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Marsha 5h
You promised
Freedom, safety, peace
Terror's all I see
An elfchen challenge I did on Instagram the other day.
Word prompt was LIAR.
Marsha 6h
Breathe in,
Inhale my scent. My femininity.
Allow my arousal to engulf you and my **** to take you
To exotic places beyond anything you've imagined.
Where our bodies dance and our hips move
In a devil's sway,
As we glide on euphoria
To an ******* symphony.
Marsha Jan 23
I am the moon
you are the Sun
without you, I am merely darkness
my glow is only an illusion
to the eyes of those
who do not see right through me
the true source of light is you
selfless, you give parts of yourself to me
and never once asked for anything in return
I shine so brightly because of you
you let the world see and admire my beauty
when in reality, you illuminate me
Thank you for giving your all to me ♡
Marsha Jan 23
come on, baby
let's go somewhere quiet
you can give me that
hard candy of yours
you know I'd enjoy it
Come and take a walk on the wild side...
Marsha Jan 23
get down on your knees
and worship me, baby,
for my body is your
  Jan 11 Marsha
You thought I was innocent?
Take a look at the floor,
'Innocence' lays beside my briefs

Let me be your dancer
and I'll let you
feast upon my versatility

I promise
In this banquet,
It's only you and me
  Jan 11 Marsha
trapped in my slumber
our lips met, fool.
mouth clashed
perfectly to each other
matching puzzle pieces
but it was just
a mere
such a
daunting scene
of a stranger's lips
i crave to find in reality.
deadass had a dream n it felt so real what the ****
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