uncontrollably
the sound of her voice has
my stomach lifted by the tornado in my head
and all i can do is
stutter and blush.
like those green eyes

i'm really in love with a girl who has green eyes that shake and imthey fascinate me to no end.
#love   #feelings   #eyes   #romance  
1 day ago

i wish i didnt have feelings

im feeling super depressed and anxious guys
is there anyone out there who would kindly want to put me out of my misery
Jamil Hussain
Jamil Hussain
1 day ago

Came with her
Sweet and honeyed lips
She then gazed, winked and her
Charming eyes began to pull
My heart into tiny

— Jamil Hussain

#love   #feelings   #heart   #eyes   #romance   #lips   #soul   #joy   #bliss   #loving  

Cry me a million tears
To subdue all this pain I've been feeling
Cut me a piece of your skin
To cover up a heart inflicted with wounds

With the sky above as our witness, you told me
"Hold on and never let go, love"
"Never let go, love, never let go love?"
I'm left here looking for inconsistencies

You grappled my heart until it incinerated
Waiting for a piece of me, to come crawling back to you
Indeed I did, as foolish as they come
Holding on to the hope of a happy ever after

The moonlight is as dark as it may be
As I reminisce the days I was scattered on the floor
I can't help but laugh
At how, I was once dumb enough to cry out your name.

2 days ago

Losing you
is like
losing a best friend
somewhat more than friend;
all at once

And all I know is that it hurts
that we went being nothing
in such a heartbeat

- January 16, 2017
#love   #heartbreak   #feelings   #truth   #sad   #relationship   #me  
2 days ago

She gets drunk on the brink of eternity and lies in wait to become the legend she doesn’t believe she has the ability to become.

But destiny is a fickle thing and it does not care that the only violent thing in her past was a rabid dog that wandered across her path one evening.

Her mother will faint at the sight of her daughters soon to be bloodied knuckles but her father will cheer. They both knew they had raised a fighter, her mother just wished she didn't have to hurt herself doing it.

She gets high at the edge of the abyss and as she looks into it she falls inside. As she topples, head over heels to make a history of the likes that is unprecedented. A history she had no idea she was capable of making.

(She’s just a girl.)

(She’s only a girl.)

She’s a fucking god.

#feelings   #sad   #happy   #emotions   #quote   #gods   #feminisim  
2 days ago

Never thought of
Because no one loves
Zero hugs
Countless shuns
Looking above

Cloud hung aloft
Souring thoughts
No masking pain
With trinkets bought

Basking in hollow shadows
Due to tiresome battles
Shaken not stirred
Listen to the rattle

Sight has been blurred
Once ahead of the curve
Sitting melancholy on the curb


#poem   #feelings   #poetry   #broken   #sad   #life   #lonely   #sadness   #alone   #lost  
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