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Sorry fo the drama

It’s my way of saying you’re special
Evie May 2019
clothes thrown into a heap
sitting on the bag to drag the zipper around
that midnight excitement
like a child on christmas
phone ringing
friends asking if they need this and that

wednesday night

the adventure begins
i cannot wait to goooooo
Ever wonder what it would be like,
If the world suddenly ceased to exist?
Like a flash of light, a snap of a finger,
Gone in an instant.

Everything we’ve ever done, seen, and thought,
All in vain, like it never even occurred.

For what purpose is life, if all of humanity becomes equal in that instant?
Perhaps it is true that the only guaranteed equality in life is that of death.
I’m 99% sure you aren’t reading this so bkdlepejfbf
caroline Apr 2019
4 plus 3 equals 8
1 times 1 is 2
because if you and me are false
then I don’t know what’s true
Madison Nov 2018
Without him there would be nothing

My Family
Even though they are loud and annoying

My Friends
They’ve been there through thick and thin

My Pets
They are always happy

What would life be without it

Most of it taste very good

Something everyone needs

Even though I’m almost failing

And everything else
If I put each and every thing
This would never end
Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!!!
Catharsis Nov 2018
Hello, and welcome, to Critical Role
With the nerdiest voice actors in tow
Is everyone ready? Let's start the show
Sit back and watch as the rush takes it's toll

It's the nerdy show Matthew Mercer leads
With the best voice actors in tow it seems
At different tables but not different teams
Sit back and watch as the dark dice do deeds
a M b 3 R Sep 2018
if one day u would ever leave me, know that u will always be in my heart.

i won’t forget u like other people do.  i wouldn’t delete the messages and memories we made. pictures we took that once captured happy moments which fade.

u made me happy when i was at my lowest. u fixed the broken pieces.

it was shattered glass but u picked it up with ur bare hands, not being afraid u would be scarred.

thanks for helping me up
thanks for not giving up
thanks for thinking that there was still hope for us

i loved you.
forestfaith Sep 2018
no, i dont need the fancy lights and studio lights.
no, i dont need the cheering crowd, the rushing sound, bursting loud.
no, i dont need the big halls, and palace *****, and studded jewels and rings.
no, i dont need people with the same beliefs.
no, i dont need a cheerful heart or a forced one.
no, i dont need a perfect home or a  have to have  ice cream every day at home.
no, i dont need a brain of intelligence or the wisdom of an owl
no, i dont need to frost the broken heart, or to force myself to light up a broken heart.

to praise the King.

He makes my heart light up.
He is where i want to be with.
His presence is better than being a heir to an earthly throne.
He is willing to be with me when I am lonely.
He is all I need.
Amen!!!! haha you guys should listen to Tori Kelly's new album! the messages of each song is so amazing! God bless all of yall!
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