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IdkLove Dec 2019
Recall your scent
French or Spanish 
Stuck in my mind
Couldn't forgetting those shady green eyes
All over my bed you left 
Restless nights with your scented sheets 
For whose sake your scent never fades 
Never ends
Geanna Jun 2018
The thought of him never ends
He never leaves my mind
He's a constant thought

He's my heart and soul
My heart beats for him
My soul lives for him

Without him there is no me
Without me there is no him
~ G.P.O
Mystic904 Oct 2017
Learning never ends
No matter how deep we dive
No one comprehends
A mystical path, everything's alive

No ordinary tends
Before has not abjured the hive
Exists a grave in each bend
Meat from the fat one may rive

Scarcely a trend
At the end, shall he then thrive
Time, no one spends
In the state, one in a million may arrive

— The End —