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Ignis Nov 2017
Once a young man

Filled up to his brim
Spending with every whim
More money than he could count

His heart ever so kind
Never leaving behind
Beggars or those in need

While all of his riches
Fullfilled other's wishes
The 'friends' devoured the bank

Now an old man

Spent all he could
Helped as he could
Now no longer can

No more to give

No more for them to take

As he begs in the street
His 'friends' run their feet
Never sparing him a glance
Ignis Nov 2017
I wish I could do
Simple things
Hug a stranger who smiled at me
Give complements out of the blue
Profess my little crush

Dance and sing
Look like a fool
Dress up like one too

Prove myself
Without even having a chance to

What's stopping me?
And yet
The stares do little to encourage it
Ignis May 2017
Why hello there!
I want to point something out
Ever feel unextraordinary?
Cant seem to find
Something to set ya apart?

Everyone has one thing
No matter how minor
For instance
I can cheer any animal up

You can crush a can on your head
Or guess thoughts
Or know how anyone feels
Or come up with a joke on the spot

I dont believe everyone is special
Because, then no one is
But I believe
  Everyone is different
      We all have a special place in the world
Ignis Apr 2017
What is our obsession
With time?

Supply and demand
Too quick to leave this land?

Our hour!
One Hour
Our Hour has turned sour

How quick are we
To lament the loss
While it is ever growing

We are losing Time!
Time cannot be lost
You can only lose
What belongs to you
Besides, what can be lost
That is endless?

Let it take it's course

But perhaps this cannot be
For as a society
We are only
Pulling our strings tighter!

Why do we prevent
Our own lives
It enslaves you from birth!
The laws
The laws
Have snatched us
With their jaws

Didn't we train those dogs
Better than that?
Ignis Apr 2017
I think we all
Relate to two simple words
Why bother?

All our thoughts
Have been thought before
It seems like all our ideas
Have been taken

It's taken me a long while
To realize
There is no standard
We need to live up to
We set our goals
Impossibly high

Life in itself
Is the reason to live
Each life
Is a new way the universe
Is viewed

I suppose that is why
Death is saddening
It extinguishes
Another window
A mirror
Of nothing
Turned into a whole new

We say we cannot change
The whole world
Of course not
We can only alter our view
But that's something
Isn't it?
Ignis Mar 2017
I woke up
In a brick circle
Golden leaves
With ruby veins
Falling from a bird cage
Up above onto me

Two great door appeared
I walked through
For with nothing else to do
Curiosity overcame fear

A polished voice
Echoed all about
As I stood on a leaf
Sprouting from a
Crystalline skeleton
It told me
Keep moving

I went on the path
Paved with all intentions
Lined with attempted interventions
Tales of failure and wrath

The road began to crack
Swallowed me up
I became a mist
Never missed
Yet the voice screamed
Keep moving

I, obliging, stepped to the pool
With indigo waters
And platinum daughters
Ever so frigid and cool

I swam down to the earth
Unearthed many a stone
To repave the path
To stone the statues
Cold and unmoving

I have done my trial
My song falls flat
Rabbit, back into the hat
Walking the path all the while
Ignis Mar 2017
In my late night wanderings
On the endless virtual plane
I met a new soul

What a soul indeed
Whose words captured meanings
Akin to a vice

Who noticed the small things
That I didn't expect

It seemed to me
A delightful fellow
With intresting experience

The conversation flowed smooth
I left happy
I wish the same for them

What a new soul
A breath of fresh air
Simply nice
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