Namu Jan 8

It burdens me
the more I hold on to my innocence
an album of joy and cheer
devoid of concern and stress
Fool, immature, reckless
wild, untamed...destructive
names that would land
on my ears
Fiery gazes blazed upon me
yet, I let me be

Mikhaila Jan 6

They came up to the casket
some of them just passed it
I barely recognized who they turned into
some said goodbye
some said see you soon
others whispered
I should’ve been there for you.
When a young person dies
everyone tends to realize
just how precious this life is,
but why because of this?
Why because I died
did you all realize
that we should watch our words
watch our actions
and even the lack thereof.
I’m sick of seeing people
I never even met.
How wrong is it that I am here
laying on my back
being showered by love
and loss
and hope
and brokenness
when I barely got acknowledged when I was alive?
I am sick and tired of seeing the young ones die because our words are too strong
and our hearts too hard
and our actions misleading
and our voices deceiving
and our intentions skewed
and our patterns all new
and our society demanding everything we have.
I am sick of the view
from the coffin in lot B
of the cemetery off county road 43.

Anne Molony Jan 2

I remember a day
in late November
when the four of us went
back to your house

"We'll watch a film"
Adam declared
you were sitting on the couch
taking off your boots

Beth sat on your right
and I sat on your left
I was close enough to you that
I could just make out the smell of
the washing detergent
your mother used
on your shirt collar

I couldn't concentrate on
anything other than the
warmth of your arm and the
Lavender & Spring Jasmine
of your clothes

Lucy Flame Jan 2

Little thirsty soul
I watch her feelings overflow
She dances on my hands
I must blow her away

I blow away my dandelion
Blow as softly as I can
Watch it falling somewhere distant
As the straight parallel line I am

Wake up my dandelion
Your eyes won't hurt me
Wake up and take what you want
Take what you need and fly
But with your eyes wide open

Little thirsty soul
I'll watch your feelings regrow

Our paths have different ways
Each one a new discovery,
Like the sunny or rainy days
Wondering what's going to cover me.

Here we are again another year
Not knowing what our future holds,
Living; looking around in a constant fear
Together we wake as our story unfolds.

This is the year of the young people
Help guide them in making good choices,
Encourage them to reach the highest steeple
They are our future let's hear there voices.

©Grant Dickson 01/01/2018

This is the year of young people, so I decided to write a poem for them
LTHTS Dec 2017

Imperfections cut us like a heated knife
Cuts through all that we are not
Not the perfect man or women
You don't got the 6 pack abs
Or the curves that men desire
So what if you do or don't have it all?
You see the thing is
All we really do is
Worry about what we don't have
And compare ourselves to those who do
What's the point of living your life
If you're in the shadow of someone else?

We're born to be who we are
And not a slave in the shadow of our master's understood?
There is no such thing as "Perfection"
Perfection itself is the peak of insecurity
The more perfect you are, The less mistakes you can make
Because the moment you slip up
The sky falls down
And you become the center
Of shame on social media
So why do we achieve to be something we're not?
We run away from who we are
Yet all it does is make us more depressed.

Our views of both men and women are warped
Men are supposed to be ripped with abs
And women are supposed to be seductresses
And we the youth of this generation
Believe and bow down to all this bullshit
Like it's the gods speaking during an sermon.

You are who you are
There is no changing that
Embrace who you are
You can only hide behind a facade for so long
So come out of hiding now
When it's easier and less harm to your self-esteem
We look at ourselves and disgust is what we taste
But we take for granted who we are
You lose yourself in the shoes of others
You forget who you are
Pity yourself for not being perfect
But most important of all
You begin to disgrace yourself
The self hate sits in like bitter medicine
The cuts on your body cry scarlet
And yet all this insignificance
Costs you your life that has more importance
Than what you are or aren't.

Ben Meraki Dec 2017

We're the ones who walk these lands in darkness.
We don't want the sun to rise.
The shadows shield us from your madness
and hide the sorrow in our eyes.
As your fires burn around us
and you reduce the world to ash,
your mistruths and lies surround us,
and questions we don't dare to ask.

- -
So we dance in the lasers
hand in hand. We're the ravers.
Hoping love's gonna save us.
So we dance in the lasers.

We're the lost generation
with no borders or nations.
In synthetic elation,
we're the monster's creation.
- -

You know our world lay in ruins
yet still you choose to carry on
with disregard for what you're doing.
You won't stop 'til it's all gone.
Why should we clear up your disasters
when you can't even tell us how.
The time will come when we're the masters
so don't you dare to judge us now

- -
as we dance in the lasers
hand in hand. We're the ravers.
We will not be your saviours.
So we dance in the lasers.

We're the lost generation
with no borders or nations.
In synthetic elation,
we're the monster's creation.
- -

So we dance
and we dance
and we dance
hand in hand

and we dance
and we dance
and we dance
hand in hand.

Song lyrics for EDM track

What happened to the youth's mind?
They might be deaf or might be blind
I can't even tell.
But they will surely yell,
All the things they want on social media
Just to be on Wikipedia.

They say that youth is the future
But youth nowadays don't act mature.
All they do is post here, like there,
They don't even care about the air.
On the field of love, they all are player.
Saving people with 1 like 1 prayer.

What happened to the youth's mind?
Blahblahblah mankind.
Looking in a screen,
This has no medicine.
Not thinking about the consequences
Of all the things their bad friend says.

Youth is the hope of the future
But youth nowadays act immature
It was sad because they lost their duty
They became useless in today's society
Life is hard and youth is vain
So we need to wake up to start again
All things must change
To something strange.

i made this as a song actually... it was for a school project. i just don't like today's generation, especially in my country. I think that's how it is... every generation hates the next generation that comes after them

Silence is broken by a sigh
A sigh from a goddess
Her voice so pure and golden
Wraps around me

A lifetime worth of love
Pressed into my heart
A touch so soft and magical
Covers my skin

That goddess in front of me
With red locks of pure ruby
And eyes of emerald
Her skin so fair
Her hands so warm
Wraps her arms around me
As I scream for love

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