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Tatenda Ncube Jul 20
...Winters' chill yester-night slid into my room,
Into my room, unannounced, found herself she a place under my sheetings
Allover mine body her caressing, chilly and inviting,
Inviting to my head thoughts of Summer, her last words "one day you'll miss me"
Miss her this day I do not, but her warmth, her warmth my mind keeps recalling
Hatred for her midday scorching heat, my heart knows no longer that feeling
Only her warmth, her early morning warmth my mind keeps recalling ...
...To the one I took for granted
The color blue looks so **** good,
so **** good, dressed in you
The color blue looks so **** good

The color green brings out the you,
out the you, the money-philic in you
The color green brings out the you

The color black grieves death for you,
death in you, death from you
The color black grieves death for you

The colorless hides all your sins,
all your flaws, the **** lie in your truth
The colorless hides all your sins

The color red should've stopped me,
warned me, been a caution to my lonely
The color red should've stopped me
Tatenda Ncube Mar 18
Promise me,
Promise me that one day she'll be nothing but just a distant memory
Another " i used to know her", another demon that lasted in my life not longer than a summary

Lie to me,
If you can't promise me then please dare lie to me
Call this an infatuation, a passing feeling soon as my heart finds its perfect fitting

I hate this zone, in this zone she claims to be my friend
I hate this friend, this friend dared place me in a zone
I hate this friend zone, can't she at least be more than just my friend in a zone
In here she says she loves me, in here she shares with me all her ****, in here she's in here with me and it feels lovely
"She's mine, truly she's mine", my heart sings full of conviction
Like she's built only for the sole purpose of my heart's demolition, demolish it she does
" you're the best friend a girl could ever ask for", with these words demolish it she does!!!
Is it because you enjoy the pain,
look at you, fragile and withered
What it is that you expect to gain
won't you please take a breather
Or better yet jus' let go of your breath
'cause whether you live or die, either way for you it's still suicide
Graciously sentence yourself to death,
maybe live better in the afterlife you actually might

And only then when you are gone might they remember to remember,
Remember to remember that you were more than jus' a tree standing by the roadside
Take ye for granted nothing,,,
Tatenda Ncube Feb 18
Why am I laughing,
god knows this ain't funny
Is to hide from crying,
to keep my face from turning gloomy

Why are you crying,
No don't apologise, you've not yet tested true"sorry"
Yes walk away, leave me here emotionally dying,
Walk away towards your lonely,

Why am I laughing,
god knows this ain't funny
Giving up the right to be my Mrs. Right
I swear we could have been happy
Take you back to be the one I never might
oh! wait you just smiled, proud of our ending???
Tatenda Ncube Feb 16
my dream is not to one day stand in the midst of the oval office,
Have tea with the President, ask him if he caught the game last night
Neither is it to drive the latest Mercedes,
Though I know one day I actually might

My dream?,
My dream is to one day kiss her in reality better than I did in my dream
Tatenda Ncube Feb 14
"This is who you are",
Daily I scream these words to the mirror
Without this facade, the world will become witness to your horror
Now go out there, smile and wave
To charity give even your soul
And the monster you truly are will remain your secret even to the grave

"This is who you are",
The mirror never fails to scream back
The words it says I dare not repeat
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