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Miss Ana May 27
Yes mama, I know.

Mama I know he is a little ***** and rough around the edges, but mama he held me.

Yes mama, I know.

Mama I know he was bad with money, but mama he held me.

Yes mama, I know.

Mama I know he isn't as educated as I am and sometimes he gets mad at me for that, but mama he held me.

Yes mama, I know.

Mama I know he pulled my hair that one time, but it felt like home, and mama he held me.

Yes mama, I know.

Mama I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, but mama he held me.

Yes mama, I know.

Mama I know he treated me like ****, but mama he held me.

Yes mama, I know.

Mama I know he doesn't really love me, but mama he held me.

Yes mama, I know.

Mama I know he gets pushy with ***, but mama he held me.

Yes mama, I know.

Mama I know none of my friends or family like him, but mama he held me.

Yes mama, I know.

Mama I know he will leave me faster than he came, but mama he held me.

Yes mama, I know.

Mama I know he uses me, but mama he held me.

Yes mama, I know.

Mama I know he won't be enough for me, but mama he held me.

Yes mama, I know.

Mama I know we love in different ways, but mama he held me.

Yes mama, I know.

Mama I know he draws too much attention to himself and I hate attention, but mama he held me.

Yes mama, I know.

Mama I know, I know I know, I know.

I know mama, I know.

Yes, yes mama I know.

Yes, I know

I know.

I know!

I know mama!

Yes, I know!

Don't you think I know?

Mama, I know!

But mama, mama listen!

Listen mama!

But mama, mama listen!

Listen mama!

You won't listen.

Brent Kincaid May 2015

Mama don’t allow no carpetbaggers ‘round here
Mama don’t allow no carpetbaggers ‘round here
We care a lot what Mama will allow
Carpetbaggers ain’t no good no how.
Mama don’t allow no carpetbaggers ‘round here.

Mama don’t allow no gerrymandering here
Mama don’t allow no gerrymandering here
We give a hoot what Mama will allow
Leave districts right where they are right now.
Mama don’t allow no gerrymandering here.

Mama don’t allow no poll taxing ‘round here.
Mama don’t allow no poll taxing ‘round here.
We don’t need Jim Crow no more
We know just what that is for
Mama don’t allow no poll taxing ‘round here.

Mama don’t allow no warmongering here
Mama don’t allow no warmongering here
We care a lot what Mama will allow
We’ve had too much war, don’t start no row.
Mama don’t allow no warmongering here.

Mama don’t allow no segregating ‘round here.
Mama don’t allow no segregating ‘round here.
Mama says we all take a breath
We all got born and all face death
Mama don’t allow no segregating ‘round here.

Brent Kincaid
Yes, it is a parody of an old song. Sing out, Louise! Smile Baby!
Lexi Jun 2013
I wrote this about a year and a half ago, so mind you, I was but a mere 14 and a half years of age. I've detected problems in the plot and grammatical errors, but I don't want to take away from what it was when I first created it. Thank you.*

