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wishing upon falling moons
The Netherlands   


Caterina Correia Aug 2018
I scream,
Wishing you would scream back.
I talk,
Wishing you would talk back.
I hear my phone ring,
Wishing you were the person calling.
I answer my door,
Wishing you were the person who appears.
I eat,
Wishing you were eating with me.
I drink,
Wishing you were drinking with me.
I dance,
Wishing you were dancing with me.
I breathe,
Wishing you were breathing with me.
I listen,
Wishing I could hear your voice.
I walk,
Wishing you were walking behind me.
I laugh,
Wishing you were laughing with me.
I cry,
Wishing you would dry my tears.
I hyperventilate,
Wishing you would calm me down.
I bleed,
Wishing you would save me from myself.
I sleep;
& I know your here.
I dont ever want to open my eyes;
Because the only way I'll see you,
Is in my dreams.
Q  May 2013
Wishing You Home
Q May 2013
When you've walked the ground you do not know
When you've sewn the seeds you saw fit to sow
When you've run so fast you must go slow
When you've had many highs and just as many lows

I'll be wishing you home cross the land and sea
I'll be wishing you back to where you first left me
I'll be wishing you home to where we'll both be happy
I'll be wishing you home to me

When you've see all those people you dreamed to meet
When you've made all the money to live a life sweet
When you've cried all the tears and soaked the bed sheets
When you're to sad to cry and too tired to sleep

I'll be wishing you home, calling you loud and clear
I'll be wishing you back to my love and cheer
I'll be sending my love to bring you back here
I'll be wishing you home, my dear

When you've smiled all the smiles that will ever grace your face
When you've lived all the lives  that were given the human race
When you've grown sick of genuine and even sicker of fake
When you given all you can give and taken all you can take

I'll be wishing you back here, wishing you home
I'll be wishing to see how much you've grown
I'll be wishing to hear of the places you roamed
I'll be wishing you, wishing you home.
hj  Mar 2019
hj Mar 2019
Praying you’re okay
Wishing I was there next to you
Wishing I could tuck u in bed and tell you everything is alright
Wishing I could kiss you
Wishing I could see ur beautiful smiles come to live
Wishing u all the happiness in life
Wishing you would stay with me forever
Wishing to see ur beautiful face
Wishing to taste ur smile
And state into ur eyes
Wishing I could wipe ur tears
When u don’t feel alright
Wishing my days
Where with u
And the nights
Wishing us a tomorrow
Filled with lights
Wishing all the tears away all the time
Wishing us a house
With both of us inside
Me hugging u tight
And us watching the sun at twighlight
The first in a series of 11:11 wishes I sent to my ex