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Poetic T Feb 2020
Worst hangover ever
    I only drank water

snotty Oct 2019
the art of smooth handwriting eludes me &
i scribble silent letters
distracted by
boldly loud ones
onto the lines of a page,
emotions and confessions i will
turn in for class, my heart
out, &
where the teacher will
ultimately return it,
confusion marked
on the pages in red ink
my thoughts will be half understood
half appreciated and
half loved;
characterized by nothing more than luck,
who chose,
which thoughts deserved to be seen and
which ones would be
lost in translation,
from my head to the paper
existing clearly in my mind
yet appearing as hieroglyphics-
and i have yet to find my rosetta stone
i appreciate your words,
even if i cannot make them out;
emotion doesn’t need words,
art can be felt
Poetic T Sep 2019
Least we fall, let it be on
to a ****** we dislike
     to cusion our descent. .

And may we smile,
    while they wince

in regrettable pain.

Whoops did my foot accidently

        tread upon your  

private property..

Well least you remember
that ones fall
       is another's pain.

And another's *******...
Annie Jan 2019
I tear the skin off of my lips
And then I can taste the salty blood.
My mother says to me,
"Annie! Stop!"
But I ignore her.
And I chew away.
She asks me,
"Annie!! Why do you do that!?
It freaks me out!!"

Maybe I think that my lips will disintegrate.
That maybe I will just
End up eating them away.

That's too strange.

Maybe I think that they need to be smoother,
Just in case,
And that any jagged bits of skin poking up needs to be ripped off
Like a bandaid.

I'm too shy to kiss anyone.

Maybe I just love the sting
Of exposed skin.

I don't think so.
I'm pretty sure I've become desensitized to that

My answer, Mom, is that I don't know.

I couldn't tell you even if I tried.
Miss Grim May 2018
The smell of you is on my sheets
There’s ***** on the wall
Three empty bottles near my feet
I think I drank them all
Awoke to find you here
Though I truly can’t recall
The night before unclear
Did we **** or have a brawl?
Please wake up and leave
I’ll walk you down the hall
Feel like I’m going to heave
And you’ll probably never call.
f ł ø w ë r Apr 2018
i feel
like im the ocean
cheesy metaphor i know, but it's true
people say im pretty
they pass by
many come and go
but no one ever stays
am i not good enough?
why do i feel like a piece has been ripped from me
like i'm just an empty shell of a person
wandering around till someone needs me
does anyone really need me?
the answer to the last line?
no. no one does really need me.
Poetic T Mar 2018
I think sometimes my thoughts
are hijacked by a ventriloquist
hiding within me.
as words that were only syllables
                      speak out of context
yet I know I didn't wish to say
it like that or did I really?

I'm misinterpreted because I say
it as it is, I blame it on the
       ventriloquist sulking within.
Freeing words expelled over distance.
My mouth closed but words heard escaping out.

Then I speak,  
               I don't really care,
               I say it as it is...
Although an atheist
   with many question that abound
bout the lineage of humanity, this bard
   formerly of Belmont hills
nada seeketh to be crowned
yet applauds those

   who attest in deity
   where salvation doth re-dound
peace of body, mind
   and spirit can be found
and rest in peace when demise
   finds her/him under ground
identified by a tombstone and a mound
which...over time becomes less round.



Those who practice Jewish
   faith pay obeisance
   Too holiest day of their year
Atonement & repentance mantra themes

   Unswerving prayers flock doth wear
As spiritual raiment in tandem
   With a twenty-five hour
   fast orthodox n’er veer
With pride synagogues rabbi beckons
   flock to don cloak of virtue to wear

Supplicating against creator
   sans vices within psyche tear
The delicate fabric covenant
   easily shredded
   per temptation from ****** spear

Loftiness attendant on this
   High Holy Day
   whence judgment severe
Within gilt written tomb
   encapsulating behavior –

   Vile forgiveness rare  
Thus inducing many a worshiper
   To spend hours immersed in prayer
Or…even self-abuse to vitiate
   demonic forces that invisibly leer

Drowning out words of the prophet
   that believers must hear
To attain coveted accompaniment
   To promised land
   without materialistic gear

Whence with most obedience
   to sacred texts will fare
Most successfully and kowtowed
   Like Rudolph the red nose rein deer

While Santa Claus
   godlike heard crystal clear
Whose voice ushers inxs of hoof beats
   Akin to horn of Gabriel did blare

As eve n tide cast dark shadows
   from royal Belvedere
For those lives of purity
   offered salvation into the heavenly air.
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