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Sabrina Whitley Apr 2019
You fool me once
Shame on you
You WONT fool me again
Trust you once
You BREAK it
You have to earn it back
I don't get it whats the point of having a woman if you gotta freakin watch **** !!
Sabrina Whitley Apr 2019
I see now that i just need you
I need your arms wrapped around me
I need your guiding hand
Jesus died on the cross for my sins
I love u jesus
Sabrina Whitley Apr 2019
I thought you was mine
Now i see you were a waste of my time
You took my heart
You Ripped it up
Was i not good enough
For the love i desired
I see
It must of been me
Not good enough
Not worth it
Using the phone behind my back
You and your secret ways
No way i cant trust you
Even though thats all i did
Till i did one of your ways
A little sneaky is all it takes
And now i know
Were a Fake
Sabrina Whitley Jul 2018
I search my phone every time I unlock
His smile brightens my day
He came like a bullet
Stole my heart
Wraping me in his chains
Locked in his eyes
Wanting forever
Tells me he loves me
Would die for me
Sabrina Whitley Apr 2018
you are my sweet sugar pie
my ice cream sandwhich
you are my cholcate fountain
my blue berry mix
i could never leave you behind
i love you dear
its too much to bear
but i'm willing to share
this love you and i have
is one of a kind
but all mine
we don't have much time
i am you lemon
you are my lime
you are all mine
love is like a box of choclates you never know what you will get
Sabrina Whitley Apr 2018
wounded deep
inside my heart
wounded deep
in my soul
wounded deep
i'm all alone
i'm wounded deep
by your hurtful words
Sabrina Whitley Apr 2018
i hurt when your here
i hurt when your gone
i ach with this loving need
i promise to be by your side
loving you all the way
i promise to hold you close
keep you dear
for those who love me
tend to get left behind
for it is not mine
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