There are times that I decide that I must stop, so I pause in my placid, scheduled routine, and wonder about life, and how I came to be such a disheveled human being. I stare at the repetitive pattern of white squares on the ceiling, count the squares a couple of times (it's always 54), and just think. My thoughts bounce around my head persistently, I can feel them hitting against my head, back and forth, back and forth, never stopping. They slither like evil, determined serpents, throughout my veins, around my face, between my fingers. My thoughts fuse together with my dreams, intermingling with my memories, desires, the lies I was fed every day as a child, and the constant anger so close to the surface, but for what reason it is truly there, I was never able to figure out.
Each time I feel the need to think, I start with the same beginning, that same beginning which my mother repeated to me so many times, every morning, every hour on the hour, every night. “You are Todd Stevens. You have beautiful green eyes, the color of emeralds. You are as quick as a fox, and as sharp as a needle. Your mama loves you very much. You've got a great future ahead of you. You killed your sister, Holly, but mama still loves you.” After that, which was so deeply penetrated into my skull, it would be impossible for me to forget it, my thoughts would wander and dwindle down the stream of consciousness.
On this particular day, my thoughts were focused on my current position in life. If I had such a great future ahead of me, why is it that I'd been locked away in an asylum for the past ten years? My mama never lied, she was the best thing that ever happened to me, except maybe Holly. She was my twin sister; we looked so much alike, we could get away with trading places and mama would never even know. We both had the same cropped tawny, brown hair, piercing green eyes, and olive colored skin. I looked down at my flesh, and saw my sister's hands before me. I tried to remember the last memory I had of her, tried to remember how I killed her.
“Todd,” she had called out from behind a door, the door my mama always told us never to go into, 'cause it was our daddy's workshop. “Todd, please help me.” she had whimpered.
“Holly, I'll help you.” I yelled, clawing at the door and grasping for the doorknob. It wouldn't budge. My mama was standing at her doorway, looking at me with the most pitiful eyes I had ever seen. She was sniffling a whole lot, and had one hand behind her back. I became entranced in her stare, and I immediately ignored the small cries of Holly from behind the door. Mama starts approaching me, and I saw something silver in her hand. And then it ends, just like that. I never saw or heard about Holly again. A lot of my memories ended that way, seeing mama come at me with a silver thing. But I always woke up, very happy, if not a little bit ache-y. She'd sit there and run her hands through my hair, and murmur her repetition to me, over and over. My name was still Todd Stevens, I still had green eyes, I was still quick and sharp, mama still loved me, I still had aspirations, and I still killed my sister.
Mama was always the best thing in my life. She loved me a lot, really cared about me. She never truly appreciated Holly as much, but that was fine by me. Sometimes, when Holly had been jealous, she'd yell at me, so loud that it pulsated throughout my head like the ocean waves on the shore. I'd never been to the shore, but mama showed my videos of it all the time. She never let us out of the house, she said she didn't want the other kids laughing at us. I would ask why anyone would laugh at us, and she would just smile and shake her head, and say, “Oh, you're special Toddy.”
I look up at the ceiling again, because I'm feeling too emotional, and count the 54 squares again. Thinking of mama always makes me feel funny, especially when I think of the day she sent me to the place I've lived in ever since, this asylum I call home.
It was all of a sudden, one day out of the blue. She looked at me with ferocious, hating eyes for the first time in my life. Without words, just her intense glare, she forced me to go to my daddy's workshop door. She was breathing real heavily, like she did when she chased me around the house and scooped me up into her arms, and kissed my forehead. This was not one of those times, though. She pointed at the door.
“Go.” She commanded. I never said no to my mama, but I was scared and stuck in her trance again, like I was when Holly was calling out to me. Mama began to walk closer to me, her hand still pointed towards the door, shaking. “Please,” she begged, her face instantly softening, “I can't do this anymore, I'm sorry. They'll take care of you, Holly. They're much better than me. I'm not a good mama. I ruined you.” She then began to cry, and I had never seen her cry before. It was all too much for me, so I twisted the handle and left that house once and for all.
I ran and closed my eyes, because I didn't know what I was going to find in daddy's workshop, and I didn't want to see Holly after all that time being so far apart. I didn't think as to why mama called me Holly, or why she abandoned me after so long. I left mama behind me, and sometimes, if I think hard enough, I can still hear her cries.
What I found behind that door was absolute nothingness, like a dream of black fog, thick and enveloping, not letting me go. Pictures appeared before me, quick and not ceasing. The pictures showed me and mama when I was born in a hospital a long time ago in a place I didn't remember ever seeing. One was of me and her, right when I was born. She looked so happy and at ease. Then, another picture showed mama with another baby, it must have been Holly. What confused me was that she was real blue, and wasn't crying, and mama's face was all contorted in this strange look of horror. I shied away from that picture, it made the anger come up again, the worst it had ever been. I screamed in this strange state of delusion, and that picture was replaced by ones I didn't recognize in the least. Mama was in one of them. She sat in a small cell enclosed with metal bars, and looked completely lost and alone. She looked much older; her once black hair was a shade of silver and her porcelain skin was cracked with age. I wanted to comfort her, to reach out, but that snapshot was then replaced with another picture, of me, with long brown hair, green eyes, and a door behind me. I smiled a goofy grin, and pointed at the name plate by the door. It read, “Holly Stevens.” Then, like a movie clip, it showed me opening that door, looking around a small white room with 54 white squares on the ceiling, sitting on the bed and smiling, then the door slowly closing behind me.
I look up at the ceiling once more. I count. 1, 2, 3, 4... Subconsciously, I knew I had just stumbled upon the truth, but I would never let myself admit it. After all, my name is Todd Stevens. I have beautiful green eyes, the color of emeralds. I'm as quick as a fox and as sharp as a needle. My mama loves me very much. I have a great future ahead of me. I killed my sister, Holly, but mama still loves me. ...51, 52, 53, 54...
Julie Artemov Dec 2014
All I ever wanted was your touch
All I ever wanted was your support,
Mama I wanted you to be my pillar but here we are
And we're drowning in quicksand and you can't keep your own head above it all
All I wanted was your love
I just wanted to be better than a bottle
You don't need it,
Mama i can see through it,
You can't hide it, mama don't lie.
Mama I swear I'll run
I'll run far away
And I'll weep with the sky for my weakness.
You're beautiful
Mama you could be queen of this rock
Mama I love you deeper than I understand
Please mama play with me
Please mama stay with me
Please mama pray with me.
Mama I don't know if I could live without you.
I couldn't mama. I couldn't live without you.
Daddy your phone is ringing.
Baby pick up the phone, pick up the call!
What a voice from my baby, straight to my heart.
What a baby mama burglar, straight to my white sheets.
Baby mama what you need, this is my white gown?
Baby mama what you need, I will never go back!
This is a **** informative sign, tell your lover the truth.
Baby mama what you need, I will never go back!

Baby pick up the phone, this phone is vibrating.
Daddy this phone is vibrating, pick up the phone it might fall.
What a baby mama pain, straight to my heart.
What a pain, the government passed the statute on white pieces of sheets.
Baby mama what you need, these are games on my white gown?
Baby mama what you need, I will never go back!
This is a **** stop sign, tell your lover the truth.
Baby mama what you need, I will never go back!

Daddy picks up the call, this phone is constantly blinking.
Baby this phone is ringing, the baby picks up your silent phone call.
What a baby mama blinking call, disturbing my marriage night.
What pain of baby mama’s phone call on your lover’s white sheets.
Baby mama what you need, these are games on my white gown?
Baby mama what you need, I will never go back!
This is a **** caution sign, tell your lover the truth.
Baby mama what you need, I will never go back!

Baby mama, my **** is war-ready continue calling!
Baby mama pick up the Jewelry shop phone call!
What a shame on a baby mama, who used to disturb my **** night!
What a shame on an irresponsible male, while he sleeps on white sheets!
Baby mama what you need, this is my **** white gown?
Baby mama what you need, my Paul will never go back!
This is a **** stop sign, tell your lover the truth.
Baby mama what you need, my son Paul will never go back!

Written By: The Senior Date: undefined
Jae Jul 2017
Mama it's time for the fair
Mama why can't we go
Someone opened fire on innocents
And about it they weren't slow

Mama it's time for the concert
Mama why are you so afraid
There's risk just listening to music
Grimmie was shot on her own stage

Mama why's that good cop dead
He can't come back to his daughter
Now I'll never know my cousin
And that's another who's lost a father

Mama what's with the wealthy
They seem to have all the life hacks
They are people out there starving
And the rich barely pay tax

Mama look that man's gay
Hey that other one is black
People don't hesitate with violence
But it is love that they hold back

Mama I wanna learn history
I wanna know what people did before
Mama why is there so much blood
Why did people start so many wars

Mama will things ever change
Is there anything peaceful in store
There's a lot that is still the same
If anything people fight more

Mama why do these things happen
Mama why do so many people die
Mama why are people so cruel
It's enough to make me cry

Mama will we be ok
Are there enough of us to stand tall
People now fight fire with fire
And I fear it'll destroy us all

Mama why are people mad at God
They blame Him for human's sting
They ask why His own creations act this way
He probably wonders the same thing

Mama why can't we show compassion
Mama why are we in this state
Mama why can't we love
Mama why do we hate
SJ Nov 2015
She lay so still and silent right next to me

Mama laid on her bed made of straw unmoving
Mama stayed quiet as I asked her to speak
Mama didn't acknowledged my presence
Mama had bruises that were faded all over her pale skin
Mama freed herself of papa's blows
Mama did leave me all alone
Mama looked so lonely in her red stained gown
Mama stinked up the barn as she continued to lay
Mama had her hands wrapped tightly around the dagger in her chest
Mama finally moved when strange men carried her out of this place
Mama wasn't here when the strangers came again
Mama didn't see them take me away from papa and his fists
Mama wouldn't know I was angry that she left
Mama couldn't see me crying over her memory
Mama needs to know that I think of her everyday  
Mama wanted to be put out of misery
Mama thought she had no choice but to leave me

Now I see all she wanted was to be free
This is a really old one. It was written probably sophomore year in highschool. :)
Chloe M Teng Jul 2017
"Mama... Mama!"

