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Amy Feb 7
I didn't want to write anything sad today so heres this one.

Oh what a wonderful sunny day it is today.
The warmth of the sun hitting my skin, giving me goosebumps.
The way you’re beautiful face lits up when the sunlight lays on your face.
The way you smile and close your eyes to let the warmth of the sunlight to sink into your skin
You feel alive and glint
It feels good being in the sun.
Especially when it’s just us.
Amy Jan 25
I’m being careful this time, I won’t let it happen again. I’m going to leave him before he leaves me. Is that fair?
Amy Nov 2021
I finally got over you, and you came back.. why? Why all of a sudden you come back when I’m finally over you?! I was happy you came back, but I realized things are different now. I don’t need you anymore, you hurt me. I can’t go back to feeling that pain again.
Amy Oct 2021
I feel weak.
I feel sleepy.
I feel sad.
I feel this tightness in my chest.
Im shaking.. why did I do this to myself.
I can hear my heart beating faster and faster.
I don’t deserve this.
I feel dumb.
I feel sore.
Im tired
Im tired of everything..
we’re right back to where we started..
Amy Oct 2021
I feel bad for her..
Why did she let him?
Why did she say yes so easily?
Why, why, why, WHY?!
She was so innocent..
She was so kind..
She was happy.
And he just used her like nothing.
He manipulated her.
Is it her fault?
She doesn’t know what to feel anymore.
All of her emotions are twisted together.
“I told you, to protect yourself” Everyone said to her.
I dropped down to my knees, I cried and cried and asked myself..
Is this how cruel life really is? Why did I let him in my life so easily..
Amy Oct 2021
I feel embarrassed..
Should I feel embarrassed?
I let him do all these things.
I let him and i regret it.
I learned.
I learned to respect myself.
Amy Oct 2021
I knew there was something wrong.
I knew it from the start.
I felt bad, so I let him in my life.
Something happened.
I knew it was going to happen.
I regret everything, all because I was too nice.
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