4 hours ago

Its been one of those days
when i feel like
with all those cheering and
words of encouragement.
I cannot seem to break
this feeling of numbness
addiction of staying arrested
arrested by this blunt feeling.
It doesn't give an instant dead
but slowly graze upon my soul
till i feel nothing at all
that numbness
is my final resort
which tells me
your ultimate wake up call!

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And so I was foolish enough to believe that I knew everything
At least about this one thing
That you and I were destined for something greater then anything I had ever dreamed,
That your high rise state of mind would ballance out my desire to settle,
I would love with a ferocity I had never shown in anything
I would hold one truth apparent above all others that life would be lived not as one but two,
And I had the ring to prove it,
I guess we'll never know which knee to bend down first
Because life isn't always fair and it isn't everyone who cares,
And I wish I had the depth of character and the state of mind to climb outside of the walls my mind has hid behind,
It's a terrifying place to be at this time of night.
And it's these truths I hold to be evident in light of the current circumstances,
Love is a sham,
I've said it before and I'll say it again
Love is the most destructive force known to man.

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George Krokos
3 days ago

Whatever goes up, in this world, must also come down
unless it defies nature's law of gravity which is renown.
For anything to rise to a certain height and then have to come down again
depends on the force that initially propels it and how high it attains to then.

From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
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3 days ago

As hot and cold as a stone
When it hits the asphalt
It hit me on the inside
When I suddenly saw you
from a distance tonight

The sparks burned bright
But disappeared within a second
The hope has died
It only seemed to be awaken

Ridiculous, to let the light in
Again. I fell back into memories
I better should go on and forget
How bad I felt those days

I gave you the power,
Do you understand?
How much you meant to me
How much I cared
Now everything is hidden
In the sand
of pale old memories

I never got to hold your hand
But I am still thankful for that
For the beauty and the feeling
For the taking and not giving
You taught me about myself
I discovered through you
How I am dealing with
Situations like this
To get hurt and to miss
To get lost and to find
To be weak and to fight
To lie, to cry, to laugh and smile

I say thank you and you
Will never know
How much I grew through you
Through high and low

I remembered everything right then
When I saw you tonight in an instant
As hot and cold as a stone
When it hits the asphalt...

Met someone who used to be enormously important to me unexpectedly again and memories of feelings came back for a moment
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4 days ago

your piercing gaze surely does know to
reach my heart without me knowing,  
you were here,you have been always here
cooped up comfortably inside my thoughts.
your love seems to know no bound
i can't recall if i have encounter anyone like you
believe me darling i did looked around.

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4 days ago

When you casually left from my life
I know it’s cliché but it felt like a knife
I never expected to lose you
but I guess where through.

I can’t stop brushing my fingers on the old pages
it’s been ages since we last spoke
my eyes devour the written words of our history
how you left me still seems a mystery
your leaving took its toll
it left a void, a hole.

When you casually left from my life
I knew it was the right thing
but im pulling myself on this string.
Pretending its not happening
I never expected to lose you
but I guess our love wasn’t true.

I know I need to close the dusty pages I cling to
flick the new pages open and push through.
You seem happier while I still can’t sleep
I don’t cry or weep but I know my wound is damn deep.

It’s about time I had some good sleep
not tossing and turning and thinking
sinking in to my mind, unblinking

I know I need to write my next chapter
escape my abandoned captor.
Once I pick up my pen
I know Ill be almost new again
who knows what awaits
what the fates have in store
but I know i'll no longer be on the floor
thinking and rewinding our time together

I have an unsteady hand to open the new pages
It’s a slow and lonely journey, it may take ages
but I will write a next new chapter.
Where you have lost me but I will be free.

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Julie Grenness
4 days ago

How to keep up with the Jones'?
Listen up for an old female's moans,
I'd love to have someone to trust and respect,
How did you get men like that, by heck?
I'd love to keep up with the Jones',
Listen up for more of my  moans,
I gaze at people hand in hand,
Wouldn't that be great and grand?
Listen up for an old female's moans,
How to keep up with the Jones'!

Feedback welcome.
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Why is it
I feel most alone
in bed with you,
then on my own.

Anivel Aidan
Anivel Aidan
7 days ago

remember your first bicycle?
i was so happy, so eager to learn,
i remember going through so much pain
falling on my face, picked up by my dad
as i cried and he kissed my feet saying
'there, it's all good now'
but then the bicycle ended up being my life
for a few short years
but then it is too small, and i was too big
i have grown, and it hadn't.
so i said goodbye and put it on the corner of the garage.
bought a brand new one.

i realize now, it's kind of like you and me.
you have grown, back then, and i hadn't.
you've made other friends, and i hadn't.
that's why when i'm not what you wanted,
not what you needed anymore, you left,
little by little.
you replaced me, just like the yellow bicycle
that leans onto the wall, unused and forgotten.

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7 days ago

When you pushed me away I really felt it.

I felt like I couldn't breathe.

You were nice to everyone else but me.

I couldn't understand!

How could you be mad at me for being myself?

I'm asexual and aromantic.

You're sexual and romantic.

How can we be together?

Easy, we just weren't

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