Mama sometimes doesn't wake up when I want her to.
Mama must be dreaming about the ocean.

And there are waves in the ocean.
And the waves are outside my window.
And I hear them.

Swoosh... swoosh... swoosh...

I draw the waves for Mama everyday.
They are squiggly and big,
like the messy lines on Mama's forehead.
Mama's forehead is big, big!
And the waves are big, big like Mama's forehead!

They are blue like the sky.
The sky is blue because blue is your favourite colour.
I like blue too, because Mama loves blue.

I want Mama to know that there are waves outside our house.

I can hear them swooshing outside the window.

Papa says: "It's just the wind."
But he's wrong, Mama.
Wind doesn't swoosh like a wave does.

I know, because I hear it.

You hear it too, right, Mama?
And you dream about the waves too.

And in your dream, the waves are swooshing outside your window.

They are squiggly and they fill our room with the big ocean.
They can even touch the sky.

And the window can't hold the ocean anymore,
and their hands go-

Mama mama,
The waves are coming into our house.
Wake up.
They're coming.

They're coming in Mama.
The room is so small, and the ocean is so big.

Wake up.

Isn't blue our favourite colour?
Don't you want to see the blue sky again?

The waves outside our window are coming in.

And you sleep like they don't.

Do you know?
I can hear the waves in you
Deep, deep inside you.
They are big, big like your forehead.

Bigger than the bed you are lying on.

you don't wake up when I want you to,
But it's okay.

Mama must be dreaming about the ocean again.
Mama never said there'd be days like this
There's be days like this, Mama never said

Mama said she loved her baby,
Mama said her baby was strong,
But Mama never said there'd be days like this

Does Mama know her baby cries at night?
Does Mama not see the rings under her baby girl's eyes?
Or the bruises on her arms?
Or the cut on her lip?

Mama never said there'd be days like this
There'd be days like this, Mama never said

"How are you?" Mama asks
How does she not know?
Her baby tells her "I'm good, Mama."
Does Mama know her baby is a Liar?

Mama had days like this
Her baby remembers
It's hard to forget days like this

But Mama never said there'd be days like this
There's be days like this, Mama never said.
Niesha Radovanic Jan 2018
my mama always told me i would be just like her
and for some of you that's an honor
but my mama was different
oh baby you look just like your daddy
cool i look a felon
i see your attitude Niesha
it's just like mine
mama i don't want this rage
i don't want to be called your "white girl"
i didn't mean it like that Niesha
what i meant was you act "white"
mama i didn't know using manners
were the qualifications of a "white girl"
i didn't know 7 year old hands were meant to change diapers
and cook ramen
on the stove
mama what if i burn myself
draining the water
Niesha i don't know who
you're raising your voice at
this isn't your
grandmas house
no mama
i didn't mean it like that
please don't get the belt
don't cry Niesha
ill do it again
betty boop comforters
covering the welts of the
"white girl"
but i knew i needed to cover
my sister
two twin beds pushed together
separated by gray stained sheets
here Charlaye
this blanket is for you baby
Niesha get the kids ready for school
you're gonna be late
Officially Missing You by Tamia
blares in our ebony scented home
she told me never to bring ivory
in the house
mama i can’t help it
can i have braids like the other girls
Niesha you aren’t black
no mama i just want braids
i didn’t know only black girls could have braids
mama i thought i was black
flash forward
9 year old girl
woken by police sirens
man do i love the
red and blue
mama they don’t have a warrant
don’t let them in
flashlights burning me and my sisters eyes
where’s the man that beat your mama
mama are you okay
her front teeth missing
now filled with a golden grill
he will never steal from us again
“white girl”
are you okay mama
Niesha get out of my face
i just wanted to see if you were okay mama
go outside and play with your cousins
no mama i don’t like them
don’t you say no to me Niesha
9 year old body bordered with bruises from boys with my blood
i didn’t know your 13 year old
hands were meant to touch
the hidden secrets under
my little pony *******
it’s okay Nie Nie
they do this in the movies
TY I don’t want to be
an actress
in your movie
my mama always told me i would be just like her
mama i don’t wanna have an ultrasound on my swollen belly at age 15
i don’t want to spend my 16th
birthday in a mortant plate hospital room
filled with “it’s a girl” birthday balloons
but guess what mama this
“white girl”
made it past April 8th 2016
and i blew out my own
birthday candles and i wasn’t in
a hospital room.
Johnny Dust Jun 2021
Okay I love it so I love you guys so I can do that for when I love it I just want you guys too much and I’ll see what I want for when I have a chance at you and I can help with the other stuff and I’ll lay on my head and I’ll make you feel like you are in love and I miss your love and I miss my heart and love your love and I love love mama love love miss mama love love mama mama love love miss mama love mama love love miss mama love mama love love miss mama love love you mama love love mama mama love love miss mama love love you love love miss mama love love you love love miss mama love love you mama love love miss mama love love you love love miss mama love love you love love miss mama
I can do that when I’m ready
I guess my typing suggestions are pretty centered
Shari Forman May 2014
Mama you’re the one,
You’re the one to have some fun.
Mama, it’s your day,
Drink plenty of tequila and have it your way.
Sit down and relax mama,
Mi mama Americana.
Mama do I cherish the days,
Of pure bonding, bewilderment and circus Olay.
The aroma of the chicken stir fry,
Oh it enlightens my eyes.
Mama you and your humor,
Comes sooner and sooner.
Mama lets throw a party and invite all,
And not drive Howard up the wall.
Mama this day is all about you,
You have to own this day too.
Mama you’re in complete control,
Look out; mama’s on patrol!
Mama I love you,
And all the laundry and cleaning you do.
Mama, you’re the best,
So sit down and take a rest.
Mama I’m jealous of you’re hair,
And all the fancy clothes you wear.
You inspire me,
Mama’s as vivacious as can be!
So I’ll let you have your drink,
But remember to think….
Love you a ton mama’s,
Now go and shimmy to the Bahamas’s!
woke up in the mornin
with a very bad headache

