My eyes feel very vulnerable in the moment just like yours when you glance upon me. Thoughts of you keep floating in this room like ghosts ready to possess me and throw me down on the bed and make love to me. I think I was right when I told you about the wind touching me in all those places which are rightfully yours. The howling, barbaric, digressive wind who takes your place beside me every night and makes me moan as I sleep. Lover, won’t you claim your mistress back from the embrace of the air, from the dead of the night? I breathe. Silent restless sighs. My eyes wander away into the woods of tall words and unguided, lose track of time and disappear away.

These woods are of dark myriad words
With huge canopies and a mossy floor,
And bogs and mires,
And ancient carcasses,
Undeserving of funeral pyres.

A wooden tree house
Lies atop those forgotten branches
Where resides a queer beast
Called “Soul”.
She is as faithful as she is fretful.
She is worrisome and lonesome.
She has few things,
Just some.

She bleeds poetry.
And the vacuum of her eyes,
Resembles the tinted void of the skies.
The sunlight could flow through her.
And resurrect more trees
From the decaying pyre,
Of memories.

Pink, green, yellow and blue
Are shades of a silent hue,
Who look at her face
And stare enraptured,
At what she becomes.
A terrible travesty,
Yet a beautiful catastrophe.

The wooden walls of her suntorn tree house, on the corner of bamboo wo(o/r)ds are studded with gems of lichen. Damp, dirty and delicate is the green of the Soul. It is unfriendly out there where she treads undaunted and unclothed, sometimes resting her back against the slithering cold of the disquiet walls. All this so she could lick her fingers and touch the raw of her vertebra. She rubs her bones against defenseless bodies, writhing against each other.

In the woods of words.


With a potbelly
And a twisted smile,
That could conceive
As she spoke.

Who could
The Sunlight.

Little flowers dot her face. Wild flowers from weeds she would not let live, so she bereaved them of their flowers. The forests throb with the excitement of her whimsy. The sunlight grins remembering all the ways in which her monstrous glory falls apart in front of him and all the places he could illumine by trapping her. He has trapped her into carrying his s(u/o)n everywhere, but never visit. The winds mock her and play with her hair and perversely caress the belly that nurses the sun’s child.

Poor Soul,
Tiny Soul,
So brutally Young.

Angry Soul,
Humiliated Soul,
And foul.

Her vulnerable eyes wander away into the woods of tall words and, unguided lose track of time and disappear away.

Broken Rage
2 days ago

I wondered
I pondered
I thought about it too

What is the stuff that
dreams are made of

The Stuff that

Shatters like glass
Shape-shifts like water
Splatters like blood
Stings like fire

The Stuff that makes



Enchanting azure
caress withered sighs broken-
Humanity's hearth

Sharon Thomas
Sharon Thomas
3 days ago

THE Weird, unstoppable & unexplored thoughts,
Waggled down the curves of me
With beautiful words of thy,
That guided me,
Without the hands of clock stopping mine,
From feeling what it has to be
Numb yet warm, loved & tuned.
While you triggered the awkward convos we made,
For you, deep here praise remained.
The reel or real interest you showed in me
As we have read in all those tales be,
I've also left a part of myself to thee
When you drown again to the imagination' sea,
If your stick hooks upon the part I've left,
Then shall you see what I left wasn't silly!

4 days ago

Why can't i shake
This playfully lusty ghost
That i play host to?
I can ignore it for some time
But i find that i always hear
My innermost fantasies in my head
I guess you could say romance isn't dead
But quiet as its kept i love hearing my
Name in your breath
As we kiss and we playfully caress
Each other's lips, hips and breasts
Stimulating a sensation that's just the best
Foreplay on our body as well as our minds
As i kiss up your thigh you say your hot wet hole is all mine
As i slide inside i whisper you look and feel divine

Boy, this ghost has me in a bind


Approaches another ghostly flight,
With the stars of the night rising,
Falling stars in my eyes.

Flying beyond the other side of the sky,
Through a shining doorway to love,
Touching the earth at the other end of time,

Where my darling princess is waiting!
Kneeling down praying for love.

Guiding me home,
An Angel eclipses my Soul with hope.

Love is standing before you, my princess,
Can you see my sweet desire?

My loving Queen,
Please take my hand,
Never lettering go,

Hoping God answers our prayers,
I wish to stay and love you,
For an eternity.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

Angels Brought Me Here with Lyrics - La Diva
5 days ago

Summer Fade, were here again
in this cage of storm clouds.
Listen carefully, write and speak of Jade;
Mage queen of my roulette masquerade.

#love   #life   #teen   #dark   #fantasy  
Kewayne Wadley
Kewayne Wadley
7 days ago

I've pictured us together over a million times,
Not wanting to leave each time you've appeared.
Each emotion growing deeper with each visit.
The thick of each others grasp.
The sun symbolizing the height of emotion set in each other's eyes.
The feel of lips against the tide of endless bliss.
The thought of dreams becoming reality.
The thought of you walking in.
You here in my arms in an endless loss of breath.
The plight of anticipation.
The clench of hands tossing and turning in release
Holding on to the moments seen through low cut eyes.
The times I wish would never end.
Wishing you could stay

Jan 11

My mother warned me to stay away from the big bad wolf, years ago.

I thought it was very strange but promptly forgot about it.

Until the other night when you told me that you were very wolf-like.

But the big bad wolf didn't come to my door saying he wanted to devour my heart.

He knocked first.

#love   #sad   #fairytale   #fantasy  

Make me melt at the honesty of your heart
A sincere passion that is mutual
Echoing within the walls of our hearts
Pounding together in a wrestle of love,
Ecstasy, bonding our DNA,
When we lay in a bed of roses

#love   #sex   #fantasy  
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