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Sarah Jun 2018
Dangerously Toxic
Yet immune to this
Addictive drug I can't shake
Inhale in all I can take
Breathe in this obsession
I am okay with being your possession
Intoxicating lies
Drunk on this high
Spiraling out of control
I can’t resist the pull
Ignorance is bliss
Yet freedom is what I miss
Freedom I do not seek for
The ropes will tighten even more
Sarah May 2016
Fast feet
Pounding on the wet ground
Away from me
I'm screaming. You hear no sound
Head pointed forward
Eyes aimed straight ahead
Where are you headed toward?
Feet struggle to keep up with the one that fled
Rain drenching my skin
Thunder echoing in my ear
Storm holds me back again
Body aches to catch up so you'd be near
You were always faster than me
Always fleeing and I was left to try to retrieve
You were always loud and free
I was always more quiet. Never one to leave
Now here you are leaving me again to deal with the pain
Now I swallowed my fear to chase
My feet stumble. I can't seem to gain
Slow down and make this an even race
Fast feet
Running away from me
Slow down and try to see
That it is you I need
Sarah May 2016
First love?
You were not
Not the first to make my heart skip
Not the first to touch my lips
Not even the first between my hips
You weren't the one to break me
Lift me so high only to set me free
You're not Him
Not one to make promises you can't keep
Only man I trusted enough to take the leap
With you I've experienced more
You allowed me to spread my wings and soar
You were not my first love
Not the who sank instead of rising above
You are not like him. He's in the past
You are the love that is going to last
  Apr 2016 Sarah
Timothy Fuller
So it's been 3 months here,
I still don't have all my gear.
But through all our lovin',
I've put a bun in Alice's oven.
We don't know how long ago,
Just that she is late on her flow.
We did a pregnancy test,
And the news came back the best.
So we tried 2 more,
Each time my jaw hit the floor.
All I know now is she is my one,
And it's time to start the fun.
So as poetfreak dies,
And everyone cries,
I let out tears of joy,
With a smile most coy.
Repost from Poetfreak
Sarah Mar 2016
Dancing Alone
Charging without thought
Flames captivate those watching
Impulsive creature acts without thinking
Loves loudly
Mourns in silence
Desires one man only
Impulsive lover acts without
Sarah Feb 2016
That fateful day you found me
In a moment everything I knew changed
My heart was no longer mine to keep
Our love was a sudden discovery
Then you left everything for me
How you have chained this wild heart
You and I will never part
Sarah Feb 2016
The land was dead, lost long ago in the first battle
Where men's blood flowed and the world's concious was rattled
Limbs of the old willow tree are a dark ashen gray
Setting the mood in a sorrowful way
Reminding all that this was a place of loss and anger
Here Death was no longer a stranger
Men's emotions overflowed and bubbled up from their cage
No longer able to avoid the differences, they gave into the rage
During the first battle of this once thriving kingdom
Both sides had been fighting for their versions of freedom
The willow stood tall in the midst of the battle not making a sound
Silently weeping as blood soaked the ground
The tree had survived for many years
All that time it'd never shed so many tears
Not when lightning struck down its neighbor one stormy night
Not when the ground rumbled and caused the villagers a fright
No the night when blood ran thick and men's screams filled the air
The battle for a freedom that they both could've shared
That was the night the Willow started to fade away
Once lively now just a dark shadow that continues to stay
Haunting a piece of land that is a bitter reminder of what use to be
Now just a thing of death and destruction in a place that use to be free
Screaming souls of men that were lost can be heard near
Another reminder that causes the Willow to shed a tear
So if you ever here the willow weep
Remember of the lost souls it continues to keep
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