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austin Jul 2018
One more day is fading away
as we ride this bus to the city
The storm is coming nearer now
And your bliss will turn to tears

We've almost reached our destination
Countless parachutes in the sky
These mosquitoes are swarming
before your eyes,
Just a moment's time til someone dies

The skies are getting darker now
Not a shard of light in this room
You'd better make good choices now
Or meet your impending doom

I hear your steps from the other room
And I'm already locked and loaded
You'd better get on running now
Or I'll destroy what's left of you

I walk upstairs to higher ground
and hear your cowardly whines,
I look in the eyes of my colleague
And said don't move, this **** is mine

I've made my way to my snipers' nest
and my eyes are set to ****
I've got my sights on your head right now
To pull the trigger, you know I will
This may or may not be a Fortnite inspired poem that I wrote for fun, lol
Vexren4000 Jun 2018
Video games,
World tucked away in line of code,
Telling stories as books once did,
Books still hold worlds,
Funny how man is slowly,
Faking his dreams and musings,
Into reality.

mjad Jun 2018
I hear the electricity fade
The room is lit with the TVs black haze
My body in your arms is no game
But now I'm all you want to play
part two of my previous poem Prioritize
Vexren4000 May 2018
The peak of society,
Seems to be,
Watching someone,
Eat a sandwich,
Through a computer.

Brianna Bushee May 2018
Eyes open. Forward facing. Lights are on, but he's not listening. Headset. Dont fret. I love you he says. Glowing screens. Angry screams. Come to bed. Shh not yet. Back turned to us. Don't interrupt. Why are we not enough? Days off. Curtains drawn. Where has seven hours gone. Eyes wet, blank stares. Do you know that I'm still here? Guns out. Baby sleeping. Meanwhile my hearts still beating.
A girl who just wanted you.
Gale L Mccoy Mar 2018
life is a poorly designed game
too much dead space
loading screens that last all night
unskippable cutscenes
irrelevant boss fights and tasks
no cheat codes
and the story has no direction
where is the fast forward in my life
i am in the between of everything
can i play my life
like I play video games
grinding through obstacles
till i reach the next level and the next cutscene
can i skip to the main storyline of my life
all that waits for me here
is cutting down monsters
till im strong enough to fight the boss
Trey Feb 2018
He sits down next to me as I continue play my video game.
Poking my shoulder in an attempt to distract me, he asks when I will be done.
Vaguely annoyed, I ignore his poking.
He tenderly brushes his fingers down my neck, smiling as he does.
I shoot him an angry glance, trying to concentrate.
He giggles while sliding his hands up my shirt.
I shiver as his fingers gently tickle me.
Quickly dropping the controler, I tackle him.
He lands on his back laughing, looking up into my eyes.
I look down, my frown melting away.
We smile at each other.
As I hold his arms down, I lower my head.
We kiss gently, our noses bumping.
I lay my head against his warm chest, closing me eyes.
He strokes my hair as I lay there.
Video game sounds come from the television as my character dies.
We both laugh as we lay with eachother.
Happiness sometimes seems so elusive, yet with him it is never far from my reach.
H Phone Feb 2018
You’re more than the sum of your parts.
Your form, as it travels through the air, is poetry in motion,
a poem written in the wind,
invoking a wide range of emotions,
from getting your blood pumping,
to getting your heart bleeding;
from jumping for joy,
to jumping in fear.
But unlike others, your beauty carries something soulful:
a memory.

My blood isn’t boiling over the heat you radiate alone;
I associate it with facing my nemeses.
My heart isn’t soaring because of the wings you give me;
it soars because I remember the excitement of a victory.
My tears aren’t welling because of your rainclouds spilling;
the pools form over the fall of a friend.

Had it not been for these memories,
you would have been nary a whisper,
facing a boundless flood of noise,
but even as I’m drowning in its vastness,
you, I will forever proudly hoist.
A poem about my love for video game music.
Jordan Hudson Jan 2018
Where squares meet, where images form
A video to see, a world is born
Created by man, a special creation
Items and models used to make them
Spawning objects and placing them around
Adjust and lock, fixed on the ground
A map of style representing you
The objects inside give a small clue
So much right at your hands
Any ideas, yes you can!
I was thinking of playing Garry's Mod, and this was what I came up with. It has been a while since I have wrote.
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