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Shari Forman May 2014
What does it matter anymore,
That I'm so caught up in two malicious girls,
I will be heading far far away in a jiffy,
Experiencing a whole new world.
And prom?
Is so overrated,
Only the happiest of them go,
Without ever being hated...
I've learned too many lessons in life,
That my broken heart can take,
So let me run far away.
Oh, the everlasting memories I'd make!
Why is there so much hatred amongst us?!
And why can't there be sanity and peace amongst all,
Why does it have to be a battle every time,
I get up and knowingly fall.
Shari Forman May 2014
As the golden sun sets,
My eyes tear and sparkle with joy,
The burning torture of the day; gone,
And now the white light to enjoy.
I sit at the stroke of midnight,
Eyeing beautiful lights up in the night sky,
Thousands; millions enraptured my acceptance,
Watching is a privilege, yet not to fly.
There is more to be seen,
For tiny stars are resting above me,
They call on me as to do a favor,
I am to count these stars,
Everyone I see.
Yet the beauty gets more intense,
Of newer, bigger stars forming,
Yet my ears follow another sound,
There becomes grayness for storming!
Stars faded one by one,
Some vanished in a row,
For this was no joke,
Nor any show!
The most widely known star,
Burned the cloud,
For whatever tiny stars were left cheered,
The night seemed so proud.
Shari Forman May 2014
Just stop trying to be someone who you’re not,
Because evidently, it hurts a lot.
Stop the staring and wishing to be someone that’s not you,
All the unwanted thoughts passing through.
A head filled with endless wants and needs,
Desire for illusions; my helpless heart bleeds.
Stop all the complaining and fuss,
With all the fights, who’s to trust?
You are not inferior to any of thee,
But through those faded pupils, can you see?
Do you notice the world around you?
Or are you too oblivious, so lost, so blue?
Just get over your interrogating feelings of doubt,
Strive beyond your abilities; go all out.
Know what to expect from your actions,
Superior or inferior; the omnipotent fraction.
Simply love yourself and only you,
Forget the haters with nothing better to do.
Handle life’s challenges in a way; a unified manner,
Instead of debating who is tanner.
Live for the moment and appreciate all the love,
You have always received near and above.
Stop fooling with your mind,
Sobbing away till clearly blind.
Let yourself know we all think differently through everything,
That without you it’d be lifeless; all the personality you bring.
We all have the power to try,
Maybe then our minds won’t die.
Try something riveting and new,
Something you are proud to call you.
Stop trying to love thee,
A fool, a coward you would be.
Love yourself above all,
But care for others, and proudly stand tall.
Yes, I said love and not hate,
Break past the open gate.
Express yourself for what you want,
Easing of tensions by détente.
Stop all the excuses and lying,
The unreal attitude you have; the fake crying.
Trapped in portieres,
All the feelings of distrust, how unfair!
So let’s close the portieres of guilt,
And cover up with a nice, warm quilt.
A good night’s rest will do the trick,
For a poor one who’s psychologically sick.
It will help alleviate the pain,
To feel some comfort once again.
Stop hurting yourself and feeling down,
That ashamed, guilty timid frown.
You will learn to love,
And give those unjust feelings a great shove.
So go have fun and smile wide,
Because no matter what, when, where, or why…
Everybody is on your side.
Shari Forman May 2014
“Help, help!”
Cried a boy in the wings,
A broken heart cannot be fixed,
He pleases he sings.
But he’s left without a clue,
A reason why he’s next to go,
His father takes out his whip,
The boy already knows.
He takes a gander at the long, black whip,
Struggling to make away,
But he’s trapped in his fear and mental agony,
In his father’s den, he stays.
On the count of one,
He stares at him with interrogating eyes,
On the count of two,
He says his last goodbyes,
On the count of three,
He’s no longer here,
His soul peacefully rests with God,
As he sheds one last tear.
Shari Forman May 2014
I stare out into space,
With too solemn a face.
Envisioning the deceased adjacent to me,
Three pods in a pea.
But they suddenly became relentless and attached,
But still so beautifully matched.
They were clinging onto my neck,
As it gradually became a wreck.
I could no longer see and my face was pale,
Such omniscient spirits and yet me, so frail.
Endless caressing of my face,
Oh, such a disgrace!
I ended up in a place of pure white,
Where there were no longer spirits of the night.
Shari Forman May 2014
I heard a cry from deep inside,
That told me I had regret.
For the most uplifting person,
And the most considerate yet.
I assumed her to be relentless,
Constant late night calls after ten,
Sleeping with only one eye open,
The ranting and raving in the downstairs den.
But I was irrational and overly critical,
Oblivious to the trauma she endured,
I feel of a shadow to her now,
With still much to explore.
In my younger days,
I’d recognize her at every event I had,
Despite her pain,
She seemed to have always been glad.
Glad she had the opportunity to see me,
Always willing to help me too,
Long walks to the pond,
Her whole life I’d misconstrued.
I wish I could’ve done more,
To help such a creative woman like you,
But I’m ending this poem now,
With these last five words, “Grandma, I truly love you.”
Shari Forman May 2014
Dear Myself,
I stood atop a hill far from glory,
Wasted away with an everlasting story
I sat and pondered about the meaning of life,
Been through endless pain, anxiety and strife.
I stood atop a hill in my own struggles,
Falling over deeply, in my own puddles.
So I stood atop a hill baffled and afraid,
Of a complicated life I have so beautifully changed.
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