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skaldspiller Jun 2017
You don't wear jealousy well.
Its raised hackles bring out the green of your eyes
and the dark, animalistic way they've been lit lately.
You foam desire,
claws empty.
You are peeking through the key hole.
While I'm trying to peel my back from the door frame.
Where I've been slumped since you walked out,
tail tucked but shoulders certain.
Now, I hear your frantic scratches and whining.
Wild dog, I know you'd go running
in the other direction
if I even placed my hand on the door ***.
I feel you just want to know there's a bowl for you
and a warm place by the fire.
Fine, you have it,
but my heart cant hang
by the leash on the coat rack
unused but hopeful.
That's too much to ask.
skaldspiller Jun 2017
I met your easy laugh on the ocean
where fire beings seem to love to be.
We like flirting with impossible unions.
We came together to the sound of wave crash
sizzling like water on a stove top
spilled out by shaking hands.
bright beings lost in fever for each other.
I couldn't leave you in the ocean
the last day found my hands shaking around paper
pushed light int your pocket
I know you've kept it safe  
so i wonder if the way we walked on the islands
is burned into your memory.
I wonder if i am new in the place of your sweet tooth
you are new in my list of addictions
under the label
"not bad for you"
I wonder if I'm filed under
girl who laughs and loves like a teenager
free and unguarded
for the first time sense the first time
I'm not a warning at the port mouth
pecked apart by crows and groaning
this is a pirates love affair
you've amnesty or the map to the treasure
all that's left is the choosing.
skaldspiller Apr 2017
I'm gonna break
I miss being able to call you up
I wonder if your home tonight...
I've no right to wonder
or to call.
skaldspiller Apr 2017
Recovery days are necessary
but I cannot get away from you long enough
For my tongue to stop turning to ash
In my throat
And for food to taste like food
I'm glad I can make my coffee have calories
Because every time I eat I *****
Brave face starts today
With a run
And a smile
skaldspiller Apr 2017
For 3 months I've been
60 percent of a girlfriend
There are 3 hearts involved
And that's about 2 tons of emotional carnage
I cried myself to sleep 3 times last night
You sent 5 text messages
There is 1 person who can fix this
I'm 100 percent done spending time on you
Because my heart is 100 percent broken
I haven't broke like this
since i was young
Screaming into my 2 pillows
But you've 3 years of history
And I'm sure even more of being miserable
But my 10 fingers
1 mouth
And 2 eyes
Must be closed to the subject
skaldspiller Apr 2017
Everything burst
And my heart feels like a water main
Bled onto main street
Nothings ever hurt this bad
I'm older now and I wanna scream till I'm horse
Like the first time my heart ever broke
I'm older now and I do not break like that
skaldspiller Apr 2017
The out breaks
Like porcelain when she makes you make
A real choice
When the words
We can't hang out cross her lips
It feels like she's exercising her heart
With a rusty razor blade
Like the kind you pull along your jaw
She loves you and knows
Looking in your eyes you can never say it
You will never be free to
You cannot grow like that
You crumble
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