not realisin'
that there was screamin downstairs

so i rush downnn
to save mama from you

blood trickles down her nose
and i see a tear or two

you stare at me with demonns
in your eyes

like im the one that disobeyed the human rights

ill save you i said mama dont you cry
but shes a hero and she dont need savin now

said mama,
i swear to you my child
said mama,
your father has run wild
i promise you that i will keep you safe
no one will hurt you, because we are a free state

oh mama oh mama oh mama

living alone,
is a tough job to keep

constant nightmares,
of the mistakes you might have made

i crawl into her bed at night
like i used to at 5 years of age

to keep her safe
and i see her smile

she stares at me with angels
in her eyes

like im the saviour
that god has sent her

ill save you darlin she said baby dont you cry
your my hero and i dont need savin now
and i dont need savin nowwwww

said mama,
i swear to you my child
said mama,
your father has run wild
i promise you that i will keep you safe
no one will hurt you, because we are a free state

oh mama oh mama oh mama
oh mama oh mama oh mama etc etc
Elijah Lee Jul 2019
Mama, why you hate me?
Mama, why you leave?

Mama, save me,
Save me, please.

Mama, come back.
Mama, stay.

Mama, what did I do wrong?
Wrong today?

Mama, can't you understand,
That it's not easy, this life at hand?

Mama, what's wrong?
What did I say?

You told me to shut up
The other day.

So, mama, what's wrong?
Tell me please.

So I can be there
When you need.

Mama, come on,
Don't be rude.

I said nothing
Rude to you.

Mama, why don't you care?
Care 'bout me?

I thought you said you'd be there
When I need.

But you left too.
Just differently.

So mama come back,
I plead and plead.

But I guess you're gone,
You decided to leave.

Guess that means
You don't love me.

So mama hear me out,
Before I go.

Why don't you care,
Care about me, yo?

No answer?
No reply?

Guess that's alright,
I'm ready to die.

So watch me stalk away,
Into the shadows.

And never come back,
'Cause I'm dead now, mama.

It's not like you'll care,
You'll move on.

Throughout the day,
You'll never mourn.

A sad thought,
I have to admit,

That my mama didn't care enough,
Enough to commit.

To commit to me,
And to her family.

To commit to her,
And to her life.

Guess I'll leave now,
Finally; goodbye.
Here's this poem! Critique is appreciated!
Mama mama i dont know what is going on
You left me on the street
Someone found me
Someone passed me on
Someone cared for me
Someone gave me to a big house

Mama mama there are others like me here
But I don't now where they're from
I dont know who they are
I dont know if they have names
I don't why I'm here

Mama mama some strange looking people are here
They gave me a name
They gave me food
They gave me clothes

Mama mama they come to take me away
Away from this city
Away from this counter
Away from you

Mama mama where are you?
Why did you leave me?
Why am I without you?

Mama mama, I feel so alone
I have no real mother,
To call as my own.
you told me to climb out of that well to reach your love
and I told you that mama said no
that the h2o would keep me pure and to let that water flow
and you said, hey beautiful, lend me that hand
to pull me out of the deep maroon land drenched with sand
but mama said no, she couldn't let me go

so I rushed in the suburban skies to find a star that points like you
to sew back the break in the love that we grew
but my well has got me lowerin' down
and mama's gonna let me drown

you screamed, just fly, give me that hand of rings I made for two
and grow with me again tonight, mama's got better things to do
so I plunge to the bottom to bounce up to the top and show you I've got plans
but mama sees a smile in me and makes me cry and grabs my hand

cause mama said I gotta stay down low
to keep a better show for the love you wanna know
and I said to mama, aint nobody gonna steal my love for you
not another day will go by while I'm stuck in your womb

and mama said no, I can't go
so I grabbed mama's hand,
dove to the bottom and kept her there
I said mama, the well is gonna bring you down
I'm sorry I'm your well, but it's time for you to drown

and this time mama didn't say no
cause mama couldn't cry
and mama couldn't moan
and I said, baby come bring me back to home

and that's where we are
and mama's all alone
Aridea P Dec 2011
Palembang, 25 Desember 2011

For my beautiful Mom:

Mama, kamu cantik
Tanganmu melentik indah saat mencuci baju kami
Mama, kamu sungguh cantik
Badanmu bagus melenggok saat memasak untuk kami
Mama, kamu benar-banar cantik
Sekalipun kamu sedang terlelap di tidurmu

Mama, kamulah harta tak ternilai bagi kami
Harta wajib yang harus kami bawa kemanapun kami melangkah
Kamulah semangat pagi kami tuk menghadapi dunia
Kamulah alasan kami bertahan hidup sampai sekarang
Harapan kami adalah tuk membahagiakanmu selamanya
Pikir kami kata Terima Kasih takkan pernah cukup tuk membalas kasih mu

Mama, kamu cantik setiap hari
Di mata kami kamulah hal yang terindah yang kami punya
Di dunia ini tak ada pahlawan seikhlas dirimu
Kamu terus bertahan meskipun kadang air mata menyertaimu
Kamu terus menebarkan senyummu di waktu kami resah

Mama, kamu tegar setegar batu karang
Mama, kamu bersinar mengalahkan sinar Matahari
Mama, kamu sejuk sesejuk embun di pagi hari
Mama, kamu sehangat dekapanmu pada kami
Mama, kami mencintaimu

Mama, terima kasih atas cintamu selama ini
Terima kasih atas pengorbanan mu kepada kami
Maafkan kami yang pernah membuatmu menangis
Maaf atas tingkah kami yang menjengkelkan hatimu
Kami percaya dan tahu bahwa kamu tahu betapa kami mencintaimu,
jeffrey conyers Mar 2021
Mama tried
To raise is
Mama tried
Very aware that she loves us

Mama tried
To guide us
Mama tried
And in many cases protect us

Mama tried
Yes, mama tried

If there's a frown upon your mother's face?
Just look within the mirror where your answer be.

