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Claudius Aug 2020
My favorite genre to read is fiction;
that's why I am always captivated by your eyes and enticed by your words.
I know I am better off.
Remorsing my actions,
Soothing own woven wounds,
I staggered,
The ambiance around me filled with familiarity,
Feeling my breath enticed,
Replacing the blur with vision again,
The wind started whirling around me,
My brain looking out for the reason,
Trusting my senses I turned around,
Fallen on the ground,
Finding for the gulp of air,
She lifted her head,
Eyes moistened with tears,
Breath uneven due to tiredness,
Lips trembling with the cold,
My heart broke with destruction I caused,
Converging her fortitude,
She held out her hand,
I only asked her 'Cam I be weak?',
She responded with her liveliness,
She entwined me in her freshness.
Two damaged people trying to heal each other is love..
Àŧùl Jun 2017
She came like springtide,
She left me enticed.
What secret she used to hide,
In her heart deep inside.

She was beautiful per se,
But her eyes were deceptive.
She was beautiful per se,
But her eyes were deceptive.
Her lappet she used to hide,
She came like springtide,
She left me enticed.

Tell me oh my heartbeats,
Oh my heartbeats.
Tell me this much oh my heartbeats,
Who was she that showed me dreams,
The one that came like springtide,
But left me longing and enticed.
My HP Poem #1579
©Atul Kaushal
Anna Mar 2017
In my arms
She felt so light
Her body against mine
Her head on my shoulder
This place feels like home

This night feels exactly the night before you left
Ambitious,furious, hot yet addicting
I missed this for years

When after that night you sloped.
I burned my bed down that day
And bathed in the ashes of my broken dreams
It feels meaningless now

Yes alone I went down to hunt down
My Incessant desire to touch your skin
To caress and pull you closer
I thought the desire died
But it was subtly breathing deep within

Oh you
Your smell is still the same
It still seduces me
It still captures me through and through

I will never get over you
Other men are enticed by her body
I'm enticed by the way she speaks and how she treats others
I support healthy bodies all day
But at the end of the day
The Heart counts the most
I just hope she'll count me in
Katlyn Orthman Mar 2016
Remarkable love
The word in which I choose to describe love

Tangible love
The way you feel it graze your skin
And stare into the depths of eyes
That share such a vigorating feeling

Undaunting love
Love has brought me through the dirt
Yet raised me from the ground and kissed my wounds
The beauty is regal and untamed
A vicious foe yet filled with an undying loyalty
It is uncapturable, as fluctuating as the erratic beat of my heart

Formidable love
Love knows me yet I am a stranger
Staring wide eyed at the looming colossal figure
The beast that calms me
The only one that tames my fiery heart  
Until my flame is a soft flicker against the moonlight

Desirable love
Until fingers graze skin
And lips tremble in the proximity
Chests press a hard thud against familiar flesh
And pulses raise

Remarkable love

— The End —