Caitlyn Ann Yost
Caitlyn Ann Yost
5 hours ago

I know what both heaven and hell feel like.
Heaven is the thought of you possibly loving me, while hell is the bitter reality that you don't.

#love   #hell   #reality   #heaven   #fantasy  
1 day ago

Chin up
Face straight
Lips pursed
This is me trying not to plan our family just cause you said hello

#hope   #crush   #fantasy   #playful  
Tamal Kundu
Tamal Kundu
2 days ago

Imagine, for this night, you are the queen of Fairy Tale land.
I, too, am a prince, from Make-Believe kingdom.

From beyond our cocooned proximity,
the night shimmers in, and thickens to a silken thread of moonlight
that the crone will soon spindle into her never-ending story
of billion constellations, both seen and unseen
by naked, desperate novas.

We, entwined, like the roots under a rabid rainforest,
pale as innocence, battering feverishly against the stones for ever afters,
seize Avalon, and reject Camelot.
The canopy of fireflies  synchronises in raw euphoria,
a rebel Excalibur.

The wind matures around us.
Tomorrow may be an inevitable notion,
but my queen of Fairy Tale land,
my sword, shield, bow, toothbrush, unicorn,
worn-out copy of The Arabian Nights,
all lay bare before your lion throne.

This world was once a crevice between fire and ice.
Fire and ice run in our veins,
from me to you and back into the realm of drunken faeries,
where the bumblebee heart of the day
is yet to ignite the pomegranate sky.

Form: Free Verse
#love   #lust   #imagination   #beauty   #fantasy   #carpe   #diem  
Maria Etre
Maria Etre
2 days ago

Every sigh
stitched itself
to the stars
that looked down on us
during those
sleepless nights
Wondering if
we were wondering
about them and their
promises to our wishes

#stars   #thoughts   #you   #me   #fantasy   #sleepless   #nights  
Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
4 days ago

The dragon asked me brashly
"WTF are you doing here?"
I threw it the evil eye
and finished up my beer

The goblins in the corner
talking in hushed tones
doing some dirty deal
not using their I-phones

The elven waitress
is giving me the look
I'll talk to her later
another number for my book

The wizards and witches
don't hang around too long
they'd rather be at home
toking, from their bongs

The unicorn is frisky
buying Pegasus some drinks
she smiles and whinny's sexily
giving him a wink

It's just a job I do
a private type of dick
reporting on the play
of some guy's wife, or chick

I'm a fantasy P.I.
the kind you dream about
don't question when or why
butt, let me take you out

please? :D

:D Yes, that was my mind once more descending into the gutter of my imagination and coming out with something twisted hehe.
#fantasy   #humor   #sleazy   #pi  
Maria Etre
Maria Etre
4 days ago

I asked time to pause
when our breathes
were jousting
millimeters away

I asked time to pause
when you landed your lips
on mine, warming the cold
chaps of distance

I asked time to pause
when you cupped my face
instilling all sense of
security with 3 words
"i am here"

Long version:
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5 days ago

Far better than any fantasy
Born out of a daydream
Is one made of flesh and blood
With eyes that speak the truth

This is what happens when it is real.
#love   #real   #fantasy   #daydream  
6 days ago

never had somebody
love me like you
the way you take over me
is scary and new

the little sparks ignite
every time you come near me
i don't know what love is
but you help me to see

I've stayed clear
from the big L itself
nothing good ever comes from
keeping someone to yourself

but with you
i love the way it seems
i guess no one can ever stay away
from the root of dreams

#love   #dreams   #fantasy  

Can you believe I've never
but here?
I haven't even been
west of Texas
People are often surprised
or apologetic,
like it
wasn't my choice.
But I haven't the need
nor the opportunity.

They always ask
if I would.
I'd love to see
The Sphinx,
ancient wonder of a
riddle in shining ingenuity.
An old god
or more strange fruit
from our
mothers and fathers.
I'd sit and ponder
the mystery with it
so I could say that I was
at least there for
a time

However, I won't visit it
even if I do travel.
For nothing in
can ever match
a dream.

© Derek Devereaux Smith 2015 - 2017

#dream   #world   #mystery   #thoughts   #me   #fantasy   #magic   #travel   #riddle  

Not being able to decide between
is not a real problem, my friend!

The hardness of life begins
when you meet


have you seen
They might have changed their phone number.
#love   #movie   #fantasy   #actress   #cinema   #film   #davis   #audrey   #hepburn   #bette  
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