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lk ode Aug 2020
mind is wind which
rings in night it
licks lips, sighs sin
it stirs, it spits
in dirt lives wild bliss
whirlwind in limbs
is hid
with stiff skin
Grey Jul 2020
Diksha Prashar Jan 2020
a whirlwind romance
spontaneous, sensuous it began.
Then broke off infatuation of love ever again.
Devon Leonel Nov 2019
I only meant to dip a toe in
The water looked so peaceful
So inviting
So I edged closer and closer
At every step checking to see
If it was really me
To whom the river beckoned
By step
Until toes met water
So crisp and cool
The lap of gentle waves against bare skin
And still the river called
A little further
A little deeper
And I answered
Edging out away from the shore
The river didn’t look that wide
Didn’t look that deep
The other bank only a stone’s throw away
How lovely to wade across and emerge on the other bank
Refreshed by the brisk kiss of water on skin
By step
By —

Empty space where there should have been riverbed
Balance lost, pitching forward
Head underwater
Into the channel
Into the current
And all at once
Swept away
A moment of panic
Floundering for equilibrium
And then
Amidst the thrill of being caught
In the water’s flow
A germ of an idea
Like a growing wave on the current
Maybe where the water is carrying me
Is a place
I want
To be
I am completely captivated by you
japheth Jul 2019

i sit down on a bus ride home and there’s this idea swirling in my head. i thought to myself,
“this actually sounds right. i should write this idea down.”
i took out my phone and wrote the first few words this idea in my head gave me.
i know I’ve written something. i know i’ll get back to it when i get home. i know there’s more to this idea in my head that will turn this few words into a sentence. to a paragraph. never ending word structures until i see fit.
i know i’ll finish this soon.

i put my phone down and stare outside the window. the view is nice. thousands of cars passing by as the traffic goes smoothly. another idea comes to mind. this time, it’s longer than a few words. it’s a jumble of thoughts. thoughts about cars moving, sound of traffic, the love of movement, and time passing. as these thoughts swirl like storm in my head, i pulled blinds of the window until only a slit of light passes through, a line of moving light flickering, i reach for my phone and open my twitter. i scroll through my timeline until the storm turns to rain, to drizzle, to quiet raindrops and at last, to a calm sunny day. thoughts i wish i’ve written, now long gone thrown in a heavily locked safe inside my head with the password written in a paper inside of it.

i scroll through my timeline again and i came across a poetry slam. as an emotional person, i cry at his words as if it actually was meant for me. as i continue to listen, the sunny empty day inside my head starts to create dark clouds again. it growls and rumbles, spewing lightning bolts down and i quiver. i am afraid. i know it wants to be heard but i try my best to ignore it. thunderclaps. it spoke. it rang my head till it couldn’t be ignored. i gave in.

i wrote. this time with all the words this dark cloud in my head gave me. there was no order. no structure. no idea. just words and pure emotion and i wasn’t stopping.

my fingers became a whirlwind. the storm in my head in sync with my whole body. i tremble. i am the storm. i stormed down the emptiness of a blank note page with thunder of words. rainstorms of emotions. lightning bolts of phrases, of sentences.

as the storm inside my head slowly turns to white, wringing its clouds to drizzle light rain. i add the finishing touches. the storm knows our work is done. it bids goodbye and gives me the calmness of white clouds and sun. i became calm and the bus stops.
Dominique Mar 2019
On the surface of her eyes,
An algal pool in full bloom.
He wades in with his lashes, caught,
Stumbles around in the fishing nets
Soaked to the knee.

The place in which the oxygen should be
Is choked up now, perplexed, verdant,
A floating city of jealous skirts
Buffeted by a harsh March wind...

And further down, he has her pinned
Tracing paths in shallow waters
Close yet distant to seashell ears
Roughening the lilypad surface
With a single feather.

Through algal bloom, she wonders whether
He'll bother wading down to meet
The covert Atlantis beneath his feet.
the sailor dips his fingers in and decides he's explored the depths
Average Dreamer Feb 2019
people cannot be defined.
they're chaos
they love
What defines me?
don't know honestly.
what is my definition
Lynnia Oct 2018
You’re a whirlwind
Always flying
Through my head
Never dying
Back and forth
To and fro
Like a merry-go-round
And around you go
You’re in and out
Up and down
Backwards, forwards
Smile, frown
Half-baked silly
Then stone-cold
Who are you really?
Will I ever know?
TheMystiqueTrail Sep 2018
Flowing from a mesmeric flute,
soothing chimes of melody
caress every cell of my being to a lullaby.

Like silver drizzles of sunlight
illuminating a willing landscape
to esoteric radiance,
every cell glows to a call
from the depth of stillness.

Dust returning to dust
to free the spirit from the hold of mortality
diffusing it to a primaeval wonder of
thoughtful mystery,
with new wings to migrate
to a land shut to mortals
blinded by illusions.

On the wings of the mystical whirlwind
I dance to the call of bliss
that escorts me to the
heart of its radiance.
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