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Marsha Mar 2020
I write your name on my cigarette, light it up, and smoke it away.
I fill my lungs with nicotine,
I taste the burn in my throat,
as I try to erase every memory of you.
I want to forget your eyes, your lips, your scent,
erase every **** thing about you, and cleanse my mind.
I take one deep, long drag,
and smoke all thoughts of you away.
Marsha Feb 2019
What have you, that I not have
To claim superiority (over me)
When you and I both bleed the same red?
Underneath the skin, we're all the same.
Marsha Feb 2019
those scars
from past stars
you're a wounded hero
Another elfchen, from a challenge I did. Word prompt was KISS.
Marsha Feb 2019
you told me to love all of my scars,
that they are victory marks
from all the battles I've overcome in my life.
that they are meaningful, beautiful,
every cut and every mark has its own story,
they mould me into who I am today.
because of you, I slowly learn to
embrace them, one by one; kiss them all,
now I cherish every single one of them; I love them all.
even when you, my dearest one, have begun to
add new ones - onto my face, my body -
into my collection.
know when to leave, people. know the dangers, know the warning signs.
please. do not stay in an abusive relationship, please.
Marsha Feb 2019
You promised
Freedom, safety, peace
Terror's all I see
An elfchen challenge I did on Instagram the other day.
Word prompt was LIAR.
Marsha Jan 2019
I am the moon
you are the Sun
without you, I am merely darkness
my glow is only an illusion
to the eyes of those
who do not see right through me
the true source of light is you
selfless, you give parts of yourself to me
and never once asked for anything in return
I shine so brightly because of you
you let the world see and admire my beauty
when in reality, you illuminate me
Thank you for giving your all to me ♡
Marsha Jan 2019
come on, baby
let's go somewhere quiet
you can give me that
hard candy of yours
you know I'd enjoy it
Come and take a walk on the wild side...
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