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Marie Love Jun 2018
have you ever laid in bed and felt something was missing?
like a warm arm wrapped around you at night to get through it?
or someone kissing your forehead at night, before you sleep,
so you can feel safe at night?
have you ever felt like you are not receiving enough,
than what you are giving?
have you ever been called beautiful,
when you needed to hear those words, even if you don't believe it?
Marie Love Jun 2018
everyday i think to myself is life even worth it?
or should i just pull it..
Marie Love Feb 2018
‪If i took my life, will that stop the pain?‬
‪If i told you i was hurting, will you numb the pain?‬
Marie Love Feb 2018
I cry myself to sleep every night,
Because lord knows I’m breaking inside.
Marie Love Feb 2018
I gave you the benefit of the doubt.
Shame on me.
I knew,
That everything will come to light.
Shame on you.
Marie Love Feb 2018
If i take these ******* pills,
I won’t feel this pain anymore..
Marie Love Feb 2018
Feeling like I’m giving too much to a man who no longer loves me.
Do i stay?
Or should i do him the favor and walk away?
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