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Marie Love Jun 2018
have you ever laid in bed and felt something was missing?
like a warm arm wrapped around you at night to get through it?
or someone kissing your forehead at night, before you sleep,
so you can feel safe at night?
have you ever felt like you are not receiving enough,
than what you are giving?
have you ever been called beautiful,
when you needed to hear those words, even if you don't believe it?
Marie Love Jun 2018
everyday i think to myself is life even worth it?
or should i just pull it..
Marie Love Feb 2018
‪If i took my life, will that stop the pain?‬
‪If i told you i was hurting, will you numb the pain?‬
Marie Love Feb 2018
I cry myself to sleep every night,
Because lord knows I’m breaking inside.
Marie Love Feb 2018
If i take these ******* pills,
I won’t feel this pain anymore..
Marie Love Feb 2018
What if she tells you that she isn’t happy?
That every night she cries in silence,
Because of you?
What if she tells you that she wishes she was dead,
Maybe the feeling of feeling alone, will walk away.
She seems okay,
That’s what everyone says.
You don’t even notice the pain she’s dealing with,
You look at her, and see right through her.
Never taking the time to treasure her.
Another man loves her.
hes willing to do the things,
You arent doing.
Marie Love Jan 2018
She learned to cry in silence,
That even when she’s near you,
You can’t hesr her. .
Marie Love Jan 2018
her smile so sweet,
like the sun rising by the beach.
Marie Love Jan 2018
he took the man i loved,
without knowing i am growing another person inside of me,
how dare he pulled the trigger,
hit the man i love.
rip my insides,
gave me nothing,
and took the life inside of me.
Marie Love Dec 2017
it takes time for someone to realize that happiness comes from within and not because of someone else.
doubt comes from within, but does it also come from someone else?
there is nothing wrong with being afraid of falling in love,
being hurt,
but yet we tend to put our walls up in fear wondering if we shield ourselves, no one can notice the little cracks in my wall,
in order to break me down.
I know what it is like to be lied too,
I know what it is like to make yourself feel strong,
and at night trying to figure out the pieces as to why this has happened to you,
and not them.
hating yourself for the mistakes they created,
pointing the fingers at yourself,
saying sorry when it is them that should be the one.
it is all a game, and you are the one playing it without consent.
he took my soul and manipulated it,
so he can grasp what he wanted,
he took my love and swept the life out of me,
so i no longer can feel a thing,
filled my lungs with smoke,
i couldn't breath.
i never once felt a thing,
when he was inside of me.
how could have he loved me?
that's what he said too me.
he loved me,
time is what it took for me to realize,
his love..
his love..
his love..
wasn't meant for me,
meant for me,
meant for she.
i laid in my death bed,
saying goodbye to the old me,
thanking you,
for making me realize,
that with time,

everything can change.
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