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Billie Marie May 4
There comes a time while writing
when it seems there is nothing else to write
the space
the white pixel, faux paper screen
the air around the headspace not thinking
the pulse of the heart in the chest always beating
the room and the chair and the desk and the lamp
all still and silent and awaiting the next song
so they can dance once again
one time only keep the moment full and blooming
or receding or detaching and attaching
and inflating or removing
it’s all the same
the beginning and the ending
and the half-life of the fullness
and overflowing of the emptiness
in all there is and all that there is not
Speak into Mother Earth
And our existence will thrive
Glenn Currier Mar 20
May I be infected
with a sureness
of your love

May it spread within me
like an IV flowing confidence
in my okayness

In the face of fear
and desperation may
I be a cove of calm presence

May you be well
whole and robust
in every cell

In this time of solitude
may I encounter
the awesome power of now
Keiya Tasire Mar 17
There is hope!
There is light!
There is a healing!
There is healing power within each of us.
Remember wholeness of Mind, Body, Spirit,
Breath, Heart, Love and Wisdom.
As we reaffirm with Courage!
Speak to give Comfort!
Move in Compassion
And the Conviction to Live!
May the Angel of Peace
Be with all of us.

Peace, Peace, Peace  
May the Angel of Peace
Be everywhere.
There seems to be a lot of fear around COVID-19. I see the media generating it. I read others responding to it. Yet, in 1984, they discovered just what to do about a such as virus. It is simple. You only need a hand held hair drying and a spray bottle to eradicate it.  Yet, fear means and opportunity to find our courage and step into peace.
Keiya Tasire Feb 6
Dear  My
Is Earth and heaven between
Balance reaching, harmony creating
Connection finding roots and branches
Generations, many expanding blessings
Joining in the Oneness
The Oneness in joining.
Blessings expanding many generations.
Branches and roots finding connection.
Creating harmony, reaching balance
Between Heaven and Earth is
My Dear,  Tree of Life.
Each of us carries an arc and covenant within our core.  
It is connected through the River of Life that flows from Heavenly Father
through   us and on toward the heart of Mother Earth.  They each send life force energy from above and from below, respectfully, joining together within our personal Arc and Covenant , whirling and dancing as one, creating a center point between them. A zero point, where there is infinite peace, a place where within our heart we stand in the Spirit; within our own personal universe. When we stand within our infinite peace and carry it with us; we stand whole; as a Spiritual being; a Hu-man being.
LeoH Dec 2019
As I embrace who I am
In the knowing of Wholeness
I explode into Joy
I’m having one those moments. I’m so glad they now happen regularly.
Keiya Tasire Nov 2019
Today I take my first step  toward freedom
Letting go of what I assume to be true
Letting go of the lies I have lived by.
Today, I take back my freedom.
I take back my personal power to choose
To follow my inner most guide.
Today I choose to reclaim my thoughts.
Today I choose to reclaim my feelings.
Today I choose to reclaim my physical body.
With my Spirit of Breath, Heart & Wisdom.
Today I choose to be whole!
The Poem "Wings to Fly" came to me this morning as an awareness. "Wings to Fly - Affirmation " sets the course of action to become whole.
Jeff Lewis Sep 2019
Looking into shadow.
That place back there
     where light won’t go.
and I see…
A me, I think, not me.
I’m not that thing,
sorrowful wretch,
a broken soul that peers back
from the blackness I deny.

I Am Me! but me won’t let me go.

**** You!
( **** me…?)
**** this…

“Shadow, won’t you let me go?” I ask. And
I answer…

But, as yet, I will not hear him speak.
Josh Parker Aug 2019
Why is it
that I only sit quietly
in the morning?

Am I allowed just
one breath
of wholeness
before the barrage
of the day?

What would happen
if I claimed
all my other breaths
in the name of peace -
of saving a life?

What would the world
do with me?
Josh Parker Aug 2019
The old ways
of being afraid
are beaten in and comfortable;
weathered, old leather boots.

Yesterday, unaware,
I put them on when I stepped down from bed.
My stomach burned and rebelled at breakfast -
a desperate attempt at a sensitive SOS
from my omnipotent body too often unheard...
I limped to work alongside my lovely partner
through the cool, verdant summer air
but the cat had my tongue
and I dragged my heavy feet.

Later the fear was exposed naked
as untrue, unnecessary, a farce
- as the spinster its always been -
and what did it?

I showed up imperfect
and vulnerable and present
to the very place I felt an imposter.
I felt power and love - life -
surge through my flowing blood,
my eyes clear to meet those around me,
body light and and leaning on the ***** of my feet,
and the armor around my heart failed
with warm wholeness seeping in,
(that feeling children know, and grandma too)
and I realized
I'd taken those boots off.

This morning I'm taking note.
Today I'll try to walk the world
with bare feet.
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