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I have given fair warning
Fires and floods and earthquakeing rage under the impending tsunami my battle cry
The stampeding hooves of my heartbeat render you unfit to stand the ground you say you own
Hyenas laugh maniacally behind my teeth and the monsters of the deep, the deep, the deep
Surface to become my living island
I have given fair warning
Your walls cannot hold
Your blades cannot pierce
Your lies will hang abandoned spiderweb in the corners and I will use the fire of my truths to burn them from existence
I am the web spinner now
I build the world
Catch you in my weaves
Leave you dry
I have given fair warning
"I have given fair warning" by Philip Lamantia was the inspiration
How many times will I stumble before I learn where to place my feet?
How many "I love you"s will I mumble before you finally hear me?
How many years will waste on you, not getting what I want?
How many tears will follow nights of lust and the memories that haunt?
How many times will you tell me you don't know how you feel?
How many dimes will I throw to fountains just wishing it was real?
How many other girls have fallen for you only to find themselves alone?
How many worlds have you promised them then left them without a home?
All I want is honesty. If you don't love me, please, just say.
You're draining the life and love from me. No one is making you stay.
If you've ever been the "other woman,"
Or if you've been the lying man,
Lean in and listen closely,
Cause this is one you'll understand.
When love has lost its luster and its muster and it's might,
But you just can't leave because you "love" her,
And the ******* is better and wetter after fights.
When you daydream about escaping to a place so far away
That you can't hear her voice or see her face or remember her name,
I'll be there with a ticket, all you have to do is ask.
It's a release from your conventional bonds.
It's fun.
It's free.
It's fast.
It's a vacation to your paradise with a pair of legs and a pair of eyes
That open up for only you.
And you'll eat it up and spit it out like cheating men tend to do.
So don't give me those sad, "I've ****** up" eyes and that sad puppy dog face.
You wanted it.
You LOVED it.
And you want more.
This is me putting you in your place.
You can call me the devil because I make you want to sin.
But every time I come knocking, you can't help but let me in.
I would never hurt a fellow woman.
I prove that by keeping "us" to myself.
But it's time to pull your head out of your ***
And decide if I'll just sit here on your shelf
Waiting for you to fail again, to make another great mistake
Or if you'll nut up, shut up, tell her the truth and finally walk away.
At first, I saw only her bare feet:
A bird on one, a ring of silver on the other.
Move up, her ankles, twitching to a beat,
A song my ears longed to discover.

Her calves were pale and bruised but strong.
Her knees were scarred by living in motion.
Her thighs, so inviting, so smooth, so long.
Her hips rocked like the wave of a calm ocean.

Imagining my fingers tracing her waist,
Slim but soft, Oh, it must be so warm.
The beat of my heart rose til it raced
When I reached her small *******, to secrecy sworn.

Her shoulders a garden of a single rose,
And thousands of freckles: sprawled chickory
Were by the sun that day specially chose
To take my breath and put me on my knees.

Her arms were built to hold all in the world.
Her hands to touch the life of each she meets,
And as they rose and within her short hair twirled,
For the first time, her face I would see.

A mouth of pink to compliment rosy cheeks,
A button nose fit for a child's doll,
A small gap between her front, straight white teeth
Formed a smile that could have caused Rome to fall.

But her eyes, how they shone under their frames.
The blue, green and gold of sunken treasure.
Behind them danced sadness, strength and pain
Mixed with  happiness and passion that had no measure.

Her eyes met mine and all at once, I froze.
She smiled and God must have smiled, too, above.
She came to me and from my spot I rose.
She grinned "Hello" and then I fell in love.
Everyone should have a love poem written about them, no matter who it's from.
I want someone to fall in love with me tonight.
I am talking love at first sight.
I want someone to look at me and think, "This might be the one...
And, Hell! she seems fun."
Although I might look kinda dumb, I promise I'll try
And I want them to notice the color of my eyes
And the bird on my foot and the rose on my shoulder
And the lump in my throat that's the size of a boulder
And I want them to smile when they see what's happening
And I've been waiting a while while my love life's been napping
But I'm ready to wake up and take up a man
Who's ready to be with a girl who can't tan
But I'll freckle and burn
And I'm always concerned
With whose turn it is to be the big spoon...
And please speak up soon.
Cause, though I do well alone,
I kind of need someone to call home
And to laugh at my jokes
And not be hurt when I choke
When you tell me you love me
Because I still can't believe that you're so far above me!
Like the king of the world
With the invisible girl.
So thanks in advance for making me seen
And proving that I mean something to someone...
That I mean anything.

And won't it be funny when people ask how we met?
And you'll recall how you set
In a shop drinking tea
And then you saw little old me;
The Queen of Naive,
Issuing a plea
And wishing for love and hoping for luck
As I loosed Cupid's arrow and prayed that it stuck!
And they'll ask how you knew
That for me it was true...
And you'll look in my eyes,
Still drenched with surprise
And drunken with hope that you'd recognize
That it was no accident that we met that night.
Because I made you believe in love at first sight.
I have a super power.
I've always known i was different, cause when you see me from a distance, I stand out in and instant, so people can tell, that's the girl... who doesn't belong. She's the one who just looks kinda wrong. But, Hell!, I got along and stayed strong. Because I have a superpower.
Well what is it?! You should ask... But you don't and you won't... you just pass. As, never to be harassed, I sit calm in the grass and cultivate my super power.
At first I thought mind reading, but a new kind, where people start bleeding from their mouth what's on their brain as soon as they catch a whiff of my "tell-me-your-story" vibe. But then people lied and, though i took it in stride, inside I cried as my supposed power died.
Then I thought invisibility, or maybe ambiguity, because I stood fast like a tree, always there, always to be, but never really seen. But then I hid and when I did, someone... the one found me. So my second supposed superhuman feat faded happily.
But time passed and hearts cracked and stones hit the back of my head so I fled... I can still feel the way that I bled when I said goodbye and he just nodded his head in reply. And the other day, I identified my true super-power.
I can't read your mind. But I can avoid it. And I'm not hard to find, just to hold in a thought. You won't ever think of me because my power won't let it be. I'll stay far from your psyche for eternity. I'll dodge. I'll hide. I'll bob and weave because my power is making sure no one ever thinks of me.
Everybody knows life is easy for a pretty girl with white skin.
Everybody knows life is easy for a pretty girl with white skin
Coated to the brim
With makeup because she just can't find the right mask
That will allow her face to collapse
So her "friends" won't ever ask
"Are you okay?"
Because she's not.
And she. is. HOT.
But she's been bothered
By the hands of her father
Who swore to protect her
But then disappeared and
Let her get taken to her knees begging
Please... please... please put the knife away, baby.
I swear I'll stay.
You're hurting me!
What did I say?
She said no when he told her to strip
Because the thought made her sick
And he answered with a hit to her pretty white face.
Learn your place.

Nobody knows what to do with a girl with bruises on her pretty white skin.
Nobody knows what to do with a girl with bruises on her pretty white skin.
Cuts on her lips that crack and bleed when she grins.
No makeup,
No hiding,
No faking,
She's done fighting.
No more friends so she's dying.
She writes her will but she's crying
So the paper is bent like her back to the sharp wind that whips her into submission. Is this the world's mission?!
She could just step in front of that truck.
Let them win.
Don't let them win.
Hear the strangers whisper,
"Don't trust the pretty girl with white skin."
This is kinda modeled after a poem by Miles Hodges, also titled "Maskless."
This is my first ever slam/spoken word style poem.
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