Mama tried
To teach us
Mama tried
To reach us

Mama tried
Yes, mama tried

If there was anyone in our corner?
Even through thick and thin, it was mama.

When mama is gone?
We will reflect back?
And say, mama tried.
LISH Oct 2017
I wanted to say I'm sorry to you Mama
for those heart broken nights I kept a secret
 I wanted to say I'm sorry to you Mama
For when we had to stretch a dollar and I acted like I was full, but I really wasn't
I wanted to say I'm sorry to you mama
That during those times that you locked yourself in your room and the cried acting like I didn't know, I already did
 I'm wanted to say I'm sorry to you Mama
For not being the girl that you wish I was to be
 I wanted to say I'm sorry to you Mama
Because my heart has been broken so many times and I won't dare tell you
 I wanted to say I'm sorry to you Mama
Because the biggest secret I have kept is one that is hardest to speak
 I wanted to say I'm sorry to you Mama
 for those nights that I locked myself in the room and cried silently so you wouldn't know
 I wanted to say I'm sorry to your Mama
Because you do not know the reason why those tears rolled down my face
 I wanted to say I'm sorry to you Mama
Because you will not know that shadow of my past haunts me at night
I wanted to say I'm sorry to you Mama
 That my ankles are chained to a wall of self-doubt and regret
I wanted to say I'm sorry to you Mama
Because you don't know a man's words is what made me like that
 I wanted to say I'm sorry to you Mama
Because I have no idea how to say all of that
Sometimes what I wish I can say
Marie Love Sep 2016
Little angel, that was once in me,
Mama loved you,
I promised,
Mama loved you.
Daddy didn't know you,
Mama was scared.
You would of been beautiful,
Mama wish she knew what you was going to be.
But she knew you would of been beautiful.
Mama was going through some things,
Mama wasn't ready for you my sweet baby.
Mama knew why she was always angry,
You was dying,
Mama didn't know how to tell daddy,
But mama loved you.
Mama hopes you understand,
Mama wasn't okay,
Daddy wasn't there.
You wouldn't be in good care.
Mama missed you,
Little angel that was once in me.
Keith Johnsen Mar 2014
You are the monster under my bed
The boogeyman I cannot forget
The black hand red fingernails creeping lightly on my skin like daddy long legs mama told me couldn't bite
Your lips are splinters digging into the holsters you carved into my bones
October 15th I can remember your blackened eyes hollow nostrils like full moons
You were the werewolf mama told me only came out at night to catch bad little boys
I tried so hard to be good for you to be on your nice list mama said you checked it twice
I bit my tongue till it bled while your boogeyman claws paper shredding my thighs blood coming up like well water on your wrists
I didn’t look when the sun came up and you turned back into a man again
I didn’t look under my bed that night because I knew nightmares weren’t what I was afraid of anymore and
night terrors weren’t what was keeping me so late
I didn’t ask mama if I was a bad little boy and if the werewolf was going to be coming back for me again
didn’t ask her to tuck me in
didn’t ask her to read me another bedtime story
Because you are the monster under my bed
And when I don’t cover my feet under blankets like mama said would keep me safe at night you grip me harder than mama could
I can’t forgive myself and I can’t tell myself
mama was wrong that werewolves and boogeymen don’t come for just the bad little boys at night but you let me know
I was the cautionary fairy tale mama let me know I was the boy who cried wolf
you whispered it in your growling hissing nails-on-a-blackboard boogeyman voice
mama never told me what to do if I was that bad little boy
mama never told me how to fight off the boogeyman
never told me ******* a werewolf
If I should run a stake through your heart or
use holy water
mama I'm sorry I didn't know
mama you told me you could forgive me
That October night I prayed while I was falling asleep
Mama said it would help
“Dear god please forgive me
I let the devil inside
And he won’t get out from under my bed.”
Id really appreciate any feedback you want to give me that'd be awesome!!
Sabrina Whitley Mar 2018
mama mama
i love you dear
mama, mama
i miss you so
mama, mama
please don't go
mama, mama
let me know
mama, mama
Im all alone



1. Chenje – Old man, father of Namugugu
2. Namugugu – Son of Chenje
3. Nanyuli – daughter of Lusaaka
4. Lusaaka – Old man, father of Nanyuli
5. Kulecho – wife of Lusaaka
6. Kuloba – wife of Chenje
7. Paulina – Old woman, neighbour to Chenje.
8. Child I, II and III – Nanyuli’s children
9. Policeman I, II and III
10. Mourners
11. Wangwe – a widowed village pastor

This play was acted two times, on 25th and 26th December 2004 at Bokoli Roman Catholic Church, in Bokoli sub- location of Bungoma County in the western province of Kenya. The persons who acted and their respective roles are as below;

Wenani Kilong –stage director
Alexander k Opicho – Namugugu
Judith Sipapali Mutivoko- Nanyuli
Saul Sampaza Mazika Khayongo- Wangwe
Paul Lenin Maondo- Lusaaka
Peter Wajilontelela-  Chenje
Agnes Injila -  Kulecho
Beverline Kilobi- Paulina
Milka Molola Kitayi- Kuloba
Then mourners, children and police men changed roles often. This play was successfully stage performed and stunned the community audience to the helm.

Language use in this play is not based on Standard English grammar, but is flexed to mirror social behaviour and actual life as well as assumptions of the people of Bokoli village in Bungoma district now Bungoma County in Western province of Kenya.

Scene One

This scene is set in Bokoli village of Western Kenya. In Chenje’s peasant hut, the mood is sombre. Chenje is busy thrashing lice from his old long trouser Kuloba, sitting on a short stool looking on.

