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Johnny Dust May 25
Through long nights and sleepless too
It’s killing me cause it’s killing you
But that’s the reason
They call it growing season
And I sure hope we’ll make it through
Cause there’s no me if there’s no you
And I can hold you through the pain
If you can hold me just the same
Johnny Dust May 24
You’re in the driver’s seat
I’m just an actor for now
I’m sat beside you we
Shoot the **** while driving to your house
Johnny Dust May 6
The things I love in life are taking shape in front of my eyes. And the people I love are loving me back.
Johnny Dust May 4
She told me she was an empath
and I asked her why wasn’t she crying yet
I asked her why she wasn’t
Johnny Dust Apr 30
I woke up this morning and realized that I had made my lips chapped from trying to taste you again over and over and over and over and over and over
Johnny Dust Apr 26
There’s something nice about my **** smelling like coffee
And you ******* with the door open
And me sitting on your toilet while you shower
Or me joining you in the shower
And you making more coffee than we can drink in one healthy sitting
And me knowing **** good and well that you don’t have any love for me.
It’s okay if you’re lost right now
It makes for a better story
Johnny Dust Apr 26
I’m still breathing okay
It’s mostly nicotine
But that’s planning to change
In half as long I’ll be twice my age
Or so they say
So go for it
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