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For a smile they can share the night.
-The Wasted Wordsmith-
23/M/Chicago    I'm just living and writing..
Most of my fragments and scribbles can be read at


stbn  Oct 2018
part of a Waste
stbn Oct 2018
bloodshot moon, from a suns constant view
seeps anger into ocean blue
red cracks upon a pupils white dome

a rivalry with the bonds at Birth
now severed and inflamed
good riddance I could say, but waking from delirium
with a touch of stuffed air
suffocating again, it was nothing but a fantasy
so it would say, with a condescending grin
how much will I take
before I become waste, and return to form
hair, skin, bones, shadows, grave, dust
don’t give it too much thought
it’s what it wants

tones within a shadowed contempt
speaks without lungs and burns the rest
so much for the seeds that were meant to bloom
for in their visions of lusting power looms
claiming rubied seas from the saps of hanging fruits
had oceans swell at midnight
torn the fabric between eyes as to close the blinds
yet the screams echo in clicks and gazes
become waste, never forget
waiting for the boom or never ending heat
it’s all they’ve been waiting to see

hear waste, see waste, stay waste, be waste
birth waste, **** waste, grow waste, shrink waste
hate waste, pray waste
it’s all waste in this taste
it’s all waste in this taste
Cydney Something Oct 2018
You are
A waste of space
Of time
Of energy

A waste of breath
A waste of Love
A waste of Fear
A waste of *****
A waste of ****
A waste of a good ******

You are a waste of me
Go away.
Dedicated to every boy I've loved