Chenje: (thrashing a louse) these things are stubborn! The lice. You **** all of them today, and then tomorrow they are all-over. I hate them.
Kuloba: (sending out a cloud of smoke through her tobacco laden pipe). Nowadays I am tired. I have left them to do to me whatever they want (coughs) I killed them they were all over in my skirt.
Chenje: (looking straight at Kuloba) Do you know that they are significant?
Kuloba: What do they signify?
Chenje: Death
Kuloba: Now, who will die in this home? I have only one son. Let them stop their menace.
Chenje: I remember in 1968, two months that preceded my father’s death, they were all over. The lice were in every of my piece of clothes. Even the hat, handkerchief. I tell you what not!
Kuloba: (nodding), Yaa! I remember it very well my mzee, I had been married for about two years by then.
Chenje: Was it two years?
Kuloba: (assuringly) yes, (spots a cockroach on the floor goes at it and crushes it with her finger, then coughs with heavy sound) we had stayed together in a marriage for two years. That was when people had began back-biting me that I was barren. We did not have a child. We even also had the jiggers. I can still remember.
Chenje: Exactly (crashes a louse with his finger) we also had jiggers on our feet.
Kuloba: The jiggers are very troublesome. Even more than the lice and weevils.  
Chenje: But, the lice and jiggers, whenever they infest one’s home, they usually signify impending death of a family member.
Kuloba: Let them fail in Christ’s name. Because no one is ripe for death in this home. I have lost my five children. I only have one child. My son Namugugu – death let it fail. My son has to grow and have a family also like children of other people in this village. Let whoever that is practicing evil machinations against my family, my only child fail.
Chenje: (putting on the long-trouser from which he had been crushing lice) let others remain; I will **** them another time.
Kuloba: You will never finish them (giggles)
Chenje: You have reminded me, where is Namugugu today? I have not seen him.
Kuloba: He was here some while ago.
Chenje: (spitting out through an open window) He has become of an age. He is supposed to get married so that he can bear grand children for me. Had I the grand children they could even assist me to **** lice from my clothes. (Enters Namugugu) Come in boy, I want to talk to you.
Kuloba: (jokingly) you better give someone food, or anything to fill the stomach before you engages him in a talk.
Namugugu: (looks, at both Chenje and Kuloba, searchingly then goes for a chair next to him)
Mama! I am very hungry if you talk of feeding me, I really get thrilled (sits at a fold-chair, it breaks sending him down in a sprawl).
Kuloba: (exclaims) wooo! Sorry my son. This chair wants to **** (helps him up)
Namugugu: (waving his bleeding hand as he gets up) it has injured my hand. Too bad!
Chenje: (looking on) Sorry! Dress your finger with a piece of old clothes, to stop that blood oozing out.
Namugugu: (writhing in pain) No it was not a deep cut. It will soon stop bleeding even without a piece of rag.
Kuloba: (to Namugugu) let it be so. (Stands) let me go to my sweet potato field. There are some vivies, I have not harvested, I can get there some roots for our lunch (exits)
Chenje: (to Namugugu) my son even if you have injured your finger, but that will not prevent me from telling you what I am supposed to.
Namugugu: (with attention) yes.
Chenje: (pointing) sit to this other chair, it is safer than that one of yours.
Namugugu: (changing the chair) Thank you.
Chenje: You are now a big person. You are no longer an infant. I want you to come up with your own home. Look for a girl to marry. Don’t wait to grow more than here. The two years you have been in Nairobi, were really wasted. You could have been married, may you would now be having my two grand sons as per today.
Namugugu: Father I don’t refuse. But how can I marry and start up a family in a situation of extreme poverty? Do you want me to start a family with even nothing to eat?
Chenje: My son, you will be safer when you are a married beggar than a wife- less rich-man. No one is more exposed as a man without a wife.
Namugugu: (looking down) father it is true but not realistic.
Chenje: How?
Namugugu: All women tend to flock after a rich man.
Chenje: (laughs) my son, may be you don’t know. Let me tell you. One time you will remember, maybe I will be already dead by then. Look here, all riches flock after married men, all powers of darkness flock after married men and even all poverty flock after married. So, it is just a matter of living your life.

Around Chenje’s hut, Kuloba and Namugugu are inside the hut; Chenje is out under the eaves. He is dropping at them.
Namugugu: Mama! Papa wants to drive wind of sadness permanently into my sail of life. He is always pressurizing me to get married at such a time when I totally have nothing. No food, no house no everything. Mama let me actually ask you; is it possible to get married in such a situation?
Kuloba: (Looking out if there is any one, but did not spot the eaves-dropping Chenje).
Forget. Marriage is not a Whiff of aroma. My son, try marriage in poverty and you will see.
Namugugu: (Emotionally) Now, if Papa knows that I will not have a happy married life, in such a situation, where I don’t have anything to support myself; then why is he singing for my marriage?
Kuloba: (gesticulating) He wants to mess you up the way he messed me up. He married me into his poverty. I have wasted away a whole of my life in his poverty. I regret. You! (Pointing) my son, never make a mistake of neither repeating nor replicating poverty of this home into your future through blind marriage.
Namugugu: (Approvingly) yes Mama, I get you.

Kuloba: (Assertively) moreover, you are the only offspring of my womb             (touching her stomach) I have never eaten anything from you. You have never bought me anything even a headscarf alone. Now, if you start with a wife will I ever benefit anything from you?
Namugugu: (looking agog) indeed Mama.
Kuloba: (commandingly) don’t marry! Women are very many. You can marry at any age, any time or even any place. But it is very good to remember child-price paid by your mother in bringing you up. As a man my son, you have to put it before all other things in your life.
Namugugu: (in an affirmative feat) yes Mama.
Kuloba: It is not easy to bring up a child up to an age when in poverty. As a mother you really suffer. I’ve suffered indeed to bring you up. Your father has never been able to put food on the table. It has been my burden through out. So my son, pleased before you go for women remember that!
Namugugu: Yes Mama, I will.
(Enters Chenje)
Chenje: (to Kuloba) you old wizard headed woman! Why do you want to put    my home to a full stop?
Kuloba: (shy) why? You mean you were not away? (Goes out behaving shyly)

Chenje: (in anger to Namugugu) you must become a man! Why do you give your ears to such toxic conversations? Your mother is wrong. Whatever she has told you today is pure lies. It is her laziness that made her poor. She is very wrong to festoon me in any blame…. I want you to think excellently as a man now. Avoid her tricky influence and get married. I have told you finally and I will never repeat telling you again.

