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i don't think i've ever felt this way about someone before,
you always seem to sneak into my thoughts at around four,
you always seem to make my inner core, burst with fire
because of my lovely desire
for you,
and only you
even when i'm the bluest of blues,
you have no clue,
how happy you make me,
with a simple 'how are you?'
darling i can't help myself,
falling for you,
but please tell me one thing,
*am i in love with you, or the feeling?
i honestly don't know what love feels like. so am i in love with you, or the feeling of being in love with you?
she responds in words as well
not in any beat but of the heart's,
she knows he can feel her,
no matter how far apart
she hears his voice in the sun
she feels his fingers in the sea
he's closing in on her
it's his, she longs to be
part II of "The Meeting" three-piece poem.

final part:
I haven't stopped dreaming about you
I wish I could
each night you sneak into my dreams
tip toe in and take control
we share a dance or a kiss
and I fall in love with you a little more

But I wake up sad and confused

because although you choose to be mine
in this far off world that is my dream
I know you don't remember dreams
you never have
so every morning you have no recollection
of the love we shared

So you go on with your life
giving your love to other people
giving your love to her

But you will never know
how much love I have given you
I love you
All at once
All at once,
I love you more than you will ever know
That's when I realized
I wasn't in love with you
I was in love with the thought
of what we could be
The feeling of finally being appreciated
The way you complimented me
and treated me like a princess in the beginning
That's what I was in love with...
your words
In the end, those words became harsher
and we couldn't bear it any longer
So here I lay, writing this in thanks
for teaching me that
yes, words can be quite lovely
but after all
actions speak louder than
My heart burns and swells
At the mention of her name
She releases a great emotion inside
A great releif and pain

For every thing i say before her
Everything i mention
Brings about great toils
And may spark an intervention

I love her more than words dictate
I love her more than love
And i would hope her to love me too,
And our matter what

Sometimes i say some stupid things
And they bite me in the ****
She gets upset, and throws a threat
And she doesnt say she loves...

Its not her fault
I dont deserve
A beautiful angel...still,
I will sacrifice the earth...
And my entire will...

my heart can barely take the pain
And the grief of being alone
So i will do my best to show...
Annie, I am always wrong
I am not worthy of her love...she is perfect and kind and i always upset her...i should learn to shutup and love her with my silence
I want to feel the skin on my knuckles split when my hands connect with glass
I want to see my hands shake when the pain sets in
I want to feel the metallic taste of blood on my tongue
I want to look at what I've broken
A mirror
My best friend's trust in me
A mirror
The smiles that used to light my sisters' faces A mirror
Every chance at love I've ever had
A mirror
I've broken much more than a mirror
After you were gone
tears streamed down my face

Not because I thought you didn't love me
Not because I thought our relationship was a waste
Not because you were ruining some future I had planned
Not because I thought you were "the one"

I cried because I was afraid
I didn't want to lose my best friend
My breath was choking on fire
It brought me to my knees as I plead
Please, someone save me.
Save me from this world
That is consuming me in fire
I'm burning up in flames.

I've come to realize
That I'm just the fuel to someone's fire.
A minor casualty in this world
Filled with the burning desire
To lie, cheat, steal.

The room was blackened out with smoke
I could no longer see the light.
My coughing was worsening with each breath.
This is really the end of my story.

My mind was racing with different scenarios,
All of them leading towards death.
I know there is no hope,
but I have to try to tell them.

Each step feels like my last,
My body was aching.
My steps heaved as I dragged them
across the blackened floor
through the rubble.

I made it to the desk
my hand staggered as I wrote
"This was no accident,
It was a ******."
It is the blackened hearts of some people
that make me hate this world.
It is the pure hearts of some people
that help me keep going.
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