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Mar 2017
There once was a well
Every year, one wish would be granted
Bestowed upon the first
To put a drop of their blood
Into the dark depths

A king with great armies
Conquered the sacred place
And claimed the well as his own

He alone could wish
To preserve his power and position

A thief observed
Through the crystal window
A tiny glass bottle
Where the king's blood will be stored
Through ceremony, dropped into the well

The dark figure mixes his blood
In with the royal *******
Then awaits his time
Soon to come

Down flows the two droplets
Mixed into one
The king feels odd
The rush he recieved
Is less
Yet, it is said
"Let my kingdom reign,
With me at the helm"

The thief
Recieving his power in turn
Graces the shadow's ears
With simple words

"Let it all fall,
And all it's powers
So we may be free"
Written by
   Johnny Scarlotti
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