I picture us falling down a bottomless pit
And we're nearing a section with a divergence in it

We can hold each other as close as we want in the minutes we have left
But that does not change the reality that the divider will show up

And split us in two

Let us imitate intimacy
While we're still in each other's vicinity
And though I've inconsistently felt your proximity,
I know that, for now, you're here with me

A day before she goes, it feels like it could snow
It's so cold out

A day before she goes, I find myself below
Just crying out

Our hearts, heavy, worn, ignorant of what to do
They cling to each other and wish that the two
Could once again become one
And that this all would be done

#broken   #up   #break   #divorce   #divergence   #division  
Nayana Nair
Nayana Nair
21 hours ago

I take each step forward

thinking about the steps you took without me.

My heart has faith

in the love that it felt

and it knows not how to give up.

But the pain of your indifference and neglect

hits the shore made of pebbles and shells

we collected all our life,

for the one we shall love.

But tonight, I am leaving this shore,

venturing into waters that I do not know of,

to feel what you feel.

So we may be united in hatred,

if not in love.

#love   #hatred   #up   #neglect   #poems   #give   #united   #pebbles   #nair   #nayana  

Wakey! Wakey! Brrrrring!
My clock does start its ring,
That'd be quite a shock,
If into the bin, I threw the clock,
No, its wake up o'clock,
Do you all hate your clocks?

Feedback welcome.
#up   #wake   #oclock  
uzzi obinna
uzzi obinna
1 day ago

when we go back in time,
will we find something that is familiar?
will we find a sign?
will we find moments that we can remember?

when our hope is lost,
will we find a way to make it work?
will we care how much it costs?
if we try maybe we'll find our luck.

we will see what others can't see,
just remember,
we can also be what others can't be,
and still be who we are.

#love   #hope   #up   #make  
Julie Grenness
4 days ago

It's housework time again,
Should I hit the gin?
Time to vac.,
More dust in the sack,
Whoops, missed a bit,
This vac gives me the blip,
Now it's time for teacups,
Job done, sucked it up!

Feedback welcome.
#up   #sucks   #it   #vac  
Tony Pellagra
Aug 28, 2011

The memory I relive the most--
T'was a decade ago, you and I,  
Moving along the coast.

A younger me, A more innocent you;
If only I could foresee
The Damage that you'll do.

#love   #short   #up   #break   #relationship   #memory   #innocence  
Raegan Meyer
Raegan Meyer
7 days ago

shaking hands
clutch them tight
don't let your eyes
show the fright

stand still
don't be seen
clench your jaw
contain the screams

flickering eyes
shallow breaths
try to blend in
look like the rest

i give up
i'm letting it out
don't run away
listen to my shouts

i'm telling the truth
the world is my jail
there's no time to live
only to fail

so i'm done trying
to walk this rope
until the world figures out
there's no hope

when you find your reason to hope, hold on tight. there are others who didn't last through the fight.
#love   #hope   #up   #lost   #live   #breakdown   #giving   #fright   #shaking   #fail  

It is a strange feeling...
to not belong.
Like all your layers are peeling.
Like every decision you make is wrong.

I miss everyone who has ever loved me.
I miss that feeling of my soul being warm.
I am just about as far away as I could be.
All my plans are lacking form.

I am a shapeless human,
without a mission, without a plan.
My soul has cracked just enough to let the gloom in.
Wanting to be strong, not knowing if I can.

My biggest fear was always weakness,
but it seems now that is all I am.
My newest personality characteristic is meekness.
But maybe I'm not supposed to give a damn...

Maybe that's what I was supposed to learn.
That not all our dreams fly.
Sometimes our efforts just burn.
That you can do whatever you want, is a lie.

That it is ok to let go.
It is fine to be weak, to lose.
That I can rise once more from this low.
That I will sing gospel after the blues.

#go   #home   #pain   #up   #dreams   #plans   #giving   #letting   #losing   #going  

Ran out of tears when I was 14.
Nobody made me but these same streets.
Too many people think they built and made me.
Well if,
they really made me then replace me.

Listening to weekend, while driving on the weekend.
Still a shallow nigga, but still drowning in my deep end.
Don't take offense though, it's just me playing defense.
But if you left or wasn't for me after reading this then repent.
Grew up with my father, refuse for anyone to son me.
They play all day, while I'm tryna get the money.
Work hard on my craft, OVO should try to fund me.
Yet I know she wish, that nobody ever loved me.

This the life we always fantasized.
Scheming women.
Spiteful men.
troubled money, dreams and spreading lies.
Watch me loving you through everything opens many doors.

But wait..

hear screams already for an encore.
Writing like I was the star boy.
Sun and moon, Birth to a star boy.
Called it well
It's hard to dwell
It's hard to tell
When all your money's in a wishing well.
But wish em well.
Ship has sailed.
Trip to hell,
With captain anonymous.
It's was 10 of us
9 of us
8 of us.
Descend to 1
Now Me is us.
So I aim for chest, arms, head.
Now it's only to the head.
I talk and god bless the dead.
Athlete and studios for life.
Bet they didn't get what I said.
I'm the greatest Henry from the county said.
All these so call rappers starting to sound like a lot of my old shit.
I love you through everything.
The End January's lit.

Hitting clarity of many things coming into January 2017. Adding fuel to the fire. Perfecting my craft and making moves putting things in place to pursue a career in this.
#love   #poem   #life   #up   #writing   #star   #down   #freeverse   #wise   #2017  
Jan 8

What comes down
Must have been up
But we all must start
In the sea.

#up   #new   #you   #down   #sea   #beginning   #raindrop  
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