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kromwellfarkus Dec 2020
I promise,
To be forever faithful.
I promise,
To never stop trying.

I commit myself to you.

From this time on

There's going to be struggles,
There's going to be issues,
But, I feel in my heart of hearts
I want to struggle with these issues,
With you.

The light we create
Glows ambient and beautiful,
For us
And, to those in our world.

We would be fools
To look elsewhere
For the love we need,
And the love we deserve.

Through immense over-thinking
Crossing the T's,
Dotting the I's,
There is only one conclusion...
Love and happiness.

I love you and
You make me happy.

For reasons above
For reasons of love
Please, do me the honour
Of being my wife.
Nylee Oct 2020
Everyone is writing their fiction
that is the actual perception
different versions of the very same
and what it incidentally became.
faye Jun 2019
"So is this what we are? Friends with benefits, right?"
Oh, right.
That's what I say but my heart is saying something else. I love you with my whole entire heart, dude. Get it right.
oliveolivia Jul 2018
pavement cracks under his feet
when he walks.
smoke falls from his hair
when he moves.
his hands are made of stone
his veins are dripping mud
his eyes are black and blown.

he's a walking black hole
******* all the light of the world in
breathing in warmth and fire
breathing out dust and ashes.

he's still young in the crinkles by his smiling eyes
in the high pitch of his screams
in the smallest curls of his hair.

he's aged in the purple under his eyes
in the tilt of his disappointed mouth
in the rough tips of his fingers
in the weight of his stone-carved bones.

he is many things
and looks like so many more
he is big
and he is beautiful
and the earth cracks under
his feet
and the flowers die in his wake.

and still
he swears he's bathed in darkness
but still made of sun.
this is literally about the person you're thinking this is about.
mysa Jun 2018
your hands left inky marks
on my skin
and i don't have any soap
all i can do is scratch and scratch
but it's still there
it's still there
Alta Justice Sep 2016
anybody smart would call the police if they were beaten
but i love you too much to protect myself
and the bruises look like hearts anyway
#beaten #not #smart #police #bruises
Aŧül May 2015
Never kiss if you don't mean it with actual love.
Never promise if you would probably break it one day.
Hearts can get shattered & never love again.
People can perish in the self-lit fires of guilt, insult & pain.
Oh how I wish the world realizes & respects the value of true love.

Only if the world realized the value of faithful love,
It would surely have been the best place to live,
Nobody would want to give up, weep and leave.

Learn being faithful to your partner in love,
Everyone be a faithful lover, husband or wife,
For it is not a rave party our life condemned by witches,
And of course we are humans not dogs or *******,
Learn love, higher love, it's about time.
Inspired not from my personal life but from general observations.

Never make fun of true love.

Don't please insult truer feelings by sharing your body just with anybody who you possibly don't love.

My HP Poem #856
©Atul Kaushal
Aŧül Jan 2015
I agree what her name says,
I disagree with whatever any donkey brays.

She's kindhearted and also so very gorgeous,
She has got an angelic heart.

Elsa you are one of the most beautiful poets I've ever seen,
And you just need to ignore people contradicting it as they are not free from sin.
Elsa, this one's for you.
You are one of the few good hearts I know.
Trust me when I say so, because the mirror might be wrong but not me.
My HP Poem #728
©Atul Kaushal
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