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Brianna Bushee May 2018
Eyes open. Forward facing. Lights are on, but he's not listening. Headset. Dont fret. I love you he says. Glowing screens. Angry screams. Come to bed. Shh not yet. Back turned to us. Don't interrupt. Why are we not enough? Days off. Curtains drawn. Where has seven hours gone. Eyes wet, blank stares. Do you know that I'm still here? Guns out. Baby sleeping. Meanwhile my hearts still beating.
A girl who just wanted you.
constricted by an ophidian
i slither away, just to live
is this where new life begins?
is this where i shed my skin?

bitten by fangs of chagrin
where to win is to never forgive
hiss with this abyss within
i'm living in a pit of sin

with my vision wearing thin
venom is a gift to give
i slip beneath the rocks again
this is where i shed my skin
I am happy to say that a musical artist has featured my poem at the beginning of their video. I had pretty much given up on writing, and she breathed new life into me. Her name is Razakel and she is also a poet. She is breaking through, and considered by many as the queen of her genre. Watch the video and give us some love. She has a cool sound, and is better than most modern music. I now love this website. (i still hate most poetry) I never got much support at this site, so do not let that bring you down. They pay for popularity here and it is all an illusion. This will be ignored because poets are a jealous and envious bunch. I actually posted this last night, and lost followers, and was blocked by someone who i thought was a true friend. You don't need their approval. All you need is to show your own voice and the will to stand alone...then you will find true hearts. I hope this inspires you to keep writing and never ever compromise. Also, never take advice from anyone. lol
Andrew  Sep 2017
Video Games
Andrew Sep 2017
We use video games
To make video gains
Until the screen goes black
And reality attacks
We lose all our progress
In the deletion process
As we level up we devolve
Around the TV we revolve
The more experience we gain
The more moments we lose
Our memories forever stained
When this is what we choose
Our life inside a hard drive
Our life becomes a hard lie
We revel in being unwise
Rage quitting life
We enjoy strife
And avoid pesky light
When we live in the dark
With consumerist plights
We are all marks

Video games balance in a zone
Between game and art
The frustration starts
When art is confused for games
And games mistook for art
People take things to heart
And spitefully spew viper venom
If this is where games send them
Then why do we play?
We have no other way
To feel accomplishment
In a society that worships competition
Video games become the second edition
Of a life filled with loss
On our pixelated cross
We are murdered millions of times
Reminiscent of the millions of lies
That make us losers in the real world
Video games become our shiny pearl

The computer displays defeat
When our lives aren't complete
Because we need someone to beat
Not realizing our lives are conquered
By frivolous topics we've pondered
Our meaningless life squandered
And hope comes in the form of new releases
While inside our faulty headset is in pieces
Jen  Feb 24
Video Game.
Jen Feb 24
What do you think
This is
A video game
We stare at
Our screens
Collecting tokens
And buying things
In real life we
Mirror this
To survive
Stay Alive
As long as we can
But eventually
We die

Game Over.

You had
An extra life.

Before you
Know it
You're back
In the game
To survive
As long as
You can.
This poem is that thin line...that dangerous line. Two sides or more to the story... Scenario 1: Person confuses real life with video game and the ending is sad. Scenario 2: Life is a video game and the program gives us no reason to believe our reality isn't real.  We play video games...a ploy setup by our programmers/creators to make us believe we aren't in a video game. I'm sure there are many other theories out there...
Marz Ataio  Oct 2018
Video Games
Marz Ataio Oct 2018
I’m no good at video games
Countless hours I’ve poured in
Yet I have nothing to show for it
I played online, but I could not keep up
Everyone is so skilled, & talented
Everyone but me
Playing online, my effort was futile
And I rage quit the game

But I couldn’t bring myself to turn off the console

Was it because I had already invested
So much of my time?
Or maybe I’m just scared because
I’m not sure what will happen
After I turn off the console
Where will I go?
What will I do?
I guess I'd have eternity to figure it out

But I can’t bring myself to turn off the console

I suppose I will play campaign
Yes, that is it
I will play solo, until I find
The courage to finally pull the plug
And turn off my console
Life is like a video game
Virgil Matheson Sep 2018
Player one, player two.
Who will you choose?
You've been switching the controllers,
And leaving us confused.
I load up the game
To find someone else's save.
Are you an NPC or boss monster?
You're so much more depraved

Player one, player two.
Who did you choose?
I don't see any winner.
In the end, both players lose.
My abuser dated two of us at the same time, and he seemed to be pitting us against each other intentionally. Purposefully making us jealous, telling one of us the other had said something horrible about them, banning one of us from being talked about and talking constantly about the other, sparking situations where we would fight.
It felt like we were supposed to compete to be the best partner or something, and one of us would always be getting left behind. In the end, we both left him.
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