Namugugu: (in a feat of shyness) But Papa, you are just exploding for no good reason, Mama has told me nothing bad……………………
Chenje: (Awfully) shut up! You old ox. Remove your ears from poisonous mouths of old women!
(Enters Nanyuli with an old green paper bag in her hand. Its contents were bulging).
Nanyuli: (knocking) Hodii! Hodii!
Chenje: (calmly) come in my daughter! Come in.
Nanyuli: (entering) thank you.
Chenje: (to Namugugu) give the chair to our visitor.
Namugugu: (shyly, paving Nanyuli to sit) Karibu, have a sit please.
Nanyuli: (swinging girlishly) I will not sit me I am in a hurry.
Chenje: (to Nanyuli) just sit for a little moment my daughter. Kindly sit.
Nanyuli: (sitting, putting a paper-bag on her laps) where is the grandmother who is usually in this house?
Chenje: Who?
Nanyuli: Kuloba, the old grandmother.
Namugugu: She has just briefly gone out.
Chenje: (to Nanyuli) she has gone to the potato field and Cassava field to look for some roots for our lunch.
Nanyuli: Hmm. She will get.
Chenje: Yes, it is also our prayer. Because we’re very hungry.
Nanyuli: I am sure she will get.
Chenje: (to Nanyuli) excuse me my daughter; tell me who your father is?
Nanyuli: (shyly) you mean you don’t know me? And me I know you.
Chenje: Yes I don’t know you. Also my eyes have grown old, unless you remind
me, I may not easily know you.
Nanyuli: I am Lusaaka’s daughter
Chenje: Eh! Which Lusaka? The one with a brown wife? I don’t know… her name is Kulecho?
Nanyuli: Yes
Chenje: That brown old-mother is your mother?
Nanyuli: Yes, she is my mother. I am her first – born.
Chenje: Ooh! This is good (goes forward to greet her) shake my fore-limb my

Nanyuli: (shaking Chenje’s hand) Thank you.
Chenje: I don’t know if your father has ever told you. I was circumcised the same year with your grand-gather. In fact we were cut by the same knife. I mean we shared the same circumciser.
Nanyuli: No, he has not yet. You know he is always at school. He never stays at home.
Chenje: That is true. I know him, he teaches at our mission primary school at Bokoli market.
Nanyuli: Yes.
Chenje: What is your name my daughter?
Nanyuli: My name is Loisy Nanyuli Lusaaka.
Chenje: Very good. They are pretty names. Loisy is a Catholic baptismal name, Nanyuli is our Bukusu tribal name meaning wife of an iron-smith and Lusaaka is your father’s name.
Nanyuli: (laughs) But I am not a Catholic. We used to go to Catholic Church upto last year December. But we are now born again, saved children of God. Fellowshipping with the Church of Holy Mountain of Jesus christ. It is at Bokoli market.
Chenje: Good, my daughter, in fact when I will happen to meet with your father, or even your mother the brown lady, I will comment them for having brought you up under the arm of God.
Nanyuli: Thank you; or even you can as well come to our home one day.
Chenje: (laughs) actually, I will come.
Nanyuli: Now, I want to go
Chenje: But you have not stayed for long. Let us talk a little more my daughter.
Nanyuli: No, I will not. I had just brought some tea leaves for Kuloba the old grandmother.
Chenje: Ooh! Who gave you the tea leaves?
Nanyuli: I do hawk tea leaves door to door. I met her last time and she requested me to bring her some. So I want to give them to you (pointing at Namugugu) so that you can give them to her when she comes.
Namugugu: No problem. I will.
Nanyuli: (takes out a tumbler from the paper bag, fills the tumbler twice, pours the tea leaves  into an old piece of  newspaper, folds and gives  it to Namugugu) you will give them to grandmother, Kuloba.
Namugugu: (taking) thank you.
Chenje: My daughter, how much is a tumbler full of tea leaves, I mean when it is full?
Nanyuli: Ten shillings of Kenya
Chenje: My daughter, your price is good. Not like others.
Nanyuli: Thank you.
Namugugu: (To Nanyuli) What about money, she gave you already?
Nanyuli: No, but tell her that any day I may come for it.
Namugugu: Ok, I will not forget to tell her
Nanyuli: I am thankful. Let me go, we shall meet another day.
Chenje: Yes my daughter, pass my regards to your father.
Nanyuli: Yes I will (goes out)
Chenje: (Biting his finger) I wish I was a boy. Such a good woman would never slip through my fingers.
Chenje: But father she is already a tea leaves vendor!

Nanyuli and Kulecho in a common room Nanyuli and Kulecho are standing at the table, Nanyuli is often suspecting a blow from Kulecho, counting coins from sale of tea leaves; Lusaaka is sited at couch taking a coffee from a ceramic red kettle.

Kulecho: (to Nanyuli) these monies are not balancing with your stock. It is like you have sold more tea leaves but you have less money. This is only seventy five shillings. When it is supposed to be one hundred and fifty. Because you sold fifteen tumblers you are only left with five tumblers.
Nanyuli: (Fidgeting) this is the whole money I have, everything I collected from sales is here.
Kulecho: (heatedly) be serious, you stupid woman! How can you sell everything and am not seeing any money?
Nanyuli: Mama, this is the whole money I have, I have not taken your money anywhere.
Kulecho: You have not taken the money anywhere! Then where is it? Do you know that I am going to slap you!
Nanyuli: (shaking) forgive me Mama
Kulecho: Then speak the truth before you are forgiven. Where is the money you collected from tea leaves sales?
Nanyuli: (in a feat of shyness) some I bought a short trouser for my child.
Kulecho: (very violent) after whose permission? You old cow, after whose permission (slaps Nanyuli with her whole mighty) Talk out!
Nanyuli: (Sobbingly) forgive me mother, I thought you would understand. That is why I bought a trouser for my son with your money!
Lusaaka: (shouting a cup of coffee in his hand, standing charged) teach her a lesson, slap her again!
Kulecho (slaps, Nanyuli continuously, some times ******* her cheeks, as Nanyuli wails) Give me my money! Give me my money! Give me my money! Give me my money! You lousy, irresponsible Con-woman (clicks)
Lusaaka: Are you tired, kick the *** out of that woman (inveighs a slap towards Nanyuli) I can slap you!
Nanyuli: (kneeling, bowedly, carrying up her hands) forgive me father, I will never repeat that mistake again (sobs)
Lusaaka: An in-corrigible, ****!
Kulecho: (to Nanyuli) You! Useless heap of human flesh. I very much regret to have sired a sell-out of your type. It is very painful for you to be a first offspring of my womb.
I curse my womb because of you. You have ever betrayed me. I took you to school you were never thankful, instead you became pregnant. You were fertilized in the bush by peasant boys.
You have given birth to three childlings, from three different fathers! You do it in my home. What a shame! Your father is a teacher, how have you made him a laughing stock among his colleagues, teachers? I have become sympathetic to you by putting you into business. I have given you tea leaves to sell. A very noble occupation for a wretch like you. You only go out sell tea leaves and put the money in your wolfish stomach. Nanyuli! Why do you always act like this?
Nanyuli: (sobbing) Forgive me mother. Some tea leaves I sold on credit. I will come with the money today?
Kulecho: You sold on credit?
Nanyuli: Yes
this is a manuscript of a play, please guys help me get any publisher who can do publishing of this play
i  will appreciate. thanks
Liz Devine Jan 2012
Mama said be careful
Don’t talk to strangers
And don’t walk alone
Mama said to sit up straight
Keep your elbows off the table
And lock the doors when you get home

