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Elijah Lee Jul 2019
My life is a book
That's written in chapters
Yet it seems
Nothing but disasters

Family hate
And mental problems
What a great way
To make a book blossom

Yet nothing seems
Like its going right
A mental fight

To get up
Or to lie back down
That is a question
That makes me frown

For I know the answer
All too well
Though it causes
Me to dwell

Upon the thoughts
I have in the night
They cause
Nothing but fright

Yet chapters are filled
With fear and terror
My life just seems
Like one big error

Nothing goes well
Nothing will
For I deserve nothing
I have no skill

No talent or care
For what I do
Because I know
It'll be nothing new

Just old and boring
Full of pain
That I try
Very hard to maintain

I'm not too good
At keeping my book
Put together
It leaves me shook

It  looks so old
The book I wrote
Of all my pain
So I will not gloat

So goodbye my friends
My family
For there's nothing else
That I can be

A bad poet
A horrid artist
Someone that lacks
Any smartness

So read my book
Though you'll hate it
Halfway through
You'll probably quit
Elijah Lee Jul 2019
Define the beauty
That we hold
In simple words
Make it bold

It can be slow
It can be moving
But make sure you have
It written down clearly

For if you loose
All your answers
There will be nothing
But disasters

So prepare
Young child of mine
To fight this war
Throughout the night
Elijah Lee Jul 2019
On the bridge we dance
Hoping for love

We want to have the chance
To dance with a dove

Towards the edge we advance
And we'll have none of the above

So let's take a stance
Against our minds shove
This poem is about suicide, in a way. Its more about suicide prevention.
Elijah Lee Jul 2019
Hold me close
Hide the rope
There's no hope

Living in lies
Holding the knife
Driving my mind

Cut by cut
I'll fake the smile
Saying I've been good for awhile

Seeing my eyes
As dull as the sky
Whisper to the world my final
Elijah Lee Jul 2019
A mother
Two sons
A reckless drive

Deadly injuries
Tried staying alive
Faces of tears
As he disappears

Leaving them broken
Along with hopeless
Everyday the notice
That their son was motionless
Elijah Lee Jul 2019
The Isolation
Makes me impatient
Detached from the world
Full of desolation

As the bareness rules over
All I know is separation
Retreat from the nation

No foundation
Hearing lies
I want to die
A friend asked me to write this for them awhile back.
Elijah Lee Jul 2019
Feeling that pain
It's hard to maintain
Going insane

I lost it all
Even my control
Lost it's hold
Leaving me no hope

As I realized quite slow
He didn't even know
I'd been here at all
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