Mama said be patient
Be polite
Be a lady
Mama said not to sit on the grass
Not to stay in the sun
And go out only if it’s shady

Mama said be a good girl
But this good girl’s got to roam
This girl’s gotta spread her wings
And fly away from her home

Mama said a lot of things
Of this I know is true
But mama never said nothin’
‘Bout stayin away from you

Mama never said you’d hurt me
Or do me so wrong
She never told of your sweet kisses
Or the sadness you’d put in my song

Mama said that boys lie
But you were different; you were a man
Mama should have told me
“Girl, run as fast as you can!”

Mama didn’t tell me
But Ima tell mine
That men like you are icky, yucky things
And ain’t no better than swine
E Alm May 2013
I don't mind Sir. Fascist Police, when he's knocking on my door.
As long as he's not mean to me, I'll blow him, for sure.
I know he thumps the other kids, on their maroon-bruised heads,
but police man, he brings treats to me, so I'm not gonna tell.

Mama, mama, mama, mama, he poked me!
Mama, mama, mama, mama, he poked me!
Mama, mama, mama, mama, he poked me!
Mama, why's he so mean?

My best friend, she's such a *****, she calls me slutty names.
I tell her I don't like it much, but she just feels no shame.
Late last night we went out, true to our glossy, lipglossed glory,
and as the eve proceeds, plot thickens, **** gets gorey.

She gets and I get drunk and we both weep,
boyish-looking monsters try to **** with me.
And as he bends me over in the parking lot,
Annie smirks at me, smokes another joint.

I don't mind my apathy, at least it keeps me calm.
I'm content with this lifestyle, my death rate is at a crawl.
And sure I'll get some panics when life don't work out the way that I want.
But the I'll pop some Prozacs, guess I'm happy after all.

This changes nothing, so don't thank me.
We'll wake in the morning, with thoughts in our heads.
Revalue our lives for five or six minutes and then forget.
Ignatius Hosiana Mar 2016
I carry my mother wherever I go
and I am my mother the more I grow
she is a lady who never quits no matter the hurdle
a perfect example of endurance I've seen since my cradle
till now that I'm Journeying to the Grave,
she is wonderfully made and brave
a proof that true love exists, yes my mother
she loved Justus, she loved Ezra, she loved Cornel,Olive, Lucy,I & my father
the praise the Pacific receives is because the world isn't aware of the vastness of my mother's heart
she is a firm centrepiece and her family's close even when set apart
by the Sea that hides cornel out of sight somewhere in  Turkey
by the fresh responsibilities that blanket Lucy in Nairobi
by Destiny that holds father captive Home by the Countryside
Work that's keeping Justo and Oli dancing to the tune of Mint,
Ezra working his fingers to the bone
for my niece Shanty to spring up to a brighter dawn
Hustle that often keeps Mama a far toiling so that we become
who we are and who we will be tomorrow
and Education and future that manacles me in this city
Mama's the best student of the family
for she learnt all our
Weakness, Threats, Opportunities and Strength
weaknesses and helped us overcome
our threats and dug them out even when it meant whipping our *****
the opportunities she opened our eyes to
and our might, she is the reason we all know where our strength lieth
Mama'll always be the law that I follow
the woman I trust most and the best thing that ever happened to me
I carry my Mama in my Heart, I carry my Mama in my Soul
my Mama is my face, my Mama is my character too
she taught us to spread love wherever we go
by loving us unconditionally
she taught us to make the best decisions
for she chose for us the best Papa in the Stellar
she taught us to endure from her persistence
and today we stand for the people because from her resistance
& fight for what's right, truth defines our existence
I'm proud to say I carry my mother wherever I go
I carry her smile, I go an extra mile
I carry her heart even if not in the same measure
I carry her Soul, world's greatest treasure
And I carry her person in my Heart everywhere I go
Call me young, but I will always walk
with my Mother and pieces of my father
if I am an art piece of clay
the two are responsible for the pottery
and being moulded in such warm and caring arms
feels better than winning any lottery
or accidentally finding oneself in a treasury
I love Mama not only because her womb was my safest sanctuary
but also because she's the best player in the siblings I have & love
the baby and boy I was yesterday, the young man I am today
and the success of the person I see in my tomorrow
she's responsible for the art in my Heart
the upper in my cut and the purr in my cat
I love you Mama, World's most wonderful woman
Sending you this message from Stars away
Simply to Say
I love you Mama and
Happy Women's Day
Pricers Mar 2019
The boy fell down and said mama I hurt my arm to her comfort said
put a lil dirt on it so the boy did just as mama stated reciting bach
mama said mama be then the following was of a rinseable offense to that mama charms
put a lil water on it so the boy again after carrying out the incoherene he couldnt apprehend announced
mama said mama be then on queue the boy hurt his hand for mama graced his injury and sweetheartly mama blows some wind while saying
put a lil air on it then the boy laugh and air was doin ok till the burn was more as a way out than in recalling
mama said mama be while the mother was gathering her words you knew the script mama read was goin like
put a lil fire on it son and the boy said
Mama said mama be

— The End —